Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unconventional Art Supplies

What do deer antler, bullets, motherboard, meteorite, and coffin nails have in common?  They are all art supplies, and on my workbench today, getting ready to be recycled into art.  I never know what exactly will pop up on my workbench for the next project.  This morning it is the motherboard from my friends computer.  I have been wanting to make a set of cuff links out of that stuff for quite sometime.  I found an old meteorite blade that has been missing for over 10 years that is also in the picture.  I lived with a hoarder for 8 years, and it got buried.  Then I moved into a flooded studio, and I spent more time bailing water, and drying out than any thing else.  It is a wonder I ever got anything done at either of these places.
I am determined to use everything I have to put into my recycled art projects...I even have some old bullets that are perfect for my American Dream project that I started before my court ordeal this spring.  It feels so good to be able to work without all that hanging over my head.  I have one repair project that will be finished today, and picked up on Monday, then it should be smooth sailing for awhile.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unconventional Art Projects

My neighbor Denny borrowed my wagon this morning for the Farmers Market in Granville.  It seemed like a perfect time to decorate the cat house that has been sitting in the wagon since last fall.  You remember, the one that the mama cat had her kittens in this spring.  I no sooner nailed in the roofing tiles, when it rained.  Not just a little rain....a downpour.  It was perfect timing to test out the new roof.  Currently this cat house is unoccupied.  Today, I will decorate it, add a sealant, and it will be good to go.  I am even thinking that the left over bow ties from the metal quilt project might be worked in. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Gun Repair Open For Buisness

Occasionally, I will do a little gun repair in addition to my jewelry making.  This one is an oldie but goodie.  I will have to fill in the holes of the barrel on this and make sure the bore is clean.  I love old guns.  This one is an heirloom.  This one should be in and out of my shop by the time this blog gets posted.  I treat guns like gold.  When I have them in my house, I need to put everything else aside and get them finished and back to their proud owners.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back On Track

I am digging out old photos this week, starting new projects, and beginning to write my next grant.  This is a photo that I should do something with called Daisy Chain.  I minored in photography in college.  I need to catch up on the technology.  A friend of mine wants me to do the photos for his portfolio.  I keep putting him off, as I know there are REAL photographers out there who could do a better job.  Still though, I wonder what all I might be able to do now that the bitch that broke my kiln is out of my head.....well.....almost out of my head!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ballad of Sally Jones © by Concha Castaneda

I made this with my Kodak camera video recorder...I have recorded this song much better, much nicer on my FOSTEX.  I wanted to have a video of Sally Jones (the only picture of her I could ever find was on YouTube), and part of my song about her.  It is an example of trying to make something positive out of such a negative experience (Granville First Baptist Church Cult).  Sally Jones was a woman from Granville (not quite an outcast), that I grew up hearing stories about.  After my experience with the wasp nest at the First Baptist Church 1990-98 (and more recently Nesley Thomas), I can safely say Sally's legend is much nicer than my experience and I am fonder of her than any of the backstabbing bitches I met at that church.  RIP Sally.  I for one, am proud of you in spite of what your town did to you, or still says about you.  Wish I could have known her, instead of them!  Maybe someday, when I can get settled, I can re record this song so that it does this woman justice.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Baptist Cult

It's hard to keep a good woman down!  Here I am under the sign END OF THE WORLD....smiling even:)  This is even before, my quilt got accepted to the show,  or 3rd prize!  Yep....evidence that in spite of the Witches of Granville, Nesley's betrayal, and their attempts at destroying I am.  Stay tuned my pretties....I have lots of stories to tell, and lots of art to make now that the pressure is off....the pressure of the end of the Mayan Calendar, reset pressure, that is.  I am pre posting this blog on Monday of course as I am saving my gas, and saving my feet, and hopefully throwing my enemy off my trail.  My guess, is I will be hearing from a cult member soon after yesterdays blog, but it won't be here at the library.  And yes.....I am going to be slipping in some names to those faces in the photos from yesterday.  The only thing that would delay that would be a check in the mail....enough to leave this county and go somewhere where they are not.....other than that, I don't see any reason not to identify the photo origin, and everyone in it.....maybe some of you know some of the women in the photo.  I should run a contest....wouldn't that be fun?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Granville Ghoul Club

Just for those of you who haven't been able to wrap your head around the sophistication of this cult I was in 18 years ago, their criminalization of me, and my most recent legal encounter with Nesley Thomas, this is from my scrapbook.  I decided to bite the bullet and get my pictures, mailing lists, etc. out for inspection, even though I would rather be doing almost anything else.

