Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Medicine Cabinet

I got a wonderful new housewarming gift today.  It is a medicine cabinet from my old friend Jeanne.  I have medicine bottles that will look wonderful in this cabinet.  It reminds me of my sister though.  Her kitchen is decorated with peppers.  I am giving her till April 1st to question her son where he pawned my watch and get it back to me, then I am going to be filing my theft reports.  I imagine by this weekend her meth head friends will be running for cover in anticipation of my reporting what I know...that they know I know.  I smile when I think that my sister won't be able to score soon.  No one will want to be anywhere near her.  By now they have figured out that she pretty much told me everything.  I know where most of them live, what they sell, who they sell it to, and how they fund their "project".  Sadly, I graduated with two of the dealers parents.  My sister believes that she has convinced the Coshocton Sheriff that I  am a criminal and a nut job.  She doesn't remember that I have confided in several people since I moved in with her as to what was happening with my sister's son, and the meth heads that had him hostage.  The charges she tried to file against me will probably be turned to felony charges against her when I give the police two phone numbers of folks who knew the situation before I moved in, and my account of what happened, and what she is up to now.  Denny who visited me at my sisters this winter runs Spencer House and will gladly speak to the police in my behalf should they call.  I am not going to reveal who the other party is for now.  I want to give her time to ponder what she has attempted to do and failed.  It is my belief that the cops who came to arrest me that night knew she was lying to them even then.  Their training must have had some martial arts techniques.  I was asked how I pushed my sister and I showed them with my right arm.  Anyone with any knowledge could see I showed them a block.  People don't block when they are pushing someone...unless of course they are blocking a blow or someone coming at them.  So they knew that night that I was defending myself.  My theory is they (the cops) are giving her some rope.  She can either pull herself up out of the hole she has dug herself into into, or she can hang herself.  I am saddened that I won't be able to give her any more gifts for her house...like this medicine chest that reminds me of her.  But maybe she will survive and recover.  Maybe I will be able to trust her again someday.  Run little meth heads, your days are numbered! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Frogs Riddle

There were 3 Frogs sitting on a log and one of them decided to jump off.  How many frogs were left on the log.  If you guess two you would be wrong.  Here is the link for that riddle.  When my sister asked me to move in with her in late October her situation was dire.  Her son, with the help of her X husband had managed to rob the gun safe.  The gun safe contained guns, a pound of marijuana, and a carton of Marlboro Lights.  The dope didn't belong to Raquel but she was holding it for an individual who was suspected and possibly being watched for dealing.  In addition to dealing marijuana, he was dealing Crystal Meth and prescription pain pills.
My nephew (her son) was becoming more aggressive in his attempts to get money from her and I became concerned that he might just do her physical violence.
It is not that I didn't have another apartment lined up in Columbus.  I did.  The problem was that it was located behind a gas station on Weber Road that was known for drug deals and prostitution that would have been less than 20 feet from my door!  I would never have been able to let Syd outside.  I would have constantly been worried that my truck would be broken into, or that I would be robbed by a junky on my way to and from my home.  My sisters problem with her son seemed the lesser of two evils.  She had decided to stand up to him and the Meth Heads where he was living.  She had decided to jump off the log so to speak.  I planned to stay the winter with her and move back to Columbus in the spring.  She and I made financial agreements where I could use my resources to help her through this time.  I installed Hughes Net so that we could both be online, and both she and I went to Coshocton Human Services to update my info with the temporary address change.
She told me more stories about the folks that were housing her son, some of which were appalling as well as pathetic.  The worst was that the dealer had used checks to buy Crystal Meth and the ingredients to make it that folks had written for the tombstone of their son who had committed suicide prior to my moving in.
But my sister didn't really jump off the log as the riddle goes.  I am sure she intended to.  I don't fault her for not being able to break her own addiction.  Many people can't, and after all; they had her son as a sort of hostage.
She had told me that my nephew and the deceased young man had been robbing people.  I even took a call from the Muskingham police who were looking for him in relation to some heirloom jewelry that they believed he had taken, under the pretense of borrowing funeral clothes to attend the deceased funeral from her X boyfriends sister.
I had used all my resources to get to my sisters.  I had borrowed money, put my own belongings in storage, hocked my Les Paul guitar.  I made sacrifices to help her make a stand against these people who didn't seem to be able to understand that their own son just couldn't stand the lifestyle anymore.  The week I moved in she disclosed that they were involved in a counterfeiting operation and had spent the $50 bills at 3 locations in Frazeysburg.
But even after disclosing all this to me she was lured to the graveyard for a "ceremony" honoring the deceased of course with the passing of the Crystal Meth pipe.
If my sister had jumped off the log...it wasn't for very long.  She jumped right back on and has been spending pretty much every Saturday with the Meth Head crowd.
I had told her that if my nephew stole anything from me that I would not hesitate to file a police report!  I also told her I would not protect counterfeiters and thieves and that counterfeit money devalues all our money.  
Yesterday I blogged about my missing vintage watch that I have had since 1963.  I took it with me to my sisters house in October and I wore it to court in Columbus for my small claims cases.  I carefully hid it and requested that my sister inform me ahead of time when my nephew was coming to the house.  She did not do that of course as she had already jumped off the log.  Instead of standing tall and having nothing to do with these people, she started entertaining them till the wee hours of the morning.  It wasn't long before I her sister who had sacrificed everything to be there with her...was now the enemy.  It is not surprising that she put guns and paraphernalia in my truck and called 911 faking a domestic violence incident.  I left the very next day and have been busy moving my possessions in storage to my new home.  I have a feeling that this isn't over by a long shot and of course as I have written before "I don't let people shit on me, and then just walk away"...even if it is family.  I am busy this week filing police reports in regard to my missing possessions, changing power of attorney etc.  I won't be answering emails as I need to stay focused.  My sister Angelique died at 18 in a car accident under the influence.  Be damned if I am going to lose two more members of my family to selfish cheats and thieves.  My silence is not going to help my sister and nephew.  Yes, she will do anything to protect both her addition and her sources.  But I won't.  I don't want to attend my sister or nephew's funeral and have told them both as much.  If you are reading this frogs on the log...there is still time to jump off.  There is no future in Crystal Meth!  There are 3 jurisdictions for the 4 dealers that I know about that my sister disclosed to me.  I will be contacting each of the police departments this week and filing the necessary police reports.  I imagine that when word gets out about this blog and my intentions that these same people will distance themselves from both my sister and nephew.  They will do that in order to protect their own addiction and their own activities...and that will be a good thing!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Won First Court Case This Week

