Saturday, March 30, 2013

RIP Jackie

There is a memorial service for Jackie Underwood today (Saturday).  I won't be going.  She was 61 years old.  Jackie was my MD who sent me to a surgeon, who tried to rope me into an unneeded hysterectomy (along with my "therapist" in Granville 1998).  He has since moved on to another city.  I still have yet to obtain the medical records that actually say that I needed a hysterectomy back then.  Instead of coming clean, they had me arrested for telephone harassment which effectively silenced me and allowed them to continue leading people to unneeded surgeries.  Hooray for Capitalism.  No one is safe, as long as medical practitioners participate in this sort of thing!  I did not report Jackie to The American Medical Association, because I just could not believe she would be part of that whole ring of dark doctors.  She was in my circles and at the time, the only MD in town that I trusted.  My "therapist" arranged for my exam.  RIP Jackie.  I will probably outlive all of them, and eventually will find a lawyer that will get those medical records.  In the meantime, I am telling everyone I know about what happened to me, and how our hospital is not safe as long as the system protects the bad apples.  Jackie was in First Baptist Sunday School class, and attended a couple Willow Moon Circle gatherings.  I will never know how deeply she was involved.  I had always hoped that someday she might contact me and tell me the truth.  I spent Thanksgiving that year with her family.  It was wonderful, and I will miss her.  I sincerely doubt she had any thing to do with Women Who Have Options....but hey, what do I know.....they all pretended to be my friends, until I caught them in their deceptions!

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