  I was writing a book called The Church Of The Double Cross this winter.  I put that project down, so I could focus on my court case, and so I could make art.  You can see how loving they are in the photos.....all smiles.  You would never think that they would pretend to be my friend and then betray me, and try to drag me through the court system, make me homeless and penniless.  You wouldn't think they would try to route me into an unneeded surgery, that I probably wasn't supposed to survive.  You wouldn't think they would pretend to leave the cult when I did, and even verify my story to Lori.....Nesley did....and if you know Lori, she just might tell you both Nesley and Jean verified my story.  Much has happened since then.  Much betrayal, and misplaced trust.

  I haven't given out any names yet (Except Nesley Thomas after she busted my kiln and broke her word) in this blog...I was waiting to see just what sort of chaos they would send my addition to contacting my landlord and leaving dead animal parts of my doorstep this spring...hours before my show in Westerville.  I suspect the spirituality circle my sister was going to when I lived out there last year just might be connected, or modeled after (Ohio Aglow).  Her betrayal, and the similarity of the attempt to have me arrested reeks of this same cult, and their personal brand methodology.  Maybe she didn't know.  Maybe she was lured into that group the same as I. Maybe they were blackmailing her too.   Maybe one of them in the bottom photo is in her spirituality group in Frazeysburg.  Stay tuned dear readership.  I have so much to share with you to give you the background.  Nesley is in the top photo right bottom corner....yes those are her legs!  She is also in the center of the bottom photo.  In the top photo they are all wearing my labyrinth know, the labyrinth that the paper says was created 3 years ago.  This photo was taken in 1996.....well before the fictitious revisionist story the paper printed last August.  The paper has yet to retract or correct the story even though the artist (Me) is having a local show this August.  They refuse to do any publicity about my show at the Library in August.  But you can just bet that if I committed some sort of crime between now and then.....they would print that!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Wonderful Every Minute

One of the folks that Nesley and Lori manipulated found them out and sent me the money to go to Comfest.  I would love to thank that person...but it would be dangerous for that person.  Hey Nes, your house of cards is about to come down!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beautiful Saturday Morning

Syd the cat is happy that I am finally home, and he gets to go in and out as much as he wants.  I look forward to continuing my saga about the Granville cult, and Nesley's connection.  Stay tuned readership, this is what they feared would happen, they refuse to leave me alone, and so they are going to get exposed.  I wasn't able to burn everything even though I wanted to, and even though I tried.  I will be posting what amounts to as a diagram or dissection of the cult.  They murdered my friend Bob Bueler.  He was my friend, his murder is still unsolved.  They know they killed him, and they know, I if I have to endure a little more discomfort as I connect the dots for you so be it! A little Small Claims Court Case that went on for 2 years only delayed what I am about to do.   Off to Comfest!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Comfest 2013

Thanks to someone who had been manipulated by Nesley's lies, I am going to Comfest.  I would love to tell you this persons name...but I am not going to as I know Nesley has a tenuous hold on her tenants, workers, and fellow employees.  Perhaps if she is so busy trying to discover who this person is, she won't have time to try to track me down at Comfest. 
I am going to wear my Hopewell Symbol to Comfest.  This is my own creation based on the Hopewell Symbol and my embellishment.  It is too bad that a negative entity like Nesley Thomas will prevent me from pursuing grant money to examine actual artifacts.  But that is what she does....she is evil.  As long as I don't apply for the grant, she won't be able to pursue it.  Meanwhile....with or without grants I will continue making art.  Nesley's little kingdom is fragile.  She will want to find out who sent me cash in the mail.  I have to be discrete....who knows what she would do to that person if she found out!  I can tell you this....her tenants and worker were not happy about being there.  They resented her.  They would have refused, had she not had a hold on them....their employer, their landlord.  She may be about to get a dose of her own medicine.  I got one, and if any of the others decide to secretly operate against her.....she has much to lose.....mostly exposure. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pending Appeal

