Sunday, March 31, 2013

Studio Protection

I applied for emergency assistance from the Craft Emergency Relief Fund yesterday.  I sent them my story and this picture of Nesley and her "boys" destroying my kiln.  I told them we would be in court on April 4th, but that the ceiling on small claims court is less than the replacement value of the kiln.  It is a wonderful organization, and I have a little hope that I will be able to be up and running, firing my pots, and moving on in spite of the wickedness.  This set back has cost me much, not the least being the upset to Stubby's cat colony.  At the very least, this organization may be able to help me find someone who will care enough to help me get back the equipment and tools I lost during Nesley's temper tantrum.  Here is the link to the studioprotector.   I doubt there is insurance for out and out wickedness, or any way to foresee or prepare for it.  But I am not giving up.  I have a strong will, and unbending intent.  I will find a way to make and fire my pots, and Nesley can just go back to the rock she crawled out from under, and stay out of my light!  I am hoping that her "boys:" will think twice about blindly following her orders in the future...but that's on them.  She actually jeapordized their freedom that day, whether they know it or not.  At the very least, she owes them a raise LOL.  See you in court Nesley!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

RIP Jackie

There is a memorial service for Jackie Underwood today (Saturday).  I won't be going.  She was 61 years old.  Jackie was my MD who sent me to a surgeon, who tried to rope me into an unneeded hysterectomy (along with my "therapist" in Granville 1998).  He has since moved on to another city.  I still have yet to obtain the medical records that actually say that I needed a hysterectomy back then.  Instead of coming clean, they had me arrested for telephone harassment which effectively silenced me and allowed them to continue leading people to unneeded surgeries.  Hooray for Capitalism.  No one is safe, as long as medical practitioners participate in this sort of thing!  I did not report Jackie to The American Medical Association, because I just could not believe she would be part of that whole ring of dark doctors.  She was in my circles and at the time, the only MD in town that I trusted.  My "therapist" arranged for my exam.  RIP Jackie.  I will probably outlive all of them, and eventually will find a lawyer that will get those medical records.  In the meantime, I am telling everyone I know about what happened to me, and how our hospital is not safe as long as the system protects the bad apples.  Jackie was in First Baptist Sunday School class, and attended a couple Willow Moon Circle gatherings.  I will never know how deeply she was involved.  I had always hoped that someday she might contact me and tell me the truth.  I spent Thanksgiving that year with her family.  It was wonderful, and I will miss her.  I sincerely doubt she had any thing to do with Women Who Have Options....but hey, what do I know.....they all pretended to be my friends, until I caught them in their deceptions!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sacred Cats

Way back when I was enamored at First Baptist Church, entrapped in Willow Moon Circle which was a carefully designed look alike Dianic Witchcraft circle perfectly crafted to ensnare real witches; I used inheritance money to subscribe to Circle Network News.  Since the fake circle was in actuality the "religious right (generally wrong)", then I can only imagine that they were infuriated by the way I chose to spend my inheritance.   I almost gave to the church once, until I realized that I would be giving to "the poor" who were more wealthy than I was (I only had my inheritance for a few months as I would be penalized for saving it).  I imagine most people do not realize that if a person is on SSI, then inheritance money jeopardizes each and every bit of money that the person has had to work so hard to obtain in the first place.  From the outside, it looks like money is just handed to the recipient, but the reality is there is much busywork, running around, endless waiting in waiting rooms, years of rejections for each and every service...and finally when something is obtained the jealousy, animosity, and overall misjudgement of friends, family, and society in general.  It is no picnic.  It is not easy to get in the first place.  It is hard to keep it, after you get it.
What has been heartbreaking to me is the prejudice directed my way.  I have had to become hardened to it, otherwise I would just be a shattered personality each and every time some ignoramus passes judgement on me.
I have been cleaning out old file cabinets and throwing away stuff that is not relevant anymore.  I have uncovered some gemstones along the way though...such as my subscription to Circle Network News.  I am sure that I sent them a letter when I found out about the deceptions from Willow Moon Circle, The Labyrinth Project, First Baptist Church.  I know I must have because I realized that their targets were larger than our little county.  I realized they had infiltrated womens conferences...taken workshops with some heavy hitters such as Z Budapest, Margo Adler, woman traveled to LA to attend a showing of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.  Not long after that show The Dinner Party was vandalized.  I knew there could be a connection, as the whole purpose of these look alike groups are to destroy.
So I sounded the silent alarm, and I took my lumps (got arrested, detained, punished, etc.), and now 12 years later, picking up the pieces and hoping that the folks that were targets got away from the bad guys....or the bad girls in this case.  This morning I took pictures of the kittens that were born in my metal wagon.  I am honored she chose me as her protector.  Cats have always been sacred to me.
Thanks Sally, for the little wooden cat house you made from scraps.   Thanks Deb, for the straw.  Thank you mother goddess for the mystery.  When their eyes open, I think they will be old enough to transport to Cat Welfare.  I think there are 3 of them at this point.  I will keep you posted.

Post Script:  I only found two of them today, and I realize that only two of them have come up in the photos.  I don't know what made me think 3...maybe because that is how many she had last May?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank You Sally

I am posting this late Wednesday afternoon after my grant proposal writing workshop here at the library.  I can only imagine there are kittens already born waiting for me when I get home:)  Thank you Sally for the gas to get to Columbus with them.  I will be taking them first thing in the morning, if she hasn't moved them where I can't find them.  We have a no kill shelter here in Licking County that is not taking cats at this time.  The math is cats in, no cats out!  It is maddening to try to deal with all this right now.  She (unnamed mama cat) had 3 kittens last year after someone dropped her off between our two houses in May.  I thought she was Johns cat and he thought she was mine!  So there was much assumption on both our parts.  The cats got fed on and off, depending on who had food.  I gave them scraps, and cat food was generously donated for the cause.  The heartbreaking story was inevitable,  2 of them (kittens) killed on the road out in front of my house, will repeat itself, if I don't take her to Cat Welfare and stop the kitty production line.  I am not financially able to neuter the kittens, (spay) her, and if my friend wouldn't have bought me a half tank of gas, this mother cat would have had to wait till after my 2 court hearings April 3rd, and 4th.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dear readership.  I always TRY to do the next best first right thing. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Proposal Writing Workshop Today

I have been a busy girl in the last few hours.  There is a grant proposal writing workshop today at our library.  I signed up for it months ago, and today it has finally come to pass.  I think I am going to try to write a proposal to replace the kiln that Nesley destroyed.  I won't be able to replace it through the small claims court process, and I can not afford an attorney to take it to a higher court.  This might be a way, I can replace the kiln, and possibly fund the installation of the ventilation system.  My other option would be to rent the back room from my landlord, and keep the door open on days when the kiln is on.  So much to think about...before attempting to write the proposal.  I feel blessed that we have the Foundation Center grant stations in the library, and knowledgeable librarians to guide us.  Mama kitty is pregnant and I think possibly having kittens as I type.  If she has not had them by the time I get home tonight, I am going to take her to Cat Welfare where she will get the attention she needs.
I may be blogging on the fly tomorrow or not at all depending on what is happening with mama cat.  For those of you who have been following my story about the unneeded hysterectomy and my arrest in order to protect the doctors involved:  I hear today that one of the doctors involved died in the last 2 weeks.  Maybe that counter reverse negativity spell that I wove into my short story has kicked into high gear.  If so, there just might not be anyone left from 11 years ago to hold accountable!  Also,  I was contacted by a law firm yesterday that may handle my upcoming social security back claim.  It appears that social security owes me some back pay from 1990.  If that happens, I would have to give the law firm 1/3rd of the settlement.  I think there might be enough left over after that to move to an art colony or something.  Someplace where the bad guys can't rip me off.  I don't think that is too much to ask for after all the crap I have had to put up with!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

White Buffalo Turquoise

I am having technical difficulties today at the library computer.  What I wanted to blog today is this recent discovery of White Buffalo Turquoise.  I found a nice piece over at Amazon for less than three dollars.  I can't get the picture on this blog.  My intention for the white stone is to add a new adornment to SHE, a piece I made instead of being blindly obedient and doing a hysterectomy in 1998!  It is always good to get a second opinion.  Wish I could show you the stone.  I will get it when I get a better computer.
                                                                       Post script:  This is what it looks like.  I have some survey money coming to me, so I may try to buy a piece of this if the timing is right.  It all depends on how my court cases go next week.  I would love to have one of these cabs though.  I am patient, so I can wait as long as I have to wait to get one or two.        

