Monday, March 11, 2013

Granville Recycles Pedophiles

I have been gone from Granville and the labyrinth project for about 11 years.  I have had much time to reflect on exactly what in fact I encountered there at The First Baptist Church.  My girlfriends and I jokingly call the cult "last baptist".  We know what we mean.  Granville made national news in the late 90's for their so called "welcoming and affirming" venue, so it is not surprising that unsuspecting seekers walked right into the trap.  I must say that I believe that First Baptist Church in all actuality recycled (probably still does) pedophiles.  In addition to all the other programs in that church there was a day care center.  I know because I went to that building for counseling.  Now we all know that true councilors are required by law to report abuse.  My counselor did not.  A friend of mine from Willow Moon Circle told me that one of her little boys had been grabbing his brothers penis, and she questioned him and concluded they had learned that behavior at The First Baptist day care center that was the building next to the church, where not only did I do counseling, but was the home of the labyrinth.  My "therapist" did not report that, instead she became enraged and abusive towards me.  Not only was that confusing, but I perceived her reaction to be dangerous.  I had many abusive encounters with members of that church, and I am told there was a split off of people who went and formed a new church that actually has a safe day care center.  I am so relieved to hear that, because I reported that abusive therapist to The Ohio Board Of Social Workers that year.  I reported her for her abuse of me though, and I was told she was censured.  She and I went to trial that year, but somehow her name was completely kept out of the docket.  I have studied ritualistic abuse in that 11 years I have been gone from that church.  The best source of information I have read came from Gayle Woodsums book The Ultimate Challenge which I have blogged about previously.  Gayle and I corresponded, and one of the things she said was that what I encountered in that church sounded very "sophisticated".  Gayle carefully writes about the clear difference between ritual abuse and pedophilia in her book.  The main difference is that pedophiles are offenders, and acting unlawfully.  In our town they have to register with law enforcement, and would never be near a day care center.  So it is not surprising the reaction of my old therapist.  She was protecting the ritual abusers.  My guess is that some or most of them, were previously pedophiles.  I woke up laughing this morning when I realized how nervous they must be in Granville.  They recycle pedophiles at that church.  Pedophiles are free to perform ritualistic abuse, and the justice system turns a blind eye.  Gayle was right, that is complex or sophisticated as she says.  I look forward to writing her again and telling her that I figured this out finally after 11 years, and that cult is alive and well, under a new name.  Hopefully they are not offering day care to the good people of Granville.  Hopefully, the social worker board has censured all the offenders.  The show must go on, as they say.  Gayle also writes that it is probably going to take decades for law enforcement to be able to detect these groups.  That doesn't mean that those of us who do know about them can not do our part to detect, catch, and hopefully never release them.  There is no island prison to send all the pedophiles, there is only Granville.  One of these days the sheeple are going to catch on, and there will probably be hell to pay.  I know I wouldn't mind seeing a few of them punished for their crimes.  Doing what they do in the name of Jesus Christ is not going to go well for them.  I was lucky as I was able to get away from them.  When I went to animal rescue during hurricane Katrina, I encountered a cult.  Noah's Wish was the name of the cult, and because of my Granville experience I knew what Anna and I had walked into.  I stayed in my truck the 10 days I was in Slidelle.  I tried to bring Anna home, and she got arrested and took back to the cult.  Her husband was furious at me.  But later he apologized and told me that I had been right.  If you look up Noah's Wish on Wikipedia, you will find that Terry Crisp (our fearless cult leader) absconded with a little over a million dollars!  They raised money from an unsuspecting public to help out animals that were left behind during Katrina, and the leader helped herself to that money.  I am not surprised, but that time I was not tricked.  We like to take people at their word.  I know I do.  We like to go places that are safe.  Granville was not safe.  I regret that I helped them make a symbol like the labyrinth.  It is the only piece of art that I have ever made that I would destroy given an opportunity.  I made a trap, an elaborate trap.  I regret spending the two years I did in Granville.  I realize that my former landlord Nesley Thomas was one of those recycled pedophiles, rather than tricked into the spirituality circle as I was.  She was part of the trap.  I was in the trap.  She was never my friend, and I should never have rented a house from her.  Her behavior can only be explained as an extension of that hate group that continues to operated even today.  I can't prosecute her for the damage she has done to me.  I look forward to being able to challenge her in front of a judge.  These creatures of the dark do not hold up well to the light of justice.  She has been able to delay this trial for 6 continuances.  I knew in that time period, that some of the old cult members might just show up.  But they are in the shadows, as they can not risk exposure either. 

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