Thank you dear readers for your patience in my absense.  I am happy to report that I won my first court case (small claims) in regard to the unpaid phone bill from August 2010.  It has taken some time (and effort on my part) and now I can concentrate on the second small claims case and the more recent theft of my property from my sisters residence.  I warned my sister that I would not protect my nephew from the law and his consequences if he were to steal anything from me.  I also asked her to give me a heads up when he was coming to the house as he had previously robbed her safe (her own account) and her boyfriends sisters property as well.  When the Sheriff called looking for my nephew I told him that I had every reason to believe that he had in fact robbed Jamie (Cunningham?) of her heirlooms after giving him access to her home security system to loan him funeral clothes.  My sister even after disclosing the theft of her gun safe continues to defend and cover up his behavior to this day.  I don't think Taran and Raquel's buzz is more important than heirlooms that Jamie or Concha have taken care of their whole life, so I am going to file charges against my nephew for the theft of my Bradley Commemorative Mickey Mouse Watch.  My sister was able to cover up my nephews traffic violations through a man who repairs the copier at work (ITM Marketing) who was to replace one of the Frazeysburg municipal court and police that resigned in November for corruption.  Way to go Frazeysburg!  Out with the old corrupt and make way for the new corrupt!  I think it is telling that a cop that hadn't even started work yet told her he would make this go away before he even put in one hour on the job!  Perhaps I will need to bypass the whole Frazeysburg municipality in order to recover my stolen property.  But rest assured dear reader that I won't even let my own family shit on me and then just walk away from it.  There will be a consequences I recon...no matter who is in who's pocket!  I hope to be able to report more positive news in the near future as I banish the drug dealers and Meth Heads from my surroundings.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Beginning The Metal Quilt Project

I picked up the piece of plexiglass this morning for my metal quilt project that manifested August of last year.  I have always confided to family and friends that I would much rather be making art than having to take people to court and all the awful things that my enemies force me to do instead of making art.  Hopefully everybody that yanked my chain last year and this spring are licking some of their own wounds by now and realize that I won't be shit upon and just walk away.  Yesterday I made a feather and today I will draw out the grid for this project.  For those of you who have been collecting metal for this project, I am ready to start cutting it up and pieceing it together.  The one in this photo is a real quilt and retrieved from google images.  I will post some pictures of the one I am making as soon as I have something blog worthy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Neighborhood Watch

I am so happy to be out of Frazeysburg and away from the Meth Heads.  My sister was not able to stand up to them and has chosen to go back on the agreements we made in October.  What happens next is probably not going to be pretty.  My silence up to this point has cost me personal property and a near arrest.  I am busy this week compiling police reports for the three counties involed in hopes that both my sister and her son will be spared their lives.  There is no future in Crystal Meth....with the exception of Graveyards, Jails, and Institutions.  Stay tuned dear reader...this isn't over by a long shot.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Best Scratching Post

Syd loves our new home and particularly his scratching post which doubles as an anvil base.  It has taken some doing to get all of me moved from all of the places I was scattered about, but as of last Saturday when I moved my great grandmothers cauldron into my new kitchen...we are all moved in.  This afternoon I think I am going to sit outside and let him explore his new outside while I begin writing some letters that I have promised to write.  More on that in time.  It is gorgeous outside and the first day of Spring.  I saw when I began writing this blog this morning that I have a 21st follower.  I will get to the welcome blog on that next time as my library computer time is running out today.  Enjoy the day dear readers.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Drummer Boys Of The Past

