Friday, March 29, 2013

Sacred Cats

Way back when I was enamored at First Baptist Church, entrapped in Willow Moon Circle which was a carefully designed look alike Dianic Witchcraft circle perfectly crafted to ensnare real witches; I used inheritance money to subscribe to Circle Network News.  Since the fake circle was in actuality the "religious right (generally wrong)", then I can only imagine that they were infuriated by the way I chose to spend my inheritance.   I almost gave to the church once, until I realized that I would be giving to "the poor" who were more wealthy than I was (I only had my inheritance for a few months as I would be penalized for saving it).  I imagine most people do not realize that if a person is on SSI, then inheritance money jeopardizes each and every bit of money that the person has had to work so hard to obtain in the first place.  From the outside, it looks like money is just handed to the recipient, but the reality is there is much busywork, running around, endless waiting in waiting rooms, years of rejections for each and every service...and finally when something is obtained the jealousy, animosity, and overall misjudgement of friends, family, and society in general.  It is no picnic.  It is not easy to get in the first place.  It is hard to keep it, after you get it.
What has been heartbreaking to me is the prejudice directed my way.  I have had to become hardened to it, otherwise I would just be a shattered personality each and every time some ignoramus passes judgement on me.
I have been cleaning out old file cabinets and throwing away stuff that is not relevant anymore.  I have uncovered some gemstones along the way though...such as my subscription to Circle Network News.  I am sure that I sent them a letter when I found out about the deceptions from Willow Moon Circle, The Labyrinth Project, First Baptist Church.  I know I must have because I realized that their targets were larger than our little county.  I realized they had infiltrated womens conferences...taken workshops with some heavy hitters such as Z Budapest, Margo Adler, woman traveled to LA to attend a showing of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.  Not long after that show The Dinner Party was vandalized.  I knew there could be a connection, as the whole purpose of these look alike groups are to destroy.
So I sounded the silent alarm, and I took my lumps (got arrested, detained, punished, etc.), and now 12 years later, picking up the pieces and hoping that the folks that were targets got away from the bad guys....or the bad girls in this case.  This morning I took pictures of the kittens that were born in my metal wagon.  I am honored she chose me as her protector.  Cats have always been sacred to me.
Thanks Sally, for the little wooden cat house you made from scraps.   Thanks Deb, for the straw.  Thank you mother goddess for the mystery.  When their eyes open, I think they will be old enough to transport to Cat Welfare.  I think there are 3 of them at this point.  I will keep you posted.

Post Script:  I only found two of them today, and I realize that only two of them have come up in the photos.  I don't know what made me think 3...maybe because that is how many she had last May?

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