Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Syds New Buddy

One of my friends who came to the show brought me this hide, as she knows I recycle, and will use it in a future art project!  She also made a joke that it is good that the awards at the show were not trophy's as she knew I would just cut a trophy up and make it into something else by the time I got back to Newark!  That is pretty funny, but oh so true.  
Syd had lots to say to me about leaving him alone so long on Saturday.  He was not impressed with my 3rd place ribbon or my check for 3rd prize from the art council.  But when I took the hide out of the bag and spread it on the back of the chair, he took up residence and is still there as we speak!  He loves the hide.  He kneads the hide.  I think it is because it has an animal smell, that he approves of.  So it may be awhile till I can get to this project, but until then Syd the cat is happy with his new buddy.

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