Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Welcome Quick Snake

Before I begin to write todays blog, I want to welcome Quick Snake my 26th follower.  Welcome Quick Snake.  I am honored to be among the blogs you follow.  I came into the library today with the topic of Temple Grandins ingenious cattle chute design.  Temple is autistic, and I can't help studying her as I believe that autism may be a symptom of a very dangerous world.  That would make autism a gift rather than a disability or a disorder.
Being a ritualistic abuse survivor, I most certainly have encountered animal abuse as well as abuse to children and victims of sexual abuse.  I live in a county where victims of these crimes are powerless to the protection of law.  Part of the problem as I was telling a girlfriend the other day, is that victims and their abusers are often put in the same waiting rooms.  Moundbuilders Guidance Center is such a place.  Moundbuilders Guidance Center is part of Licking Memorial Hospital System.  I wouldn't go there if it was the last place on earth, which is how I ended up in Granville at a seemingly harmless church educational building that resulted in me walking right into the heart of a hate cult.  As Gayle Woodsum points out in her book The Ultimate Challenge, it may be decades before law enforcement prosecutes these hate groups!
In the meantime I ponder, how do they keep getting away with it.  This is where Temple Grandins cattle chute invention comes in.  It is a perfect analogy.  The cattle are kept subdued because of this design.  This is almost exactly what our local hospital has designed by the "props" and self promotion designed to trick the public into believing they are safe...when in fact no one is safe in a place that recycles pedophiles and physicians and shrinks can form groups that actually target the poor.  This morning I woke up knowing that even though the FBI can't seem to verify the existance of this dark cult, Temple Grandin would probably be able to know she was in a trap after spending 10 minutes in that church.  Ironic, funny, and true.
I have had a couple experiences with slaughter houses in my life.  One time in Maine on the way to Pemaquid Point where I spent each and every Sunday for over a year rain or shine.  There was a slaughterhouse on the way to Pemaquid, and I felt as though I could hear the screaming of the cattle in my head each time I passed it.  It was unnerving and sad.  I don't know if it was real or imagined to tell you the truth.  It doesn't matter.  I was in tune to the torture of animals from early childhood as there was ritual abuse in our community.  More on that later.  Because of the content of this blog and the new member being Quick Snake, I followed my instinct to trace that member, and am very anxious to check out a couple of Quick Snakes favorite blogs.  I encourage my readership to do the same as just a few minutes on each one was enlightening to me.  A quick reminder to my readership that some of these blogs from this month are written a few days in advance.  It is just one thing I have to do to protect myself from the old cult members that might also be using this library.  Thank goodness our second library has been renovated and opened again, and if I have a problem with a cult member here, then I can go to the other library.  We are in charge of our own healing, and our own safety.  Don't delude yourself that the same society that would invent a cattle chute to keep the cattle from stampeding wouldn't invent elaborate sophisticated systems to keep consumers unaware of the dangers that may be in their own hospitals, counseling centers and agencies, that proclaim to help, when in fact may be harming.  I grew up in this county.  I couldn't understand why Licking County was jokingly referred to as the "gall bladder capital of the world".  Hysterectomy's such as the one I averted referred to as "the tonsillectomy of the 90's.  I caught their deception in 1998 simple because they were bag actors!  Instead of being happy for me when I went and got a clean bill of health out of the county, they became a vicious circle.  The same helpful friendly therapist, doctor, surgeon.  My story ruins the ambiance necessary to keep the sheeple in the dark and using the medical system, and the legal system that protects it for that matter.  

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