Monday, March 25, 2013

Harpo Foundation Grant

I applied for a direct grant from Harpo Foundation this weekend.  Maybe I can get a grant and get out of here.  I certainly will miss my real good friends, but I will not miss the cult people.  I realize since they have been gathering intel on abortion doctors (Women Who Have Options), gathering names and addresses in The Feminist Sunday School Class First Baptist, gathering information on gay people in the LGBT welcoming and affirming program, and of course the Dianic
 witch craft circle Willow Moon Circle...They are murderers.  Vast Right Wing Conspiracy people.  I do not wish to hang out here, anywhere near them.  As long as I have to remain here though, I am going to tell everyone I can think of, and warn them.  I hope I can at least warn some people soon enough that they don't get on their "list", and I hope to get the very same law enforcement agencies to take another look 11 years later.  Domestic terrorism should be a top priority in America, and while Granville would seem like a place that is above suspicion...well....lets just say its not!   Money, power, and fanaticism...thats really all it takes.  My old telephone harassment conviction should be just about worn to a frazzle.  Maybe the same FBI contact, will take another look at my link analysis backwards and forwards in time.  Syd and I are not worried about the bomb threat text message.  It reminds me of the time I met Donna Magavero who is a fantastic singer in Columbus.  When I told Donna that the Klan was after me, she told me that if the Klan was after me, then I must be doing something right!  Rewind To Zero Donna.  I will keep those thoughts in my heart and my mind as I try to make my way back to Columbus where I have a chance to grow, and a chance to share my knowledge and talents.  Pray for me dear readers.  I need to get out of here, and never come back.  If I am somehow lucky enough to get a grant like this one, then I will immediately get a moving van, and pack up Syd and I up, and get out of here.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Art Therapy 101

I took 3 semesters of art therapy classes as CCAD (Columbus College Of Art and Design) in the early 80's under the direction of Bruce Moon. Since it was a course and not an institutional setting, we practiced on each other.  This is a drawing I made for that class depicting a traumatic event from my childhood.  I also took this drawing to my Granville "therapist" who undoubtedly broke my confidentiality and shared it with the larger group (cult).
This is a self portrait about a pink dress that my parents made me wear to a concert where I was too perform.  This was an all state orchestra, and it was an honor to be selected.  I worked hard to qualify, and was indeed proud of my accomplishment, as was my parents.  As I recall, my whole family attended this concert which involved travel.  The problem...they without my consent procured a pink dress for me to wear to the concert.  I hated it.  We fought.  I lost, as I lost most fights with my parents.  I tried to lose the dress by putting it in another locker.  The dress was found, just in time, resulting in another knock out dragem out fight.  I can not remember if it got physical...doesn't matter.   I was forced to wear the dress.
When we began playing the piece (Madam Butterfly?) I found my throat to be closed, tears streaming down my face, and half way through the song, my nose running.  I was not able to play very many notes of the song that I had practiced both at school and all day with the rest of the orchestra prior to the evening.  I also didn't know anyone in the orchestra, let alone the trombone section.  It was an embarrassing disaster for me, as well as my family.  I do not know what ever happened to that pink dress.
I took the drawing to "therapy" in Granville when my mother was dying of lung cancer.  She was diagnosed, and was dead within 5 I didn't really have any time to "reconcile" with her about my abusive background.  I really wanted to, but there wasn't enough time.  I realize that I am breaking my own confidentiality by presenting this drawing, but it seems necessary in order to show you what a monster my "therapist" was and most undoubtedly still is.  My father apologized for the abuses, exactly one week before he was killed.  I forgave him.  I never got that same closure with my mother, or my brother and sisters for that matter.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Therapist Is A Professional

In previous blogs I have described how Women Who Have Options (WHO) use their titles and credentials to gather information on abortionists (the info passed on to people who will murder them).  They are not the hands that actually murder those people, just the hands that gather the intel.  My therapist was one of them.  She was also in my Sunday school class.  She was also in Willow Moon Circle a fake (look alike group designed at Aglow meeting) Dianic circle.
I reported this woman to The Ohio Board Of Social Workers prior to my arrest.  What I couldn't report though is that she has blackmailed family members with the information she gathered from our therapy sessions that I thought were protected by confidentiality!
I confess that in order to bring her, and her comrades to justice, I would have to break my own confidentiality.  This is what they call a double bind.
Her credentials are impeccable.  She managed to get me arrested, drug through the court system, and even 5 years afterwards punish me for the high crime of telephone harassment.
She knew the judge!  It is true.  In addition to being a "therapist", she was a court mediator, and a paid witness for the court.  She managed to prosecute me, and keep her name completely off the court docket.  Judge Higgins should probably be disbarred for not recusing himself.  My own attorney should probably be disbarred for not objecting.  They were protecting her.  I do not know though, if they would protect her if they knew that she is blackmailing certain members of my family.  More will be revealed.  You won't be able to find her name on this blog (yet), or The State Of Ohio vs Concha Hendershot.  I would be curious to find out (if any of you have the time to inquire) if you can find her name out though my complaint to The Ohio Board Of Social Workers.  Let me know.  I didn't know when I complained about her after her routing me towards the unneeded hysterectomy and vicious attack upon learning I got a second opinion; that she was blackmailing a couple members of my family!
I will break my confidentiality about that two years from time to time.  I won't be telling you anything that my family doesn't already know.  But hopefully, she will understand that blackmail is something my family actually has pretty good practice at, and she just might end up where blackmailers end up....where they deserve to be.
My brother and sisters and I blackmailed each other all the time.  
One of the stories I told her in therapy was the story about the time my father made me eat dog shit.  It is a true story that all my brother and sisters know.  It didn't happen to them, so it can not hurt them.  It hurt me though.  She knows many of these stories and she would in fact use them, if she thought she could use them for her dark purposes.
My father believed that us kids should eat everything on our plates.  If we didn't, we would have to sit there until we did.  I hated mayonnaise and anything that had mayonnaise in it.  Occasionally my mother, or when we visited someone, I would be in the position to have to eat mayonnaise or something like deviled eggs that had it as an ingredient.  When we went to a hamburger joint, even though I requested no mayo on my whooper, the mechanized robotic workers seldom could remember to not put it on.  My father got tired of me making a fuss about it.
One night when I refused to finish my dinner because of the disgusting stuff, he said "come with me".  He took me outside, to the place where our dog lived and put a dog turd on a Popsicle stick, and made me take a bite!  My sisters and brothers have a little song that they can still sing for you about that day.  My therapist told me that my father actually trained my brother and sisters to abuse me, and if I would have tried to remain in that family, they would have killed me.
I was able to overcome my inability to eat mayonnaise because of his punishment.  I don't like it, and I don't order it, but I can eat it if I have to.  That is the positive side of this story.
My father apologized to me for the way he raised me a week before he died.  The problem with that is, that he didn't do it in front of my sisters and brother.  So they think it is OK to just continue the ritual abuse.  My therapist used the abuse as well.  I am not saying that she is blackmailing them over that story.  I am saying that she got a lot of content about similar abuses in the 2 years I did counseling with her.  She told the larger group exactly how to ritualistically abuse me using that and similar stories, and she uses the details of other stories to blackmail them.  Hopefully, they are strong enough in their own abuse histories to resist her evil intents.  May we all get what we deserve!
I have spent a few days dissecting just one of the many look alike groups that she and the Aglow ladies created to entrap gays, witches, feminists, to their church, and I will continue the link analysis of the other groups, and the places I was with them when they infiltrated.  I am hopeful that they are just a little scared which would serve them right for their heinous crimes.  I promise to write more, and I promise to continue to show you how to find them.  I am just one person, who they managed to arrest, convict, sentence, and silence.  Us telephone harassers though have a way of coming back after a few years to try again. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


