Monday, March 25, 2013

Harpo Foundation Grant

I applied for a direct grant from Harpo Foundation this weekend.  Maybe I can get a grant and get out of here.  I certainly will miss my real good friends, but I will not miss the cult people.  I realize since they have been gathering intel on abortion doctors (Women Who Have Options), gathering names and addresses in The Feminist Sunday School Class First Baptist, gathering information on gay people in the LGBT welcoming and affirming program, and of course the Dianic
 witch craft circle Willow Moon Circle...They are murderers.  Vast Right Wing Conspiracy people.  I do not wish to hang out here, anywhere near them.  As long as I have to remain here though, I am going to tell everyone I can think of, and warn them.  I hope I can at least warn some people soon enough that they don't get on their "list", and I hope to get the very same law enforcement agencies to take another look 11 years later.  Domestic terrorism should be a top priority in America, and while Granville would seem like a place that is above suspicion...well....lets just say its not!   Money, power, and fanaticism...thats really all it takes.  My old telephone harassment conviction should be just about worn to a frazzle.  Maybe the same FBI contact, will take another look at my link analysis backwards and forwards in time.  Syd and I are not worried about the bomb threat text message.  It reminds me of the time I met Donna Magavero who is a fantastic singer in Columbus.  When I told Donna that the Klan was after me, she told me that if the Klan was after me, then I must be doing something right!  Rewind To Zero Donna.  I will keep those thoughts in my heart and my mind as I try to make my way back to Columbus where I have a chance to grow, and a chance to share my knowledge and talents.  Pray for me dear readers.  I need to get out of here, and never come back.  If I am somehow lucky enough to get a grant like this one, then I will immediately get a moving van, and pack up Syd and I up, and get out of here.

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