Thursday, August 16, 2018

RIP Jenny Moore

If you don't think this is not going on in our town, you are naive!  They (Pedophiles) are in power in our town, and in our churches, in our courts, and even in our police force.  FOR NOW!  It has been going on for decades!  Time to bring these criminals to justice.
Jenny Moore was my friend.  She was a friend to all Ritual Abuse Survivors.  I believe she was murdered.  Coincidence...she was investigating Bill Clinton raping an underage boy?  These people need to be brought to justice.  Pedophilia will never be popular in Licking County!  I shudder to think what the real men I know would do...if the courts don't put a stop to it.  Let us drain the swamp of predators first. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Whisper a Prayer in the Morning

 I learned this song from Mac Mcleish while playing trombone in the Licking County 4-H Band.  It has served me well, when I can't think what to pray about.  I hope they still sing this hymn as it is first aid to folks like me, who don't know how to pray.  I can sing though, and rock back and forth when I am afraid.