I will be appealing my case.  I don't want to, but I am going to do it even though I know I probably won't win.  It is not because I am stupid.  It is because I am not going to underestimate my opponent.  She will attempt to garnish me, and that will mean I will be drug through my local court system.  Now if you are so knowledgeable about the law that you would advise me to drop it, then you would be giving me very bad advice as, if I did drop it, only to find her on my doorstep (my court house) here months from now.....I would no longer have that option (appeal) to play.  At the very least an appeal will stop her from her pursuit for a few months.  I have to do spite of any body's disbelief.
Two things in this photo that you may not know, before you advise me to drop it! 
The Licking County Law Library is inaccessible to the public as is stated on the top paper.  Most people don't believe that when I tell them that I don't have access to currant Ohio Law Licking County...I don't!  Read it for yourself.  Who knows, maybe you....can get me permission to have access to this library.  I certainly can't get it myself.
Bottom book The Ultimate Challenge by Gayle Woodsum.  I purchased this book from Gail in 1999 when I was drug through the local law system here and trying to get anyone to help me expose the bad guys.  It is hard to expose the evil ones when you are a just looks like you are the bad guy trying to win against the good guys.  But Gail Woodsum sent me a letter with the book.

It is dated August 3, 1999

Dear Concha,

Thank you for your letter and your order fo another book to go to your friend.  It will be mailed out this week.

It certainly sounds as though you have been through an extraordinarily difficult time lately and that your struggle is complicated and frightening.  I truly believe that all victims can break free from even the most sophisticated of abuses and your determination will serve you well.  It is nice to hear that my book has some helpful information in it for you.

I also know it is hard to read an entire book like mine all at once, or to take it in fully at first.  The process of learning new information itself can be very triggering.  However, I hope you can hear that my experience has shown me that the pull to try and stop offenders is almost always connectted to programming of some sort that keeps victims connected to those people.  It is so difficult and most often takes so long to truly break free of all the abuse and all the programming messages attached to it.  That focausing on stopping offenders before freedom has been completel won is an approach that usually prevents victims and survivors from completely breaking free.  I hope you can find a way to know that this is your time, your opportunity to become safe and to build an independent life of your own.  Every time victims can manage to do that, they are unraveling offenders' ability to continue their abuses.  Breaking free is the best way to shut them down.

Sending my very best to you in your efforts, Gayle M. Woodsum

Read Gayles book, and see if Nesley Thomas doesn't just look like the very "offenders" that Gayle defines in her book.  Everyone that testified in behalf of Nesley are all victims.....she has a hold on them that would compel them to lie for her.  It is a blackmail situation.....she owns the properties they live on, she is their employer as well as their drug dealer.  They had to be there, and they had to lie.....I knew that before ever hitting the courtroom the other day.  Those of you who were there saw me poke holes in all their testimony.  Had the judge distanced himself from the decision, he would have seen the very things they were trying to hide.  I didn't have the money to subpeona, and I didn't have the money to even make second copies of my evidence.  It would have been very different had I had those things.
The best I can do to break free of Nesley's dark cult, is to literally stop her from her next attack.  I too would love to believe this is over.  But I don't.....and I have almost a 20 year history with her, Gayles book, and several moves to no avail behind me.  To someone new to the scene, it is "perplexing" and Nesley deceives....she does it well.  One of these days....she is probably going to deceive the wrong person.....or some of the ones she controls may just decide they are tired of her shit.....then they can break free.  I am going to of Nesley's manipulated people found her out and sent me to money to go.....So I am going and I am going to bask in the sun for a day or two before I have to play my last card.  Stay tuned dear readership.  You can still get copies of Gayles book through Amazon.  It is a worthy attempt.  She says Law enforcement are several decades away from catching these people.  She wrote that in 1998 prior to 911, and prior to internet stuff.  She was right.  I got to witness how they manipulate the court system....and at least 3 of you saw her do it.  Hang with me.  This is not over, much as I would wish it to be.