Here in front of Buckingham House in Newark Ohio is a statue of Johnny Clem one of the many famous drummer boys from the Civil War.  I suspect that my drummer boy ancestor Robert Henry Hendershot has a statue dedicated to him near Jackson Michigan, but confess that I don't know for sure.  I grew up near Newark and have always been familiar with stories about Johnny Clem.  Some of my friends and acquaintances have tales of houses that they worked in for short periods of time, from the same time period that were haunted by Johnny!  I found a book in the library called Too Young To Die that has several accounts of Robert Henry Hendershot my ancestor and I can safely say he was a character for sure.  You can check out my references to him on the pages of my fathers ancestors at the top of this blog.  After reading more about Robert Henry and his insolence towards authority, I realize that I come by my own quite naturally!  Two summers ago I was asked to dress up like a Native American for a drum quartet.  I was to play a part in a multicultural drum group and was asked about my ancestry prior to being selected.  The drum leader was disappointed that I couldn't prove that I was actually genetically Native American but because I look Native American, and my drum is a Native American frame drum, and because she couldn't find a genuine Native American, I was hired to deceive the audience..  It could very well be that Robert Henry Hendershot's mother was Native American, but I have not found conclusive evidence.  Still though the whole experience of deceiving the audience that night has left a bad taste in my mouth for this drum leader and her underhanded attempts of achieving multicultural drummers.  I come by my drumming pretty naturally and have legitimate ancestry to prove it.  I will be drumming this weekend in Columbus at The Spiritualist Temple.  I will try to post some information on that concert tomorrow in case some of you would like to hear us perform.  Today, I am unloading the last load of my move and making feathers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Part of my rental agreement at my Sisters house in Frazzeysburg was the installation of a satalite system for internet as she had no internet.  It is pretty much a dead zone out there and HughesNet the only game in town.  This service was to move with me to my new residence.  I tried cancelling the service before March 1st but they were going to charge me $300 to do that.  They claimed it would be free to move it and that my 24 month contract with them would be reduced to 12 months.  So moving it was the better choice.  Now they are claiming they need money ($169) to move it, so the whole process has been delayed.  I know this...I am not paying for a service that I don't have, and that I would never have agreed to the $169 to move it.  I will take the hit on my credit report for the next 7 years rather than be manipulated.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Next Painting

I have moved so many times in this lifetime that I am shocked that I don't have a home sweet home picture of any kind in my belongings.  I don't embrodry, so one like this would be out of my reach.  But I can see a painting in my future that conveys the spirit of this.  I tried to google an image of a cauldron over a fire with a sign in the background that read Home Sweet Home...but google images doesn't have that in their data base of images, so I guess I will just have to make my own!  Many of the things that I make are because it doesn't exist, became extinct, or no one else wants one.  Maybe if I make one of these signs I can stay put for awhile...long enough to get something done!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost Done

I am almost completely moved.  One more truck load.  Syd is glad to have all his stuff back and busy remarking all the boxes from storage.  I think he was experiencing anxiety having to live in spaces that didn't have our stuff in them.  He is a different kitty in the last few days.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Her (SHE) New Spot

I am hanging my art up as I move in which breaks up the monotony a little.  I found a perfect spot for SHE.  I may put my great grandmothers cauldron right below her.  I am half moved in.  I take a lot of breaks in between truck loads.  There has not been much time to get online.  I hope to have my satalite system moved from my sisters in the next couple weeks.  Then I will be back to blogging every day as life happens.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Syd's New Kitchen

I got started on 3 new feathers yesterday and am enjoying my new workshop and home.  Syd is having great fun exploring all his new space.  We still have not been to the basement yet.  I may put my wood shop down there.  Monday, I plan on finishing up the feathers and planting some house plants for my windows.  It is great to live in a place that has so much light, new appliances, freshly painted walls, and enough space to move around in.  This apartment has twice the space as Paul Drive house and is the same amount of rent.  The goddess has blessed me and saved my tools from rusting away in that damp environment on Paul Drive.  I am told my new basement is dry and I will certainly check it out after a rain storm before moving my saws and belt grinder down there.  It will be great fun alowing Syd to find the basement as he thinks he has seen every corner, cubbord, and surface.  I have a big yard with a garden that I am looking forward to exploring as soon as I get totally moved in and the weather gets nice.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Metal Shop

I set my workshop up yesterday and am busy making feathers today for the Flint Ridge giftshop!  While living in Frazeysburg I made some important contacts that are paying off now.  I have always thought my feathers would sell at Flint Ridge as it was and is an ancient gathering place.  I am told that people from all over the world sign the guest book there.  I am also anxious to start my metal quilt project and an initial key for my friend Brenda.  First things first as they say.  I will do what I have materials for and then buy what I need for the next projects. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Apartment

Here is a photograph of my new home.  It was built around 1910, was once a bakery and more recently a beauty shop.  There is a great possiblility that I will be able to use the old beauty shop to offer weekend metal workshops as my new landlord is a saint and supportive of the arts.  After so much ill will being directed towards me this is my reward for perseverance and tolerance!