In 2002 I was the victim of a home invasion at the Stoddart Apartments in Columbus Ohio.  I was teaching art in the Columbus School System at the time of the crime.  The Stoddart Apartments on Main and 4th had a unique problem.  During the normal daytime hours staff was in the building.  After 5 staff left the building.  So on Friday night (after 5) the drug lords took possession of each of the floors throughout the building.  They moved from apartment to apartment often enough that no one could predict their location from day to day.  There was no surveillance.  My apartment was the first apartment on the 4th floor.  It was prime real estate for drug dealers as their customers could jump on the elevator, and get what they wanted within a few minutes.
I knew of their operation as everyone in the whole apartment building knew of it.  Staff remained willfully myopic as it would cost them lots of money to address the problem.  The criminals busted through my door, beat me, took my debit card and went shopping that weekend.  They left a person watching me of course.  What they really wanted was cash, and in spite of beating me throughout the weekend, I managed to continue to give them passwords that would not access my account.  They were able to purchase several things without my password, but eventually the bank machine not only denied them cash, but kept the card.  On Monday morning when staff came back to the building the home invaders were long gone.
I post this story and my credentials at the time for a couple reasons.  One, criminals do not care whether their victims are an art teacher or not.  Two, in spite of my fleeing from the Licking County Cult who criminalized me, I went on to get my teaching license.  If I were to post a 3rd reason for putting this up here, it would to tell my enemies that I have earned my stripes!  Perhaps it is the Germanic resoluteness I have in my genetics.  It would be a very gross miscalculation on anyone's part to assume that I am just going to let someone shit on me, and then let them go.  Pay attention Nesley, Lori, Dee, and cult.  I am not going to go away.  I am not going to just let you continue operating business as usual.
I sold my blood in a Columbus blood bank to pay for this certificate!  I would love to be able to use it to teach art someday.  If you didn't get the message last time I gave it, GET OUT OF MY LIGHT!  You may not like my spirituality, my preference, my politics, or even my racial linage, but I have earned the right to teach art.
I can see how my teaching art would be a threatening thing for the same cult that worries about the occult bleeding into the textbooks in the public school system.  The occult has been in art throughout time, and the religious fundamentalists are not going to be able to do much about that.  Likewise, they are not going to be able to prevent their children from making snakes out of clay in an art class as "the coil" is the most fundamental of even simple pottery.  And yes dear readership I have been blamed for the "abominations" that Christian children have created in my clay class!  I didn't tell them to make snakes!  They made them because it is a basic instinct to make a coil, and then try to make something from the coil.  I am not going to tell a student what she or he can or can not make!  I imagine though, that the fundies would.  That is their ignorance, not mine.  I didn't go to art school in order to pass judgement on anyone for their creation, in spite of a religious dogma.  The bible forbids the making of graven images.  It is very specific about that.  I won't bother to quote the scripture from the old testament...but it specifically forbids the making of any creature that would crawl etc.  Yes, I read it, and I understand it.  I also read the new testiment and it doesn't have the same forbids in it that the old testament did!  Let me remind you, you fundamentalist busy bodies,  in the new testament Christ gives a new commandment of Love.  This does not give you the right to hunt down abortionists and murder them, or gays, or witches...or art teachers I might add.  I am not going away, and I will not be silent about all that I know that you have done and are doing.  It is my friends, family and their kids you are blackmailing and putting on your heinous lists.  If you need to think of me symbolically in your old testament sort of way...think of me as the unicorn swimming around outside your arc.  I probably survived the flood.  I may survive the fire you are kindling for your apocalyptic vision.  I have survived even your best attempts at snaring me.

Post Script:  Just in case you are wondering, the following Monday after the home invasion, my friend Yvonne who worked for a bank at the time, took me to the police to file a report, and then we took the report to my bank and my account was restored.  The bruises on my face and body healed.  I lived to fight another day.  It is hard to keep a good woman down!  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Autumn Kelly

My librarian friend helped me track down this old Germanic playing card of a woman at a potters wheel.  It is from the 1500's I think.  I want to make a nice copy of it and put it up where I can see it to remind me that I need to get back to my projects.  It is what I am really about, and what I want to be about, and my enemies do not want me to be about!  I guess I just don't need to know much more than that.  It becomes a contest of how grounded and centered I can stay, while they try to knock me off balance.  "There is more to balance than not just falling over" as Weeze used to say.  This card will remind me of that.  I noticed I have another follower today.  Welcome follower 28 Autumn Kelly.  Make yourself at home and check out some of my other followers and their blogs.  I don't promise that this journal will always be lighthearted.  Sometimes it is really heavy duty and even dark.  I will try to get back here and post a link to the rest of this deck of cards in the future.  I blog from the public library and am limited to 2 hours, but I limit myself to one.  I have some money coming to me soon from some frenemys that just had to rip me off.  So we are all going to court to hash out what most people would think of as a minor amount of money...which is why they call it small claims court I guess.  But to me, it is the difference between having a phone and not having a phone.  The difference between having the internet, and not having the internet. And being able to take the pregnant cat to the vet, or not being able to take her.  It goes on and on.  I live frugally and they launched a two prong attack on me, broke my kiln, and tried to push me into financial ruin.  They almost succeeded.  These women who used to be my friends (they might have just been pretending) ripped me off, and it has gotten real ugly.  Maybe someday when they are forced by a judge to do the right thing, I will be able to hail this blog from home.  The mama cat is pregnant again.  It is still none of my business, but I don't want to see her kittens all splatted on the road again this year.  I don't even have the gas to take her to Cat Welfare, as I have had to go to Columbus twice this month already.  I am used to living on the financial edge.  I have done it for years.  I will do it for as long as I have to.  I need to begin thinking about ways to replace the destroyed kiln.  Even if the judge awards me my counterclaim, it will not be enough money to replace the kiln Nesley destroyed.  The universe is always on purpose is another one of Weezes I guess I will just have to trust that she is right, and when I am ready,  a kiln will await me.  So much art I want to do, and there just doesn't seem to be all the supplies lined up, with the equipment, with the desire.  I will get there.  Mrs. Gray says I am sturdy:)

post script:  I am posting these two at a time some days...with delayed posting time.  Syd and I got a bomb threat, and I may need to do some walking to save gas and give the illusion that I am home.  Little by little, I am going to bring my offenders to the realization that I am just not worth the trouble.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome Simple Needs

It has been a couple years since I have seen Nesta (cat friend in Columbus).  Time flys when it is not can quote me on that.  Perhaps the most hurtful part of everything that has happened since then is that I miss all my old cats.  I don't know how Nesley (not to be confused with Nesta the cat) did it, but she drove the wedge in so that I couldn't visit.  It sure wasn't my intention.  I tried my hardest to be fair and square as I moved onto my new home.  I can only think that Nesley did some sort of trickery and deception that caused a sudden closing me out, and away from the cats that I had cared for each and every day for 7 years!  I can only hope that someday the folks who have been fooled by Nesley will understand the destruction she has caused.  I don't fault them for being tricked.  I was tricked after all for at least 11 years.  I regret the day I ever let her into my home.
All that being said, welcome our 27th follower.  This blog is mostly genealogy and an online journal.  I have been accused of being self indulgent.  Maybe...I am not so sure.  That accusation was made by a very oppressive person, who I had refused to let into my home.  The reason I couldn't have her in our home was because of the violence in her own past.  2 of her former lovers had shot themselves (one dead) with her police issued revolver.
With my history of ritualistic abuse...I just couldn't allow her access to my only sanctuary.

