Monday, February 23, 2015

What Would Group Evil Look Like?

It would look like Granville Ohio.  It would be a prop.  It would be pro war....It would be something that looked like an ice cream cone...but would in fact be a wasp.  As an artist, I can't make an image for something so evil.  Why would anyone try to make me think of such a thing?
It would be evil in plain sight.  It would be evil that was not afraid to be detected.  Look closely at the Volvo and read the bumper sticker.  I hope I see this car again someday.  Somewhere out of view of surveillance.  I hope someone traces the plate number and looks into this monster.   

Friday, February 20, 2015

Monkey Won't Let Go Of New World Order

I am laughing out loud this morning as I hear the newest news about vaccines.  The problem in a nutshell is much like the monkey trap.  The monkey trap is well known.  Put a piece of fruit or food in the jar and the monkey will not be able to remove his or her hand unless...he or she drops the fruit.  Our government can not have it both ways either.  

If I catch someone in a lie, I don't ever have to believe that person again.  So ask yourself this...would the government lie to the American people about the real dangers of a vaccine versus the less danger of getting the virus it is purported to immunize from?  And if the government would lie about a vaccine, would they also maybe lie about a pending threat in another country?  

Now we have upcoming elections in 2016.  This is plenty of time for this public deception to be uncovered.  I know this.  I will not vote for any politician that has used New World Order in their speeches.  I will not vote for any politician that out and out lies to the American people.  

I think we should find out who wrote those speeches where our presidents used the term New World Order.  Read the possible side effects of the flue vaccine or measles vaccine before letting them inject you.  The possible side effects are the very things that they are denying publicly.  Instead of signing the paper that releases the injector from any liability, ask if they will sign a paper taking complete responsibility should the injection prove more destructive than the condition it is supposed to be protecting you from.  Fear forced injections of any kind.  No way can that be any good.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Naming The Books

This morning I started naming some of the books on my painting.  For now, they are fantasy books.  I may need to try to find a smaller detail brush if I want to add a title like Freedom.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All We Need

"All we need is the weight of a shift the balance in the favor of Love.".  Mickey Hart song called The Next Step.  I have been busy with Valentine things while apparently our war greedy society is demanding the next war.  How easy it seems to manipulate the sleeping sheep.  I have heard about Death Cults before now.  I have even encountered them, and lived through some of their tortures....moved away, whistleblown on them....even to the FBI.  This was all before 911.  So my perspective of all the fearful people who are afraid of ISIS right now.  I want you to is far worse than even those hooligans.  I have been telling you all along.  In my art, in my songs, in my writing.  Death Cults have been in effect in this country since the very beginning.  Where do you want to start.  The holocaust of the American Indian?  Slavery and exploitation of slavery as a commodity in our present economy?  

My experience has been much more personal and present.  I am a handicapped individual that got put into handicapped "programs" and I landed in a government contract at a nearby air force base as a janitor.  I was subjected to mandatory Scientology Friday night sessions.  I was also not being paid a living wage....not even minimum wage.  I was pretty much a slave.  The program through Goodwill boasts to this day about helping handicapped people.  I look forward to the upcoming Scientology Movie we are promised.  Thankfully for me....I knew a little about L Ron Hubbard and I tried my best not to succumb to the mind control that was forced on me as a handicapped individual.  Today, I praised the God of my expanding understanding for saving me from those people...and I worked on my love projects.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who Could Say It Better?

Should we lock em up for pedophilia by their own admission?  Not advocating pedophilia by any means....just sayin.  I know what they were singing about.  It wasn't a pervert.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cornell Steps

My family parked our car in Toboso and walked the railroad track for a day hike.  Mom had packed lunch.  We played on Cornell Steps that day.  I don't think you can access the steps these days as it is now privately owned (I have been told).  I would guess that it would still be possible to access the steps from the railroad tracks.  Most of us 21st century "walkers" wouldn't be able to make the treck.  I have an arrowhead from there that I wear occasionally.  Today, it occurs to me that I should have painted them into my mural at Don & Sues Pizza.  Hindsight is always 20/20 they say.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Syd And I Are So Done!

Syd and I have been through 12 winters together.  We have seen worse than this one.  Still though, as we age together...he looks at me....I think he is time can we pose for a painting at the beach?  Syd and I are visualizing spring.  We also have to get out into the light...Seasonal Affective Disorder is the latest mental disorder that they could come up order to prescribe a drug ect...ect...ect.  Syd and I need light.  Light....lamp....enlightenment.  I think somehow those words relate.  We go towards the light.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Cheatin Heart

I have to see how small I can go on these hearts.  It made sense in the beginning to find a similar size piece of scrap copper to practice on before jumping into the silver spoons.  Today, I started whittling away at my "cheating" heart.  My cheat piece.  Much of this project has started on the anvil.  So far, I haven't had to fire up the torch.  I need a warm day for annealing and soldering these.

Syd is ever at the ready to resume his modeling post.  I am working on frames this week, so I can put all those tools away for awhile and make room for the next task.  Space is limited in my apartment, light is low in all the rooms except the studio.  I have toyed with the idea of moving painting into the studio, but that would require an excavation of heavy equipment and tools.  I will be coming to Columbus sometime this week, so I am packing the truck and a bug out bag for that trip.