Monday, April 1, 2013

Left Of Center?

I was spending some time on my case at the library this weekend.  I ran searches on both my cases,  thinking I could save a trip to Columbus if something new was posted.  I am hoping to do such a fantastic job in court on both April 3rd, and 4th that I won't have to return for awhile.  It seems Nesley went left of center February 21st (she's a "north end driver") LOL.  That would be Case No. 2011 TR D 112505  From that case file I got her license plate number which is WYCKED and not WICKED as I had thought.  I would guess she is still driving a black PT cruiser, so if you see her in your neighborhood, find your kids, make sure she hasn't corrupted them, call the law, she probably is selling some sort of crap that you don't want in your neighborhood.  Nesley has some whopping Karma coming her way.  I looked up some information on her attorney...Richard Parry, he is a criminal defense attorney.  I would guess that is a really good match for her.  If he sticks with her, he could make a lot of money!  If you are not doing anything on the 4th, come to the courthouse.  I promise it will be a great show!  Happy April Fools Day!

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