And yes, apparently, Nesley can get any grant money I get which is too bad as I was headed for a nice grant through the Smithsonian where I would get to handle Native American artifacts....$125 a day, plus travel, and expenses up to 45 days.  I won't even write it, and I will continue making art without that piece.  She can't garnish what I won't apply for.  Sorry dear readers, I had so wanted to dazzle you with this!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Springer Circus Came To Town...And I Apparantly Missed It

Dear Readership, I apologize for not not promptly getting back here to blog about Monday's Court Hearing.  Court finally convened after a year almost two of continuances...and apparently I missed all the Jerry Springer type fun that happened out in the lobby while I was preparing.  As you might imagine prospective witnesses have to be outside the court room during court so as to not be able to tailor make their testimony to match whichever side they favor's testimony.  So I didn't witness any of this personally...but the plaintiffs witnesses and reluctant attorney had somewhat of a showdown unbeknownst to me.  These people are so self involved and crude, that they reveal their absurd ass showing...even when it potentially might hurt them.  I spent most of the day yesterday shaking my head and acknowledging that yes indeedy the plaintiffs little band of merry men and not so merry women shock and disgust most outsiders the very first time they meet them.  I guess after 20 years of knowing Nesley and creepy entourage I forget how shocked normal people are, and I have somehow remained immune or detached from it.  I forget just how bizarre they really can be.
The plaintiff had reluctant and no show witnesses that were throwing Nesley and her Lawyer into a tizzy....causing much posturing, shouting in cell phones and negative behavior.  This was reported to me in a condensed version, and it was only after the trial that I learned the gruesome details.  No, I am not surprised....I have been trying to tell people that might have a clue that these people are not right.  I don't know why they are not right.....but they are not right.
After fatiguing court battle that went from 2- almost 7, the judge admitted that he was perplexed and needed a moment before making a ruling.  It was then that I knew that the judge had been infected by the very fatigue and confusion that these crazy making people have imposed upon me for the year I lived at Paul Drive, and the year and a half it has been since then.  They are crazy makers....and in the instance of Nesley Thomas pure evil.  Both C.S. Lewis and M. Scott Peck give the symptoms of fatigue and confusion as tell tale signs of an encounter with Evil.  Peck even goes so far as to say their is a dullness to evil.  I know what they is the sort of thing that when one is in the middle of it, one forgets.  It feels like being lost in a foggy dark forest with no light and no compass.  The Judge felt that way after only a few hours.....and I recognized the cause of it, and I recognized it because I too have felt it for so long.
On the positive side of all this is that I had three very strong loyal women friends that came to court to witness the fiasco.  I was well prepared, and I felt very strong, and just looking at them from time to time, empowered me to proceed with my case with surgical precision.  The battle was long and hard.  I received compensation for my kiln, and the water bill that I had to pay because the plaintiff refused to answer the calls of my attorney 4 months before official eviction.
All my supporters have not weighed in is just one of the women who used the analogy of circus, and it was me who decided upon hearing the antics that it would be very much like a Jerry Springer show, which I have mostly always detested.  I admit a morbid curiosity overtook me the very first time I saw a Springer show.  It is a very creepy sort of experience for the most part.  These people are gross, self centered, bizarre and sometimes frighteningly violent.  You only have to see a few minutes of one or two episodes to get the idea of what it is all about and what it probably is always going to be about.  I don't watch Jerry Springer.  I admire his stamina and tolerance for these creeps.
I spent many quality hours with my cat Syd, and I planted a few seeds this morning and I am trying to rub out the pain in my neck that is the result of shaking my head each and every time I think of my history with Nesley, tenants/work crew, children of the corn!  I am recovering.  I am not in any way shape nor form ready to get back to my artistic pursuits just yet.  There is a legal question or two that I need to clear up to make sure the Springer Circus doesn't follow me to Newark.  The plaintiff got her judgement (which she already had), so I have an official eviction, and the judge deducted the cost of my kiln, and the water bill from her claim.  It is a rather empty victory for her side, as she will have a hell of a time garnishing my SSI check.  She would have to try through this she would be traveling to my turf for her attempt.  If she were so stupid as to try to bring an out of town attorney into this county to try to garnish me, she will encounter something that most of the Columbus attorneys know.....the Judges around here do not want out of town attorneys here.  It has been that way my whole life, and I have made the unfortunate choice to try to get an out of town attorney here....and the attorney mysteriously didn't show up.  So I know it is real.....but does Nesley know it's real.  She already encountered a small town (Mt. Vernon) taking her money cheerfully and then shutting down her operation before she could even open her door for business.  Some towns, just don't tolerate out of town trash.  They wouldn't do well here, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is stupid enough to try it.  And for that reason, I am considering an appeal.  The advantages is that I wouldn't have to deal with would be an appellate court.  It would prevent her from officially being able to garnish or attempt to, until the appeal was ruled upon.  As I said, I am considering doing this.  Sometimes when you stomp on a bug, you find out it isn't quite dead....and you have to stomp on it again....just to make sure.  
Being in that kind of mood, I am not ready to pick up my grant writing fact one of the women who came to court is pretty sure Nesley can collect on any future grants I may receive!  Well if that's the case, I won't be writing any grants.  So that is the legal question I have to get answered.  Had I got the original eviction overturned, she wouldn't be able to follow me around and hassle me for money that I really do not owe her, as their ought to be some monetary recompense for abusing power.  More on that later.  I need to get back outside in the sunlight and try to wash off the sticky ichyness of the whole experience.  I would rather be painting, or sculpting, and making my next creations.  But I am not going to whistle past the graveyard and pretend that I don't know what she might do.  Evil is evil, whether our friends see it or not.  I am exhausted, and I am just as perplexed as the judge was.  I empathize.  It is over for that Judge.  He doesn't ever have to encounter Nesley's entourage again.  I hope it is over for me too.  But I know Nesley is just crazy enough to not let this be over.....and if thats the case, then I guess I will have to use some of my legal talent in a final attempt to stop her.  Who knows.....if I write a good enough appellant brief, I could effect Ohio Landlord tenant law.  Hopefully, make it so a property owner has to show clear title, and be currant on their taxes, and register their rentals. Nesley testified to 9 properties yesterday.  Her workman, who didn't hear her testimony said it was 4.  He also said it took 5 men to move my kiln.  You have seen the pictures dear readership.  It was only 3, one man and two teenage boys.  So he lied, she lied, and Paula Jean apparently left before she could lie.  I am just so glad that I don't have to ask anyone to lie for me, and that I would have 3 strong loyal friends to offset the frinemys that I no longer wish to associate with.  Thanks Aunt Sue, Gail, and Vick for witnessing 4 hours of the same theater that I have had to endure.  The judge complemented me on my conduct and the way I had handled the case.  He somewhat slited the attorney and just said, Mr. Parry obviously knows his way around the courtroom.  My girlfriend Eve, says the Judge was really slamming him.  I didn't catch that.....but hey, I didn't know they were practicing for Jerry Springer out in the what do I know?  Nothing is seldom as it seems I guess.  Hopefully, I will have a plan by tomorrow this time.  I don't have to appeal until I get the written ruling.

