Fathers Charts ♂

My Grandma Joy Patton Hendershot did extensive work on this chart.  She remarried after my Grandfather John Lucas Hendershot died.  She married Ivan C. Dove and they traveled all over the country verifying and composing these charts.  They did not have the benefit of the internet as I do today.  She asked me to continue her task before she died and I lovingly leave this gift she left for you her decedents.  Keep checking back here as I will be trying to find a means to transcribe these documents into an electronic format.  As soon as I am successful I will post it here.  The family crests are my touch and addition to this work.

                                          This book was engraved (Misspelled Patton) with my Great Great Great Grandfathers name Archibald Patton passed on to Great Great Grandfather John Byron Patton who signed it in the back, and then passed on to Great Grandfather Gary Patton who must have given it to my Grandmother Margaret Joy Patton who married John Lucas Hendershot (My Grandfather also).