That whole thing really went south.  I am in court with 2 individuals involved with those results.  Somehow, whenever I stand up for myself, I have to take some sort of punishment!  They would have me believe that somehow this is all my fault.  I can't change the way people think.  I write what I think.  Hopefully by now, folks will understand that they can not bully me into shutting up, or thinking the way they think I should think.
My friend is surrounded by the very people who are offenders (abusive personalities).  She has chosen them over me.  Maybe she was an abusive personality and I just didn't know it?  I have certainly been fooled before.  I am saddened.  I got a text message from one of my offenders that they are going to bomb my house, and take Syd my cat.  I really don't know what to do about it, we certainly have had bombings around here recently.  Trouble is the police have not ever really helped me.  Not one time that I can remember in all of my 54 years on this earth!  That is pretty good odds that help is not going to come from that direction.   My offenders have always been able to make me out to be the bad guy.  They really have.  Each and every time I have defended myself, my abuser has turned the tables on me, and they have gone free.
  I suppose if someone else gets hurt in the process of them trying to get at me, then help will finally come.  I won't hold my breath though.  More likely if someone other than me gets hurt while my offenders are trying to bomb my will somehow be my fault that I didn't call somebody.  You see the dilemma right.  I miss Stubby the cat too.  Syd misses Lori.  Syd misses his outside.  I confess I am out of ideas.  They (the old cult) have me...stuck right back where I started, no protection...other than this blog.  Thanks for joining me.  Most days I am happy making new art.  I am out of ideas to make them stop.  I would gladly move away, but I have used all my resources to get here last year to help my sister.  I went in debt.  My offenders have money.  I think that abusing me is "sport" for them.  I am going to dig out all the old files that I didn't get a chance to burn and start updating the link analysis next.  It is not my first choice as I would much rather door some art.  It is not possible to do art in an environment of fear and upheaval.  Just maybe someone will recognize something from the link analysis and we can put a little pressure on the bad guys.  I certainly refuse to believe or contain the hate being directed my way. 
This is sort of what my own link analysis looks like.  I really never wanted to look at it again after I left this town and moved to Columbus.  When I get it finished I will post it on this blog, and just maybe some law enforcement person will care enough to examine it, and infiltrate the group, maybe even solve a crime or two.  The cult has changed their name, but not their game.  I hope I had something to do with that!  Just look up First Baptist Church in Granville and it will take you to the newly named cult.  Do not believe a word of what you read there, and just spread the word to anyone you know that would care about such a thing as ritual abuse and a church full of pedophiles and we can just keep sounding the alarm...silently.   I will do everything in my power to dismantle any part of them.  Leaving for 10 years didn't work, and so if I have to be here, then I am going to be busy.  If I have to have dead animals on my patio, and bomb threats on my phone, then I am going to be busy.  If I have to deal with a landlord that someone has caused to fear me, then I am just going to have to tell her to read all the blogs, and look at all the story.  She was raised in Granville, and probably knows some of my abusers!  At any rate, I am going to be busy.  3 times folks have threatened to shut down this blog.  I have 15  un-moderated and unpublished comments left on this blog just in case law enforcement wants to bust the person who made them (who was impersonating a police officer).  It hasn't happened yet, and most of the threats I have received have been nothing but hot air.  There were only 4 followers the first time someone tried to shut this blog down.  I might have considered, but my numbers just kept climbing.  So instead of believing someone who was threatening me, I did my own thing.  Stay tuned    

Monday, March 18, 2013


One of the hate groups that were operating out of First Baptist Church in Granville Ohio in 1998 when I took flight from the county was a group called Women Who Have Options.  I knew these women personally through both Willow Moon Circle, and The Feminist Sunday School class, which were also hate groups disguised cleverly to lure in unsuspecting feminists and witches. WHO was, and is, masquerading as a pro choice organization that would pay for and transport women in need to either an abortion clinic or a hospital where an abortion would be scheduled.  They gathered, and are gathering intel for a much larger group that murdered and are continuing to murder abortionists.  I knew these women personally, and they not only tried to route me into an unneeded hysterectomy (through their channels), but when I caught them in their lie, they drug me through the local court system in order to silence me, discredit me, and continue their operation.
In the words of my friend Hapi "I ain't lying, I couldn't make this shit up"!
I go to court on April 4th against a woman who was in Willow Moon Circle, and also knows the WHO women.  The problem is, Nesley Thomas is so fucking greedy and grandiose that she thinks her small claim case is more important than coming forth with verification that the Women Who Have Options are in fact accessories to murder!  More horrific to me is that my X would team up with her for her self interests as well, and try to throw me back to the wolves.  Is Lori so low that she would sell me out for a $158 phone bill?  Nesley was lured into the same trap I was, and Lori whether she knows it or not is on the other list.  Both of them are targets by association to me.
Lori was present at the burning of the records.  I burnt the records I had about these people.  I wanted to put it all behind me and move on.  There were 3 women present at the burning of my files.  They know who they are, and I am not going to tell you who they are, as it could very well be dangerous to them.
I bought a zerox machine and made multiple copies of everything I was trying to expose back in 1998.  I lost count of the number of copies, and even where all I put them, or sent them.  The day the 4 of us started burning my files was supposed to be a day that I washed my hands of all this.  The people who needed to know they were targets already had copies.  It is not like this isn't out there, and not like I didn't do everything in my power to inform everyone who would listen and read.  And yes the FBI has copies in case you are wondering if I got the word out larger than my county.
I will remind you dearest readership that after 911 we found out that both the FBI and CIA had intel on the terrorists that cleverly attacked this country.  They had the information and they ignored it!  It is not surprising that they didn't take my information seriously...after all I was arrested, tried, and convicted of telephone harassment.  I was guilty of telephone harassment!  I was trying to make them (WHO) give me my medical records!  I wanted to see in writing the evidence that I had cervical cancer and therefore needed a hysterectomy!  To this day I haven't been able to get those records, even after hiring an attorney to get them (Steven Ames who is Dee Ames brother wrote and demanded those records in my behalf)!!!  You remember Dee.  She is the one who is instigating her own personal hate attack on me in behalf of Lori, and has linked the two cases together because she is a blow gut and doesn't understand she is being used!  What the hell would you do if you knew about WHO!!!  What would you do if they tried to do that to you?  I called all of them...each and every one of them.  I still have their telephone numbers as they were in my circle group, and my Sunday school class.  They betrayed me, and they broke my confidentiality!  Telephone harassment pales in comparison to their crimes.  I have the tapes from those telephone conversations.  If anyone doesn't believe me that I was trying to get to the bottom of their deceit, I can let you listen to the tapes...and decide for yourself.
I have encountered indifference, intolerance, and disbelief from the very feminists, witches, gay people that I have tried to desperately to warn.  I guess it just isn't real unless it is happening to you!!!!!Right?
The religious right is very organized.  The religious right is very powerful.  The religious right would deceive, infiltrate, and murder for what they perceive to be the greater cause.
Would they help Nesley try to circumvent justice in a small claims case in Columbus?  Only to a point.  They are not going to do anything that would jeopardize their own operation...the greater cause.  And yes dear readership they would eat their young.

post script:  The owl symbolizes death 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Butterflies And Bolo Ties