PS.  There is a glitch in this computer or the blog today.  There are no links to women or cell phones....underlined in my text....but that is what is coming up published.  I apologize for dead links in the text.....they are not my design and I can't find the glitch.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kickin Ass And Takin Names

My greatest worry today is that Syd has not come home from his morning hunt.  I talked to the balliff and court is proceeding as scheduled.  I have two women coming with me that can testify if need be.  It will be hard for me to leave Syd out all day with no shelter...but I wouldn't guess the court would grant me a continuance because of him.  I am reminded that occasionally, I have to ride shotgun with a friend who needs me.  This is a photo of me taken around Barstow California, when Anna Coleman and I went out there in behalf of Ms. Taggert to help her dispute her twin sisters will.  There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my friends, and today I have two wonderful friends riding shotgun with me.  I will be back here Tuesday to report on the trial.  Thank you for being patient with me through this awful process. 
These two women only pretended to be my friend.  I expect both of them in court today, and I am going to do my best to make them accountable for the damage they did to my kiln.  As the saying goes "with friends like that, who needs enemy's".  I look for the plaintiffs attorney to try and suppress this photo.  It is damning!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

8th Wonder Of The World

It is no surprise to me that The Great Circle Mound is being considered as the 8th Wonder Of The World.  But really, all the mounds in this area should be included in that proposal, as obviously they were all part of the grand design.  If such an honor is bestowed on my home town, then much will have to change to accommodate the tourism that will surely follow.
Public transportation would need to become top priority instead of just the pretense of it.

