Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whistleblowers Unite!

I got arrested in 1998 for trying to expose the evil deeds of the members of First Baptist Church.  It is shameful that our local law enforcement has turned a blind eye to their activities.  That being the case, I want it to be a dangerous thing for the pedophiles and the ritualistic abusers to operate as usual there, or anywhere for that matter.  I want them to be very afraid that perhaps someone who knows very well who they are, and what they are up to will walk right into their trap and in Quentin Tarantino style, give them exactly what they deserve.  My fantasy is a piano player that just gets up in the middle of a hymn and sprays the congregation with the amo of his or her choice.  It is a fantasy, and I am allowed to have it!  I have paid dearly for my whistleblowing of First Baptist Church Granville Ohio (changed their name, but not their game).  I have heard heinous fantasy punishments believe you me, far worse than mine. 
What I did do way back then, in spite of my arrest and trial, is that I reported each of them to the respective medical boards who supposedly monitor them.  My therapist to The Ohio Social Workers board.  The physician and surgeon who tried to route me into an unneeded hysterectomy to the Medical Board.  I didn't get everybody though.  The Women Who Have Options group, so far go undetected.  There are plenty of abusers in that church to be exposed, reported, and hopefully put out of business.  My blog hits for this web blog goes up to 500 when I write about Granville and the ritualistic abusers who got away with their offenses, so I know there is interest out there.  Maybe even some of them read this blog!  When some of my readership finds out that some of those so called social workers were also working for the court system, and essentially taking away peoples kids...lets just say...I know Karma, and she is a bitch!  In a perfect world, I would have been congratulated for exposing these shitheads.  11 years later, I am still blowing the whistle in hopes that the sound reaches someone mad enough to do the right thing.  Ironically, Granville First Baptist Church isn't the only church that recycles their pedophiles.  The Catholic Church has been doing it for quite sometime.  They just send the offending priest to another church, and pay off the victim.  Maybe that is what Granville is afraid of, they might just have to pay something to their victims if they are caught!  I get it, whistleblowing is bad for their business.  Well....they should have thought about that before they jerked my chain.  I don't call 911!  There is power in telling our stories.  I won't be surprised to hear that someone picked off a pedophile in Granville.  Not in the least.  If I was younger and stronger, I would hunt them.  Personally, I am grateful to know they are all in one place.  Sort of like putting out a salt block, and waiting in a tree stand for Bambie.  They are all gleefully safely practicing ritual abuse in that church, and offering day care for their pedophiles.  Law enforcement likely knows it, but turns a blind eye.  I have all the files from that time period, so if someone gets in my face about this, I can show them the letters, and the whistleblowing attempts 11 years ago.  Maybe the internet is the answer to going after these people.  I told my friend Rickie that the Granville people were like trees...trying to run.  It is absurd, but oh so true.  May there be no safe harbor for the pedophiles and ritualistic abusers in Granville or anywhere else!  So mote it be. 

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