I saw a fabulous 3 dimensional painting the other night at the concert.  Some of the butterflies are painted on the canvas and some of them attached somehow.  They were made out of all sorts of materials.  I know it made me feel instantly happy and uplifted.
This morning I etched out the rest of my copper feathers and began my bolo tie project.  In a few days I will need to put all projects aside and begin reexamining my strategy for my upcoming court hearings.  I have been able to link the two cases all along, but have resisted doing that as both cases are strong without using that piece of information.  Because of so much local cult like activity, I know they are getting worried.  It occurs to me this morning that the plaintiff is in a perfect situation to blackmail the blackmailers from our circle.  If that happens "this sucker could go down" as G.W. Bush has put it in the past when a false system collapsed.  I am thankful that the old programming and fear have lost their potency.  I continue to heal in spite of my offenders attempts to pull me down.  This piece is inspired by both Sally Jones and Temple Grandin.  I have not ever thought of wearing a bolo tie, but as I have thought of both those two women and their individuality...I think they would wear one.  It will go nicely with my cowgirl shirts (I collect cowgirl shirts).  Stay tuned dearest readers and dark followers.  I have found my link analysis project that I started 11 years ago.  All this moving made me forget that I had done the work.  11 years ago I got in touch with a guy named Dale Griffis who is an expert on Satanic Cults, and ritual murders.  I spoke with him on the telephone in relation to the medical cult operating out of Granville, and he told me to make a chart where they all were, where they worked, etc.  It has been so helpful in integrating my evidence.  I talked to him a few years later and he advised me to look into the Columbus State library.  So much other stuff I would rather do, but as long as my abusers are continuing to attempt to torture me...I can't afford to leave that project without updating it.  So many projects and so little time!   

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spiritual Gifts

On September 1, 2001, I was watching CNN in my room at the downtown YWCA.  Two things happened for me immediately.  The first thing that happened is I dug out my homemade tarot cards and did a quick reading.  As some of you know, the next card that came up was the two tower card!  I was actually watching when the 2nd tower was hit, as I had evidence from the cards a few minutes before. 

My understanding from the woman who sent me to the Aglow meeting in Granville in the late 80's is that I have been given a spiritual gift.  According to her, there are 9 spiritual gifts.  The one she claimed I had was "the gift of long suffering".  I was disappointed of course because long suffering doesn't seem like much of a gift!  I would have rather had almost any of the other of the the gift of prophesy would be pretty nice.  What I didn't know, that she who assigned that gift to me could actually arrange the suffering part!  This morning I found dead animal parts outside my door by my mailbox.  This is a well known ritual abuse technique to try to trigger the victim (in this case me).  This sort of torture (involving animals) has been going on since college days.  I confess that back then this sort of thing triggered me into a state of mind that made it impossible to attend class or hold down a job.  Those of you who may wonder why and how I get a disability check, realize that ritual abuse is at the heart of my mental duress.  It started way back at age 4, and continues to this day!  Funny thing is the church of the double cross actually believes I somehow deceived a panel of 12 experts to get my disability check.  Maybe instead of being jealous of me and my check, they should examine how in fact their systematic torture may have caused it!   My suspicion is that since Aglow is an international organization, that no matter where I go, they will be able to find me... I confess to have developed a sort of autism to the gory animal part "gifts".  It says much more about the cult, than it does about me.  It evens prove the validity of what I reported to government agencies 11 years ago, that it is still going on...just in case they want to look into a type of internal terrorism that has been least the foreign terrorism was over and done with.  Ritualistic abuse survivors must live in a constant vigilant state of terror, while everyone else gets to just pretend that the victim is the crazy one.  The similarity in the two types of terrorism is that neither the FBI or the CIA could stop the offenders in spite of the Intel they had.  I am being to realize that any time a crime is really solved is a bonafide miracle.
All that being said, perhaps the woman who sent me to the Aglow meeting where the speaker was allegedly born with no eyes but grew them miraculously later (rolls my one eye for emphasis.), maybe she was right.  Maybe I have been endowed with the gift of long suffering, in spite of the cults attempts to destroy me.  The same scripture mentions other gifts, and it does not limit the believer to just one, so there may be some truth to it, even though the cult has fabricated it.  They can arrange coincidence, but they risk exposing themselves when they do.  Wouldn't that be funny,  them thinking they could trick me into believing something they themselves don't believe, and therefore needed to fabricate?  That's fanatics for you.  They would actually tamper with, and fabricate something that "higher power" is in charge of, rather than trust that the process doesn't need their manipulation...or interpretation for that matter.  They delude themselves, and have not ever really tricked me, except into a situation where I can't overlook their misconceptions.  "Police arrested magic, and magic went with them".  I believe that is Leanaard Cohen, but I heard it from Buffy St. Marie (God Is Alive And Magic Is Afoot).  It always struck me as the truth...which becomes a commodity when surrounded by deceivers LOL.  But maybe that poor deluded woman was wrong in the first place...maybe I have been given another kind of sight that is not on the list of the 9 spiritual gifts.  The kind of sight that would replace my missing left eye.  I have always heard that God opens a window, when the door is closed.  The God that I would choose to believe in would not let me be deceived or blindsided, but she would allow the deceivers a chance at redemption.  For now, I am in a holding pattern behind enemy lines.  The good thing about when I catch someone in a lie, is that I never have to believe any thing they say again.  "In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king"!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Dry Well