I am blogging this on Saturday, as this library is closed on Sunday.  I will be leaving for Columbus and my trial early Monday morning, and I may blog from Columbus.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dearest feathers are in the Flint Ridge museum gift shop...and if Circle Mound becomes the 8th wonder of the world, they will need locally made artifacts.  At least I would hope they would consider my jewelry and art for the gift shop/museum, instead of outsourcing to China.  There is much work to be done, and I am anxious to get back to it!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Picket Pin Blues

I have the best girlfriends in the world!  They know though, that I have made the mistake of trusting the wrong people from time to time.  They know that trusting my own family has not been possible.  If you can't trust your own family....well....thankfully, I won't ever have to. My girlfriends put gas in my car today, so that I can go to court on Monday...against my enemy, who pretended to be my friend.
I trusted Nesley Thomas once.  It was not deserved, and apparently not appreciated.  I was loyal to her, in spite of my disapproval of her affair with a married man, her sex toy business, and her involving teenagers in her drug business.  I remained loyal to her until I found out that I couldn't trust her, and needed to protect myself and my property from her.  The worst thing that occurs to me now....after finding out that I couldn't and shouldn't have trusted that she had keys to my home, my possessions, my "sacred" studio.
The day she destroyed my kiln, was the day I drove my version of a picket pin in the ground.  Two years ago, I drove that pin in.....and by God, and by the help of my friends who have stood by me throughout this battle I am finally going to trial and take that bitch to task for what all she did to me.  Say a prayer, light a candle for me.....if I can get out of Columbus Monday without will be a good thing.  I wish I were going to Columbus for art sake, or to drum.  This trial is important.  If Nesley Thomas spite of my means then that no one is safe from landlords such as she.  It means that a lease isn't worth the paper it is printed on.....if you are a tenant.  It means I won't ever be able to live in Columbus again without an attorney checking my lease.  If you are renting from Nesley advice is to get away from her.  She is evil....and she is proud of her evilness.  Evil people don't care about the law....or doing what is right.  They just care only about their own gratification. It is most important to vanquish evil when we encounter I will be doing Monday courtroom 12a b, or c.  I hope to see some of you there.  I promise I won't disappoint you. 

If you don't know what a picket pin is, then you wouldn't understand.  Attached to the pin is a rope, that is attached to the warriors ankle.  The warrior stands and fights till death, or until another warrior replaces him/her first.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gavel Of Justice

I am posting this blog a day in advance as I am preparing for my upcoming trial where I filed a counterclaim in October 2011.  The plaintiff can not just drop the case and take her losses.  When I filed the counterclaim, I made it impossible for her to have an automatic win.  She is suing me for $2400 in back rent.  I wasn't going to pay her a cent of rent after she intentionally destroyed my kiln.  I also was not going to take her to court.  I dug in, and I made her take me to court.
She teamed up with my X, tried to have me arrested, this was after she destroyed my kiln.  Law is so compartmentalized, that it would be difficult, or next to impossible to link the two cases...I won the first case in spite of two lame attempts to get me arrested.
Keep your fingers crossed dearest readers.  I look forward to putting all this behind me and working on my next art project.  It has been very difficult to keep my spirits up, and my gas tank full enough for all the delays and attempts to get me to just up and quit.  I am still here, still strong, and still creating, in spite of the unimaginative negative energy that the plaintiff has thrown my way.  I wouldn't be surprised if some of the plaintiffs frienemies would weigh in on this.  Strike while the iron is hot....take advantage of Nesley's greed.  By the way.....if Nesley were able to win this case in spite of my evidence.....she would have to try to garnish me through Licking County Court System.  You can't garnish an SSI check.  Even if she wins, she loses.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

It Is Just Us!

