Monday, March 18, 2013


One of the hate groups that were operating out of First Baptist Church in Granville Ohio in 1998 when I took flight from the county was a group called Women Who Have Options.  I knew these women personally through both Willow Moon Circle, and The Feminist Sunday School class, which were also hate groups disguised cleverly to lure in unsuspecting feminists and witches. WHO was, and is, masquerading as a pro choice organization that would pay for and transport women in need to either an abortion clinic or a hospital where an abortion would be scheduled.  They gathered, and are gathering intel for a much larger group that murdered and are continuing to murder abortionists.  I knew these women personally, and they not only tried to route me into an unneeded hysterectomy (through their channels), but when I caught them in their lie, they drug me through the local court system in order to silence me, discredit me, and continue their operation.
In the words of my friend Hapi "I ain't lying, I couldn't make this shit up"!
I go to court on April 4th against a woman who was in Willow Moon Circle, and also knows the WHO women.  The problem is, Nesley Thomas is so fucking greedy and grandiose that she thinks her small claim case is more important than coming forth with verification that the Women Who Have Options are in fact accessories to murder!  More horrific to me is that my X would team up with her for her self interests as well, and try to throw me back to the wolves.  Is Lori so low that she would sell me out for a $158 phone bill?  Nesley was lured into the same trap I was, and Lori whether she knows it or not is on the other list.  Both of them are targets by association to me.
Lori was present at the burning of the records.  I burnt the records I had about these people.  I wanted to put it all behind me and move on.  There were 3 women present at the burning of my files.  They know who they are, and I am not going to tell you who they are, as it could very well be dangerous to them.
I bought a zerox machine and made multiple copies of everything I was trying to expose back in 1998.  I lost count of the number of copies, and even where all I put them, or sent them.  The day the 4 of us started burning my files was supposed to be a day that I washed my hands of all this.  The people who needed to know they were targets already had copies.  It is not like this isn't out there, and not like I didn't do everything in my power to inform everyone who would listen and read.  And yes the FBI has copies in case you are wondering if I got the word out larger than my county.
I will remind you dearest readership that after 911 we found out that both the FBI and CIA had intel on the terrorists that cleverly attacked this country.  They had the information and they ignored it!  It is not surprising that they didn't take my information seriously...after all I was arrested, tried, and convicted of telephone harassment.  I was guilty of telephone harassment!  I was trying to make them (WHO) give me my medical records!  I wanted to see in writing the evidence that I had cervical cancer and therefore needed a hysterectomy!  To this day I haven't been able to get those records, even after hiring an attorney to get them (Steven Ames who is Dee Ames brother wrote and demanded those records in my behalf)!!!  You remember Dee.  She is the one who is instigating her own personal hate attack on me in behalf of Lori, and has linked the two cases together because she is a blow gut and doesn't understand she is being used!  What the hell would you do if you knew about WHO!!!  What would you do if they tried to do that to you?  I called all of them...each and every one of them.  I still have their telephone numbers as they were in my circle group, and my Sunday school class.  They betrayed me, and they broke my confidentiality!  Telephone harassment pales in comparison to their crimes.  I have the tapes from those telephone conversations.  If anyone doesn't believe me that I was trying to get to the bottom of their deceit, I can let you listen to the tapes...and decide for yourself.
I have encountered indifference, intolerance, and disbelief from the very feminists, witches, gay people that I have tried to desperately to warn.  I guess it just isn't real unless it is happening to you!!!!!Right?
The religious right is very organized.  The religious right is very powerful.  The religious right would deceive, infiltrate, and murder for what they perceive to be the greater cause.
Would they help Nesley try to circumvent justice in a small claims case in Columbus?  Only to a point.  They are not going to do anything that would jeopardize their own operation...the greater cause.  And yes dear readership they would eat their young.

post script:  The owl symbolizes death 

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