Why go to dry wells looking for water?  That is the kindest thing I can think to say to any of my born again Christian friends who have been so worried about my soul since my college days.  Both my grandmothers were and one still is sweet.  They taught me by example to be polite.  This is why in the late 80's when I was invited to a women's Aglow meeting where the speaker claimed to have been born without eyes, but miraculously healed that I chose not to make a scene, leave, and call up the woman who invited me to rage at her.  It was pathetic then, and it was equally pathetic in my grandmothers time.  In my grandmothers time, these poor lost souls would follow the tent revivals from town to town, and they got healed over and over each night at alter call.  Thankfully my parents warned me that because of my blindness in my left eye that folks would try to manipulate me into believing my sight would be restored.  Thankfully that has only happened on a couple occasions and I was smart enough to get away from them.  One of my grandmothers was an every Sunday without fail Christian.  She didn't have to be born again, she just was in the first place.
In college I met Stan Tinon who taught me a few things about how to think about Christianity that did not involve "blind faith".  Stan went to school and went on to become a preacher and missionary in this community.  I embrace his teachings, but I reject each and every church I have ever followed him into.  The first church I followed the Tinon's to the preacher ended up being a pedophile, caught in a public park as I recall.  I remember that I didn't trust that man, and just couldn't put words to it.  I thought about the most important allegory that Stan ever gave me in relation to Christianity, and it still holds true after all these years.  He compared Christianity to a lion.  It went something like this.  If Christianity is a lion, then the lion doesn't need a human standing out in front of it, waving his arms trying to protect the lion.  It is a funny image really.  If I were not so mad at the deceivers from the Aglow meeting that went on to create look alike groups in Granville in the name of tricking their own children into fake occult groups, then I would feel sorry for them.  And who knows, maybe someday I can get to the place of forgiving them for trying to deceive me.  Lucky for them, and me, that I don't have to do that.  The lion will forgive them LOL!
I know I have written about Gayle Woodsum's book The Ultimate Challenge in prior blogs.  She and I corresponded back in the days when I had escaped the unneeded hysterectomy from The Women Who Have Options group that functioned out of The First Baptist Church.  Gayle encouraged me to reread the book from time to time as there were layers of learning.  To tell the truth it is not recreational reading and if I thought I could just forget about my own ritual abuse background and never think about it again, I would.  I would even give my copy to some other poor suffering victim if I thought that giving it away would help me and them.  But as long as that church is still operating under the guise of saving souls, and as long as they continue to try to harm me, such as the recent attempt to get my landlord to hassle me, then I not only need to keep my book, but I have to reread it in spite of not wanting to think about these things.  So last night I was doing just that and came upon one of those layers she was talking about on page 77.  Gayle says 
 "Often adult victims are subjected to such unneeded surgery as hysterectomy, with elaborate rituals surrounding the operation".  I have not ever seen that passage before in her book (after at least 3 readings), but it came through loud and clear in last nights reading.  That describes exactly what I went through in that Church in 1998.  So don't try and tell me it is unheard of.  She also has an interesting paragraph about the FBI and their spin on page 40.  I can verify that I got a similar response from them.  As I have often said "denial is the new black".  You can quote me on that dearest readership, and shadow following.  Rather than apologizing for their evil deception, they set me up for arrest and effectively silenced me.  11 years later they wish to call up my telephone harassment arrest record (as if telephone harassment is worse than a hate crime)  I assume that they actually believe what they did and continue to do is a greater good (sacrificing my reputation), or a larger truth which is a lie.  Fanatics actually believe that way!  I'm not kidding, I couldn't make this shit up.  They believe that if they can deceive one person into believing in Christianity then it is somehow alright, such as the speaker who was born with no eyes at the Ohio Women's Aglow meeting!  They really do believe it is ok to lie to people if it could possibly get them into a good church (haven't found one yet by the way...not in this county)  I honestly believe we need to start teaching critical thinking skills to our school systems as youth in this country are comfortably dumb, or they will be mindless consumers, and gullible to shit heads like The Women Who Have Options (who are not what their title says).  I have always noted that people are worried about the wrong things and not worried about the things they should worry about.  Worrying that your kids might be exposed to occult ideas in their text books, while not understanding project paperclip, monarch, MUKLTA project (look them up on Wikipedia if you don't believe me).  Once again, I couldn't make this shit up!  Don't blame me for finding out the truth when I was trying to figure out why a group of people who pretended to love me one minute, turned into a vicious circle the next.  And that law enforcement refused to look into it.  I needed answers to the questions, not hauled away and punished for finding out their deceptions.  No telling how many other poor unsuspecting women have been caught in the same trap as I was in.  In my case, it wasn't just Eugenics they were practicing it was genocide as well (last June I found out about my Native American Ancestry)  As you may recall, I caught them because they were less than thrilled with the news that I went for a second opinion and got a clean bill of health.  They were bad actors.  They should have been happy for me, but they couldn't hide their disappointment or their rage.  I carry the resentment to everyone that was involved in that.  If they go to some sort of heaven, I sure as hell don't want to join them there.  My word of advise as far as their kids that they were so worried about learning anything about the occult is,  don't let them catch you lying, because they won't ever have to believe you again!
I slept soundly last night in spite of the reading about horrors that I should never have to face again.  I don't guess my offenders sleep as soundly as I do LOL!  I woke up laughing this morning with a new thought about the Nazi's that we let into this country to practice science...and most probably genetic science was included in the menu.  It wasn't wrong for our government to give them asylum rather than execute them.  But...we should have sterilized them in exchange.  My theory is that the FBI has to protect them as our government did that.  But it is outrageous to allow them to practice Eugenics in our community.  The Women Who Have Options were and are deceivers.  I know that, and I knew that when they tried to trick me.  As long as they are allowed free range to practice in our county, no woman is safe.  Period.
Now if they don't want me to write about this every day, and read Gayles book over and over again after you have re-traumatized me, then they certainly need to back the fuck off of me.  Leave my landlord alone, and I better see a retraction of that fictional story about my labyrinth in the paper soon.  Believe you me, I want to move somewhere where it is safe to live.  It is not safe to live here with a nest of WASPS running our hospital, and legal system.  Message to the remaining cult members "Just send me a check for a moving van, and enough money added for rent money and deposits and I will go quietly and soon as the check clears" (Nesley and her attorney tried to trick me into moving with the promise of paying me the money to move, and I sensed the deception, but had fun playing along no less).  I will accept cash, checks, and money orders...LOL.  I will leave immediately and get busy doing my art and music for a safer community.  The longer I am here, and the more you attempt to torture and trick me, the more I will expose you.  I have not published your names (yet), but for 11 years I have given out your names and I did report you to your respective medical boards when I was safe (I thought) in Columbus.  I could never be sure that you didn't try to track me with Nesley, but had no proof, so I tolerated her, but never trusted her completely.  I told her I objected to her bringing teenagers into my did Lori!  We were not into contributing to the delinquency of minors....just simply trying to score a little bag of dope!  I knew that I would find out what I needed to know, when I needed to know it.  I still believe that my lease protected me, more than it will favor her (we'll see come April 4th).  Columbus legal system is not as easily manipulated as Licking County.  She has a false sense of security in addition to her grandiosity and greed.  I think the Judge was suspicious of Blankenship, and probably suspicious of all the continuances.  I wouldn't place your bets on Nesley if I were you.  But you can go ahead and give her a false sense of security and maybe even trick her into believing you support her as you did me!  She self deludes as often as she self medicates LOL!  She is probably more gullible than I am because she spends so much time in deception.  Speaking of deceptions...  your deceptions have not ever convinced me that Christianity in this town is anything but a dry well, and the more I am exposed to it, the more I realize you all probably murdered my friend Bob Bueler.  That makes your style of Christianity a very dangerous thing and your church a very dangerous place to go.  No day care there for my loved ones...not on my watch!
  I better not see any of you (fascist, Nazi ass wipes) at my future art shows, you have lost your right to be in my presence.  I saw you all at The Works last art show I had here in Newark (1995?), and I left immediately.  Thank God none of you fundies showed up this month in Westerville (talk about a buzz kill)!  It is pretty sad that I had to leave my own art show because you didn't have the decency to let me have just one day to be proud of my achievements (1995).  You don't control me, and you probably delude yourselves to think you control your kids!
I apologize to my dearest and regular readers for my rants....but these people have caused me great pain throughout most of my adult life, in the name of Christianity, and I resent them for continuing their crusades on my doorstep.  They still burn witches today dear readers.....they just do it on paper!  They risk exposure each and every time they try to trigger me.  My prayers are that my God/Goddess will expose them.  I realize that she will give them every opportunity to change their ways.   Nuff said for now.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recovering The Damages

Sometimes it takes a while for me to replace a piece of equipment that was damaged or stolen.  I have to believe that the God (Goddess) of my expanding understanding wants me to have the tools and supplies to make my creations.  It has taken me 20 years to replace the banding wheel that was borrowed and lost in the mid 80's.  Likewise, it may take me a long time to replace the kiln that Nesley busted almost 2 years ago only 2 days after she didn't get rent!

I am so looking forward to my upcoming court case with her.  Her lease was not breached by me as there are late fees contained in the lease, and two days late would have cost me a few dollars at the most.  This is a picture of her breaching her own lease as well as breaking my ceramic kiln.  Even though retaliatory eviction is difficult in most instances to prove, this photo and the other ones from that day are well on the way to proving my case.  I have a couple more aces to play in court that have not been revealed in this blog, and because she and her attorney tried to suppress my evidence, it isn't entered yet.  I met Nesley Thomas in the Granville cult Willow Moon Circle in 1995.  And while she believes she has the support of the cult that continues today, they can't afford to be exposed.  The double bind technique is not unfamiliar to me as I have read much in 11 years about what offenders do to their victims.  What they haven't planned for is me turning the tables on them.  Now if someone puts in writing that they are going to replace my kiln, I will be happy to drop my counterclaim.  Otherwise, I will begin working on rehearsal for my upcoming trial.  Remember...goddess said "recess is over"! 

