Saturday, March 2, 2013

Words On The Moon

I am posting this blog on Friday in anticipation that I won't be able to blog on Saturday.  I will be at my art show in Westerville shmoozing with all the other artists in the show, and 15 of my confirmed friends who will be coming.  One of my friends who will be in attendance is Doug Gray, Columbus author and poet.  I asked Doug if he would autograph my copy of Words On The Moon which is a book of poetry he wrote a while back.  I am sure if you are coming to the show, and if you have your own copy of his book, he would graciously sign it for you as well.  I forgot to ask him to bring extras...I may be able to get a hold of him and ask him to do that.  I am so blessed to have the greatest and most talented friends in the universe...Doug and Linda Gray right at the top of my list.  I hope to see you at the show everyone.  Here is the link to the google map quest that will get there.  Now my 95 year old Grandmother will probably not be in attendance on Saturday, but she did get to see the quilt before I submitted it.  Quilting has been a major activity on both sides of my ancestry, and I wanted her to know, that even though this one is in metal, that it would look great in a bedroom next to a bed that had a bow tie quilt spread.  But who knows, maybe by some act of divine providence, someone will bring her to the show.  I will be asking some of you to take pictures of the event so that I can show her later. 

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