As of this morning, my trial is still on.  I am conserving my gasoline, and re reading my whole case this weekend.  I may not be coming to court alone next Monday.  I will be in courtroom B or C on the 12th floor....not the 11th floor as I had thought.  Our names will probably be on the door this time, as it has come full circle for trial in spite of all the delay tactics.  As of today, we only get an hour on public computers at this library, so I will have to be strategic in how I use that hour....particularly before trial.  Closing time on Saturday, I will be here checking the Municipal Court Website...and looking for email from the court.  If I have time, I will put in a blog.  In the meantime....look for the gavel graphic...If you see a gavel and no blog, you will know what I am probably up to.  It has been 2 years and a few days since Nesley destroyed my kiln.  I reckon, it is about time for the day of reckoning:) 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Putting My Toys Away

Next Monday, I will be in court.  It has been over 2 years since Nesley and her boys destroyed my kiln.  I have a strong case in a system that favors property owners (landlords) 60/40%...or so the law books claim.  I may have a little better average as the plaintiff made the mistake of using a formerly disbarred attorney...even though Columbus Ohio is a big place, the good ole boy network runs pretty much the same as small town masonry.  It occurs to me that the plaintiffs father was a mason.  I suppose that would lead someone who is already grandiose, to assume that they can purchase law.  I am looking forward to exposing Nesley as the slumlord she is, and perhaps some of her tenants will follow suit and we can be rid of this low life warlock.  I use the term warlock in it's pure form, as by definition it means truce breaker.  That is what Nesley does best.....she drives wedges.  I have until two o'clock today to play with my creations, and then I will put my toys away and start polishing, and sharpening my weapons....which in my instance will be Ohio Landlord Tenant Law, writing a new summery, and rehearsing.  If she had not busted my kiln, I would have just found a new place that was dry, and secure, and moved on. 
This incident happened two days after she didn't get rent.  She used other tenants children as her muscle.  Like any tyrannical personality, she is trying to teach them a lesson.  Maybe by next Monday, she herself will have been taught a lesson or two:)  If you are one of Nesley's tenants, please consider writing to the better business bureau and ad your complaint to mine.  I understand she has had two tenants at Paul Drive since my tenancy.  Maybe I am not the only one who thinks it is a bit strange for a house on a steep hill to flood!  I am glad that I escaped that house, her, and her tenant slaves.  It was creepy renting from her, and I really didn't get very much done there except bail water.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nearly Completed


If you missed me at the Pearl Ally Farm Market Friday, then you missed seeing my newly created Hopewell Shield.  This piece measures 5 1/4 inches in length, and I hope to use it to obtain a grant in the future.  More on that later, as I don't want to jinx my chances.  I am blogging this entry on Saturday, as this library is closed on Sunday.  Please tag this for Facebook in my behalf if you read it Sunday.  I am not sure how that works....can you put it up on my wall?  This piece could not have happened without the grant from The Ohio Arts Council, and in kind donations from my supportive artist friends and my loyal readership.  Thank you everyone for helping me bring this piece to reality.  I have lots more ideas that I would like to bring forth into reality.  Hopefully, I have demonstrated to you and everyone that is relevant, that given the tools, supplies, and resourses, I can do what I promise.  In this instance, I have created a new artifact.  It is a one of a kind piece, and it probably won't stay that way for long!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yesterday's Display

I snapped a picture of my booth yesterday at The Pearl Ally Market.  The Ohio Art Council has generously purchased booth space each Friday (except the first week of July) to place an artist and art work.  They tell me I was the "guinea pig".  the day went smoothly and the preparations were seamless.  If I were to improve the booth, I can see by this picture that a table covering that would hide the possessions under the table might look nicer.  Wind was ever present, and I wish I had brought a heavier jacket.  The day was profitable for me in that I got a future commission, one city worker said he wanted one of my feathers and would contact me when he wasn't on the clock.  I think he may have assumed I would be there next Friday.   Perhaps some future artist will not be able to make their allotted time, and I will be considered again as a substitute.  Of course, I won't be able to even consider such a thing till after my upcoming trial with my former landlord.  That dear readership, is 9 days from now, and beginning Sunday, I will put aside my artistic projects and begin reviewing and rehearsing my case.  Hopefully, this will be the last of it, and I can get on with much more interesting things than the damage that has already been done to myself and my studio (my kiln).
I am sorry I missed you yesterday if you were trying to find me. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Big Day In Pearl Ally