I hear she has had two tenants since I left:)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Welcome Quick Snake

Before I begin to write todays blog, I want to welcome Quick Snake my 26th follower.  Welcome Quick Snake.  I am honored to be among the blogs you follow.  I came into the library today with the topic of Temple Grandins ingenious cattle chute design.  Temple is autistic, and I can't help studying her as I believe that autism may be a symptom of a very dangerous world.  That would make autism a gift rather than a disability or a disorder.
Being a ritualistic abuse survivor, I most certainly have encountered animal abuse as well as abuse to children and victims of sexual abuse.  I live in a county where victims of these crimes are powerless to the protection of law.  Part of the problem as I was telling a girlfriend the other day, is that victims and their abusers are often put in the same waiting rooms.  Moundbuilders Guidance Center is such a place.  Moundbuilders Guidance Center is part of Licking Memorial Hospital System.  I wouldn't go there if it was the last place on earth, which is how I ended up in Granville at a seemingly harmless church educational building that resulted in me walking right into the heart of a hate cult.  As Gayle Woodsum points out in her book The Ultimate Challenge, it may be decades before law enforcement prosecutes these hate groups!
In the meantime I ponder, how do they keep getting away with it.  This is where Temple Grandins cattle chute invention comes in.  It is a perfect analogy.  The cattle are kept subdued because of this design.  This is almost exactly what our local hospital has designed by the "props" and self promotion designed to trick the public into believing they are safe...when in fact no one is safe in a place that recycles pedophiles and physicians and shrinks can form groups that actually target the poor.  This morning I woke up knowing that even though the FBI can't seem to verify the existance of this dark cult, Temple Grandin would probably be able to know she was in a trap after spending 10 minutes in that church.  Ironic, funny, and true.
I have had a couple experiences with slaughter houses in my life.  One time in Maine on the way to Pemaquid Point where I spent each and every Sunday for over a year rain or shine.  There was a slaughterhouse on the way to Pemaquid, and I felt as though I could hear the screaming of the cattle in my head each time I passed it.  It was unnerving and sad.  I don't know if it was real or imagined to tell you the truth.  It doesn't matter.  I was in tune to the torture of animals from early childhood as there was ritual abuse in our community.  More on that later.  Because of the content of this blog and the new member being Quick Snake, I followed my instinct to trace that member, and am very anxious to check out a couple of Quick Snakes favorite blogs.  I encourage my readership to do the same as just a few minutes on each one was enlightening to me.  A quick reminder to my readership that some of these blogs from this month are written a few days in advance.  It is just one thing I have to do to protect myself from the old cult members that might also be using this library.  Thank goodness our second library has been renovated and opened again, and if I have a problem with a cult member here, then I can go to the other library.  We are in charge of our own healing, and our own safety.  Don't delude yourself that the same society that would invent a cattle chute to keep the cattle from stampeding wouldn't invent elaborate sophisticated systems to keep consumers unaware of the dangers that may be in their own hospitals, counseling centers and agencies, that proclaim to help, when in fact may be harming.  I grew up in this county.  I couldn't understand why Licking County was jokingly referred to as the "gall bladder capital of the world".  Hysterectomy's such as the one I averted referred to as "the tonsillectomy of the 90's.  I caught their deception in 1998 simple because they were bag actors!  Instead of being happy for me when I went and got a clean bill of health out of the county, they became a vicious circle.  The same helpful friendly therapist, doctor, surgeon.  My story ruins the ambiance necessary to keep the sheeple in the dark and using the medical system, and the legal system that protects it for that matter.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whistleblowers Unite!

I got arrested in 1998 for trying to expose the evil deeds of the members of First Baptist Church.  It is shameful that our local law enforcement has turned a blind eye to their activities.  That being the case, I want it to be a dangerous thing for the pedophiles and the ritualistic abusers to operate as usual there, or anywhere for that matter.  I want them to be very afraid that perhaps someone who knows very well who they are, and what they are up to will walk right into their trap and in Quentin Tarantino style, give them exactly what they deserve.  My fantasy is a piano player that just gets up in the middle of a hymn and sprays the congregation with the amo of his or her choice.  It is a fantasy, and I am allowed to have it!  I have paid dearly for my whistleblowing of First Baptist Church Granville Ohio (changed their name, but not their game).  I have heard heinous fantasy punishments believe you me, far worse than mine. 
What I did do way back then, in spite of my arrest and trial, is that I reported each of them to the respective medical boards who supposedly monitor them.  My therapist to The Ohio Social Workers board.  The physician and surgeon who tried to route me into an unneeded hysterectomy to the Medical Board.  I didn't get everybody though.  The Women Who Have Options group, so far go undetected.  There are plenty of abusers in that church to be exposed, reported, and hopefully put out of business.  My blog hits for this web blog goes up to 500 when I write about Granville and the ritualistic abusers who got away with their offenses, so I know there is interest out there.  Maybe even some of them read this blog!  When some of my readership finds out that some of those so called social workers were also working for the court system, and essentially taking away peoples kids...lets just say...I know Karma, and she is a bitch!  In a perfect world, I would have been congratulated for exposing these shitheads.  11 years later, I am still blowing the whistle in hopes that the sound reaches someone mad enough to do the right thing.  Ironically, Granville First Baptist Church isn't the only church that recycles their pedophiles.  The Catholic Church has been doing it for quite sometime.  They just send the offending priest to another church, and pay off the victim.  Maybe that is what Granville is afraid of, they might just have to pay something to their victims if they are caught!  I get it, whistleblowing is bad for their business.  Well....they should have thought about that before they jerked my chain.  I don't call 911!  There is power in telling our stories.  I won't be surprised to hear that someone picked off a pedophile in Granville.  Not in the least.  If I was younger and stronger, I would hunt them.  Personally, I am grateful to know they are all in one place.  Sort of like putting out a salt block, and waiting in a tree stand for Bambie.  They are all gleefully safely practicing ritual abuse in that church, and offering day care for their pedophiles.  Law enforcement likely knows it, but turns a blind eye.  I have all the files from that time period, so if someone gets in my face about this, I can show them the letters, and the whistleblowing attempts 11 years ago.  Maybe the internet is the answer to going after these people.  I told my friend Rickie that the Granville people were like trees...trying to run.  It is absurd, but oh so true.  May there be no safe harbor for the pedophiles and ritualistic abusers in Granville or anywhere else!  So mote it be. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Granville Recycles Pedophiles

