Sunday, March 31, 2013

Studio Protection

I applied for emergency assistance from the Craft Emergency Relief Fund yesterday.  I sent them my story and this picture of Nesley and her "boys" destroying my kiln.  I told them we would be in court on April 4th, but that the ceiling on small claims court is less than the replacement value of the kiln.  It is a wonderful organization, and I have a little hope that I will be able to be up and running, firing my pots, and moving on in spite of the wickedness.  This set back has cost me much, not the least being the upset to Stubby's cat colony.  At the very least, this organization may be able to help me find someone who will care enough to help me get back the equipment and tools I lost during Nesley's temper tantrum.  Here is the link to the studioprotector.   I doubt there is insurance for out and out wickedness, or any way to foresee or prepare for it.  But I am not giving up.  I have a strong will, and unbending intent.  I will find a way to make and fire my pots, and Nesley can just go back to the rock she crawled out from under, and stay out of my light!  I am hoping that her "boys:" will think twice about blindly following her orders in the future...but that's on them.  She actually jeapordized their freedom that day, whether they know it or not.  At the very least, she owes them a raise LOL.  See you in court Nesley!

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