Hopefully, by mid afternoon, I will have a picture of myself at my booth at Pearl Ally Farmers Market.  I got this photo from Google.  The Ohio Arts Council purchased booth space each Friday throughout the summer June-August, and I got my first selection which happens to coincide with The Big Arts Festival.
  Last Spring, I vended at Flint Ridge State Park, which is real different than Pearl Ally!  I look forward to meeting new people and hopefully catching up with some of you that I haven't seen in a while.  Come buy a feather from me, if you are in the area!
The Ohio Arts Council has been good to me throughout the years, and I hope that I can make them proud.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Syd The Cat Inspects The Display Case

Syd has figured out that I am taking a trip.  I wish I could take him with me!  There is not much that escapes that cats attention.  There really was no place to pack the display case that he wouldn't be right on top of LOL.

  There are folks that I need to thank for making my vending gig possible tomorrow.  Thank you Judith for providing me with acetylene, beads, and inspiration.  Thank you Louise for sending me cash in the mail, and the future hope of another commission.  Thank you Vicky for the use of your bigger display case.  Thank you Hapi for providing the batting, the leather, stick pins,  and for sneaking in a twenty dollar bill that will pay for my gas and parking tomorrow.  Lastly, thank you Ohio Arts Council for giving me a grant this year, and for this opportunity in Pearl Ally Market.  Every step of the way, I have been provided for, and been sustained.  I hope to see some of my readership at Pearl Market tomorrow between 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM.  Come on down to Pearl Market and visit with me and see all the new adornment I have worked so hard on this spring.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Minute Details

I am finishing up on my bench work today and tomorrow.  This piece (Medicine Wheel) has been in the works since the late 90's.  I hope to remake the feathers and grind a little more on the turquoise.  The stones need to be deep cleaned before it is suitable for presentation.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Parking Map For Friday

If you are planning on visiting me at Pearl Market Friday, here is a handy parking map.  I hope to see some of my readership Friday at my booth.

Monday, June 3, 2013

All Hands On Deck

The Hopi hand originally had a coiled snake in the palm.  I used my own hand for the model, and I may play around with the whole spiral symbol instead of the snake. Either one lends itself to inlay, and underlay.  I think the trick this week will be how to make everything by Thursday night.
If I put a copper back on the hand after I cut out the spiral, it will look good even if I don't get around to inlaying it.  So the plan for today is to solder all the feathers, cut out the coil, and finish up the Hopewell symbol.  If I can get that done, I will be happy.  If it goes faster than I anticipate, then I may be able to finish up the wave bracelets.  They need lots of they are on the back burner for now. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seed Sharing

The Licking County Library is doing seed sharing this spring.  It is nice to see the old card catalog back in use!  For those of you who have followed this blog since 2007, you might remember that I started a web site called Got Seeds!  It was basically the same idea as the library seed sharing, only mine was in cyberspace.  To my knowledge, it just sits dormant out in one ever contacted me for any of my seeds, and no one ever offered any either!  I am pleased that seed sharing works on a local level.  The library is closed on Sundays for the summer, so I am blogging this on Saturday.  I am hoping to have lots more jewelry and bead work to show you by Monday morning.  Oh....and if you are landlord is having a gigantic yard sale.  It covers more than one yard, and she tells me she will be open on Sunday.  This is the perfect opportunity to see the inside of the beauty shop if you are curious.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Greatest Tool

I decided yesterday to honor my greatest tool, my hands.  Without them, I would not be able to make this jewelry.  Without them, I would not be a drummer.  The Hopi Indians honor hands in jewelry.  I didn't use a sketch for this.  Instead, I xeroxed my hand, reduced it, cut it out, and glued it down to the metal.  My plan is to inlay a coiled snake in the palm.  It will be copper on one side and brass on the other.  Only six days until my vending gig, so I need to work a little faster.  Thank you everyone for your in kind donations.  This piece of brass was donated by my painter friend Judith.