I have been gone from Granville and the labyrinth project for about 11 years.  I have had much time to reflect on exactly what in fact I encountered there at The First Baptist Church.  My girlfriends and I jokingly call the cult "last baptist".  We know what we mean.  Granville made national news in the late 90's for their so called "welcoming and affirming" venue, so it is not surprising that unsuspecting seekers walked right into the trap.  I must say that I believe that First Baptist Church in all actuality recycled (probably still does) pedophiles.  In addition to all the other programs in that church there was a day care center.  I know because I went to that building for counseling.  Now we all know that true councilors are required by law to report abuse.  My counselor did not.  A friend of mine from Willow Moon Circle told me that one of her little boys had been grabbing his brothers penis, and she questioned him and concluded they had learned that behavior at The First Baptist day care center that was the building next to the church, where not only did I do counseling, but was the home of the labyrinth.  My "therapist" did not report that, instead she became enraged and abusive towards me.  Not only was that confusing, but I perceived her reaction to be dangerous.  I had many abusive encounters with members of that church, and I am told there was a split off of people who went and formed a new church that actually has a safe day care center.  I am so relieved to hear that, because I reported that abusive therapist to The Ohio Board Of Social Workers that year.  I reported her for her abuse of me though, and I was told she was censured.  She and I went to trial that year, but somehow her name was completely kept out of the docket.  I have studied ritualistic abuse in that 11 years I have been gone from that church.  The best source of information I have read came from Gayle Woodsums book The Ultimate Challenge which I have blogged about previously.  Gayle and I corresponded, and one of the things she said was that what I encountered in that church sounded very "sophisticated".  Gayle carefully writes about the clear difference between ritual abuse and pedophilia in her book.  The main difference is that pedophiles are offenders, and acting unlawfully.  In our town they have to register with law enforcement, and would never be near a day care center.  So it is not surprising the reaction of my old therapist.  She was protecting the ritual abusers.  My guess is that some or most of them, were previously pedophiles.  I woke up laughing this morning when I realized how nervous they must be in Granville.  They recycle pedophiles at that church.  Pedophiles are free to perform ritualistic abuse, and the justice system turns a blind eye.  Gayle was right, that is complex or sophisticated as she says.  I look forward to writing her again and telling her that I figured this out finally after 11 years, and that cult is alive and well, under a new name.  Hopefully they are not offering day care to the good people of Granville.  Hopefully, the social worker board has censured all the offenders.  The show must go on, as they say.  Gayle also writes that it is probably going to take decades for law enforcement to be able to detect these groups.  That doesn't mean that those of us who do know about them can not do our part to detect, catch, and hopefully never release them.  There is no island prison to send all the pedophiles, there is only Granville.  One of these days the sheeple are going to catch on, and there will probably be hell to pay.  I know I wouldn't mind seeing a few of them punished for their crimes.  Doing what they do in the name of Jesus Christ is not going to go well for them.  I was lucky as I was able to get away from them.  When I went to animal rescue during hurricane Katrina, I encountered a cult.  Noah's Wish was the name of the cult, and because of my Granville experience I knew what Anna and I had walked into.  I stayed in my truck the 10 days I was in Slidelle.  I tried to bring Anna home, and she got arrested and took back to the cult.  Her husband was furious at me.  But later he apologized and told me that I had been right.  If you look up Noah's Wish on Wikipedia, you will find that Terry Crisp (our fearless cult leader) absconded with a little over a million dollars!  They raised money from an unsuspecting public to help out animals that were left behind during Katrina, and the leader helped herself to that money.  I am not surprised, but that time I was not tricked.  We like to take people at their word.  I know I do.  We like to go places that are safe.  Granville was not safe.  I regret that I helped them make a symbol like the labyrinth.  It is the only piece of art that I have ever made that I would destroy given an opportunity.  I made a trap, an elaborate trap.  I regret spending the two years I did in Granville.  I realize that my former landlord Nesley Thomas was one of those recycled pedophiles, rather than tricked into the spirituality circle as I was.  She was part of the trap.  I was in the trap.  She was never my friend, and I should never have rented a house from her.  Her behavior can only be explained as an extension of that hate group that continues to operated even today.  I can't prosecute her for the damage she has done to me.  I look forward to being able to challenge her in front of a judge.  These creatures of the dark do not hold up well to the light of justice.  She has been able to delay this trial for 6 continuances.  I knew in that time period, that some of the old cult members might just show up.  But they are in the shadows, as they can not risk exposure either. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Gentle Reminder About Deception

My Goddess is so good to me!  What lessons do I need to relearn?  On Friday night I attended a concert in Columbus that was awesome!  I am not going to print the names of the two women who performed as I have been aware that The First Baptist Church (changed their name) is operating modus operandi.  Someone from the "church" has contacted my landlord and has tried to make trouble for me.  It didn't work of course as she is far too smart to be manipulated by them.  The lesson Friday night came to me from being tricked into thinking I was holding real daffodils for the snack table.  They were a very good imitation, and I was delighted in the analogy.  I was lured into that church and spent two years there before I saw that it was a imitation of a welcoming and affirming church.  Instead it was a hate group that targeted feminists, gays, mystics.  It is hard to tell the real thing from the unreal thing sometimes.  You have to really look closely.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is There A Cure?

Why do I hate pedophiles?  Because they ruined my childhood?  The adults that were around didn't seem to see what the hell they were up to.  Two years ago I was finally able to confront the pedophile that was a family member when he began spamming me through my email after years of not having to see him, or hear from him.  I told him to stop, as I had when I was a child, and he didn't...not way back then, and not two years ago.  These people can cause a person harm their whole life.  We can not recover from the damage as long as they have access to us.
My Aunt who has lived in California all of my adult life, recently shared a personal story with her encounter with this man.  When I heard what he had done to her, and shared with her what he was doing to me through email, I decided I needed to stop him.  And I did stop him.  He was sending me 50 or more emails a day regarding the Mexicans and the Mexican border.  They were screeds and they were untrue, as well as unwanted.  I simply wrote to him and told him that my Aunt had shared what he had done to her when she was 6 years old (he was 20 at the time), and I had shared with her what he had done, and was doing to me.  I added that if he ever wrote to me again, I was going to contact the Police in his area and report him, and reminded him there is no statute of limitations on pedophilia (thank God!).  I never heard from him again, and my friend googled his name, and found out he is dead now.  Good riddance Uncle.  I have no idea how many children he has abused in his 80 plus years on earth.  Back when he was abusing my aunt, and me, there were no agencies or indexes.  I personally believe that anyone convicted of pedophilia should be banished to an island prison with no access to children, ever again.  I also have witnessed what happens when a pedophile is allowed to plea bargain to a lower charge.  Looks to me like that results in the public not being able to find out who might have this sort of access to their loved ones.  I have already written about these observations in previous blogs, and the person I have written about knows damn well who she is.  If she didn't want me to write about her evil deeds, then she should have left the teenagers at home, and she damn well should have not pulled my chain.  I may not be able to undo the damage that I witnessed after her "plea bargain".  I certainly voiced my objections to her behavior.  The result of her various abuses culminated in her paying the grown up boys that she had "groomed" from childhood, into destroying my kiln June 2nd 2011.  It saddens me, that she operates to this day undetected.  But it makes me ever more vigilant.  Be wary dearest readership.  Her license plate # is WICKED, which is not a number at all, but a perfect description of her personality.  She is proud of being wicked, and your children, and your pets are not safe if she is parked in your neighborhood.  She is not a "registered" sex offender because of her plea bargain, and because she expunged her criminal record.  Don't be one of those adults that are too busy and distracted to see these criminals after your children, or your neighbors children.  Confront them, and we will all be safer.

I should mention also, that ritual abusers are similar to pedophiles.  It is no mistake that Nesley Thomas ended up in the Grandville First Baptist Cult that I did.  She was lured in for a different purpose than I, and I have no idea to this day if they ever knew of her propensity for teenagers.  Like most of the systems I have encountered in my lifetime, victims and abusers are frequently put together, whether in the same waiting room, or in the same church!  It is a sad pathetic truth.  I stopped seeking water at dry well holes way back in 1998 when my oppressors were the very ones who pretended to be my friends, my therapist, my doctor.  The list goes on.  I would never be part of any group that would have me as a member as Mark Twain said.  It is much safer from me when I stay completely away from churches and cults.  Had I not ever gone to this church, I wouldn't have met Nesley Thomas, or my doctor.  I would never have had to trust untrustworthy people.  This is all just in case you were wondering why I stopped being a christian, and victim, and started this blog.  This blog is a record (journal), until I can write my book.  The people who abused me at the First Baptist Church is Granville are unpunished to this day.  They have changed their name, and unfortunately, not their methodology.  I choose not to live in fear of them, but I will not be intimidated by them either.  No one can pay me back the year I spent making their labyrinth, and the pain they caused me.  It grieves me that I was tricked into moving back here.  But that being said, I made the decision, and I have to live here knowing that the cult is alive and well.  Fortunately for me, both pedophiles and ritual abusers have to operate unseen.  Exposing them to the light, is the only way to keep them from hurting their victims, aside from just killing them.  I can't justify that, but if somebody else does, you won't see me grieving to see a pedophile or a ritual abuser buried.  I am happy to be alive after my experience with them, and hopeful that one of these days, all of them, or some of them, or even one or two of them get whats coming to them.  End of rant!!!!!