Friday, March 1, 2013

For Sale Tomorrow

There will be one or two of these recycle signs for sale tomorrow at my art show, as well as some of my penny's, dimes, and feathers.  These recycle signs are made from the scrap metal left over from the metal quilt that will be featured in the show.  I realize that I just may be able to recycle my way out of debt if I can sell enough of these.  At this time, I have about 14 confirmations of folks that will be attending A Day Of Arts For All.  The show features 75 Ohio artists, and will travel to various places in Ohio for a year.  The librarians that have been so helpful in getting materials for my legal battle, grant writing assistance have contacted the VSA and it looks like this library will be hosting the show possibly in May.  The local paper didn't give me any press, so it is very nice that the Newark Public Library will pick up the ball that the media has dropped.  Perhaps some of my Ohio readership would want the show in your town.  I can see traveling Ohio to all the shows and taking pictures of The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim in each of the locations...sort of like the gnome that travels the world.  It is funny that I remember the gnome commercials but can not remember what the product is???  Maybe Best Western Motels?  I confess that sometimes I get so caught up in the advertising gimmick itself, and the art, that I lose sight of the product.  If you come to the show tomorrow from 11-2, I will be there with at least one of these recycle signs, and am excited to share my vision of at least 3 future recycle art projects I am beginning to work on.  The show is at the Community Center in Westerville 350 N. Cleaveland Ave Westerville Ohio.  I will try to post a link with driving directions if I don't time out of this computer today.  I hope to see you there.  I could not have completed this project without each and every one of you!

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