Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is There A Cure?

Why do I hate pedophiles?  Because they ruined my childhood?  The adults that were around didn't seem to see what the hell they were up to.  Two years ago I was finally able to confront the pedophile that was a family member when he began spamming me through my email after years of not having to see him, or hear from him.  I told him to stop, as I had when I was a child, and he didn't...not way back then, and not two years ago.  These people can cause a person harm their whole life.  We can not recover from the damage as long as they have access to us.
My Aunt who has lived in California all of my adult life, recently shared a personal story with her encounter with this man.  When I heard what he had done to her, and shared with her what he was doing to me through email, I decided I needed to stop him.  And I did stop him.  He was sending me 50 or more emails a day regarding the Mexicans and the Mexican border.  They were screeds and they were untrue, as well as unwanted.  I simply wrote to him and told him that my Aunt had shared what he had done to her when she was 6 years old (he was 20 at the time), and I had shared with her what he had done, and was doing to me.  I added that if he ever wrote to me again, I was going to contact the Police in his area and report him, and reminded him there is no statute of limitations on pedophilia (thank God!).  I never heard from him again, and my friend googled his name, and found out he is dead now.  Good riddance Uncle.  I have no idea how many children he has abused in his 80 plus years on earth.  Back when he was abusing my aunt, and me, there were no agencies or indexes.  I personally believe that anyone convicted of pedophilia should be banished to an island prison with no access to children, ever again.  I also have witnessed what happens when a pedophile is allowed to plea bargain to a lower charge.  Looks to me like that results in the public not being able to find out who might have this sort of access to their loved ones.  I have already written about these observations in previous blogs, and the person I have written about knows damn well who she is.  If she didn't want me to write about her evil deeds, then she should have left the teenagers at home, and she damn well should have not pulled my chain.  I may not be able to undo the damage that I witnessed after her "plea bargain".  I certainly voiced my objections to her behavior.  The result of her various abuses culminated in her paying the grown up boys that she had "groomed" from childhood, into destroying my kiln June 2nd 2011.  It saddens me, that she operates to this day undetected.  But it makes me ever more vigilant.  Be wary dearest readership.  Her license plate # is WICKED, which is not a number at all, but a perfect description of her personality.  She is proud of being wicked, and your children, and your pets are not safe if she is parked in your neighborhood.  She is not a "registered" sex offender because of her plea bargain, and because she expunged her criminal record.  Don't be one of those adults that are too busy and distracted to see these criminals after your children, or your neighbors children.  Confront them, and we will all be safer.

I should mention also, that ritual abusers are similar to pedophiles.  It is no mistake that Nesley Thomas ended up in the Grandville First Baptist Cult that I did.  She was lured in for a different purpose than I, and I have no idea to this day if they ever knew of her propensity for teenagers.  Like most of the systems I have encountered in my lifetime, victims and abusers are frequently put together, whether in the same waiting room, or in the same church!  It is a sad pathetic truth.  I stopped seeking water at dry well holes way back in 1998 when my oppressors were the very ones who pretended to be my friends, my therapist, my doctor.  The list goes on.  I would never be part of any group that would have me as a member as Mark Twain said.  It is much safer from me when I stay completely away from churches and cults.  Had I not ever gone to this church, I wouldn't have met Nesley Thomas, or my doctor.  I would never have had to trust untrustworthy people.  This is all just in case you were wondering why I stopped being a christian, and victim, and started this blog.  This blog is a record (journal), until I can write my book.  The people who abused me at the First Baptist Church is Granville are unpunished to this day.  They have changed their name, and unfortunately, not their methodology.  I choose not to live in fear of them, but I will not be intimidated by them either.  No one can pay me back the year I spent making their labyrinth, and the pain they caused me.  It grieves me that I was tricked into moving back here.  But that being said, I made the decision, and I have to live here knowing that the cult is alive and well.  Fortunately for me, both pedophiles and ritual abusers have to operate unseen.  Exposing them to the light, is the only way to keep them from hurting their victims, aside from just killing them.  I can't justify that, but if somebody else does, you won't see me grieving to see a pedophile or a ritual abuser buried.  I am happy to be alive after my experience with them, and hopeful that one of these days, all of them, or some of them, or even one or two of them get whats coming to them.  End of rant!!!!!  

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