Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Would Jesus Do?

I can't make this shit up!  It really is happening in my county.  But, you see, the reason that it is happening in my county is that they are trying to defend their families, while our government is ignoring the Koran.  I urge you to read the 9th chapter of the Koran, and then you will know.  They are coming here to kill us.  They are already here ready to do as such....and some of us, are arming ourselves.  Get on board! notice, they don't go into non gun free zones.  They go into places where there are no guns shooting back.  Now, I am not going to go into why they are doing that.  If you came into my country and tried to rehabilitate me using military, then I just might be willing to blow myself up.  Simple as that.  This is Karma.  Thank our politicians for this.  Be that as it may....they did it, and now....they kicked over a hornets nest....and now, we have to deal with the hornets nest.  Not all that hard to figure out.  Wake up.  They are coming for us...we deserve it, as we caused their countries to be without water, power....we killed their kids, their cousins....and they took exception.  Wrong decision on our governments side....just sayin.  If you did that sort of thing to my kin, I would come for you with everything I had....I would even blow myself up. 

Now....people that didn't have a decision in that, peaceful people, know they don't have any skin in that game.  But, they are gonna defend their I am.  Luke 22:36 for those of you who don't understand that Jesus did not come here for peace.  He said as much.  He said he came with a sword to divide families.  That certainly is the my case.  It was not a message of don't be surprised if you don't see more of this conceal and carry message turning up.  Jesus was a revolutionary. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Get Off Me/ Knockin On Heavens Door

I promise you I am comin after you. The ones who killed Bob. You  know who you are.  You won't see us comin...but we are comin.  I know who you are, and I am comin after you.  You will not know what hit you...I promise you that.  He was my friend, and you killed him.  The police couldn't track you but I tracked you.  And you know I tracked you.  You are not safe from me....until I am dead!  You know that, and I am comin after you!   You will be exposed!

Get Off Me Baby and Knockin On Heavens Door

I do channeling cover tunes every once in a while.  I have to publish this stuff now, just in case I never find a second speaker!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

So Long

..Just a snippet.  I an not done yet,,,,Thank you for the courage.  We are the newest, bestist world if there has ever been one,

Monday, March 14, 2016

EIEIO Gets 1st Place And Peoples Choice Award

EIEIO got 1st in drawing and painting at the 20th Annual VSA A Day of Arts For All Show in Westerville Ohio on Saturday.  Also, I was surprised to win the Peoples Choice.  I am elated of course, and back to work this morning making art.  EIEIO begins it's tour of Ohio at The Westerville Community Center 350 n. Cleveland Avenue.  I hope you can visit and see my painting.  It is a bittersweet theme, but perhaps the most important work I have done so far.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Soldering Freedom Feathers

I started making some home videos about what I do.  I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Signing For Dummies

I hate these books.  I know I have written about it before, only to have even dear friends tell me how I should feel.  Are they ignoring how I do feel?  Yes, they are.  I am offended by these books as a member of a larger population of handicapped people.  I have had genius's tell me what I should think...but it does not change how I feel.  No one seems to care how I really feel about the rhetoric about handicapped we are treated.....what we are called now.....what we were called.  I am offended.

I am also offended at how the human race is treating my mother of them personal, and one of them global.  We are no better than how we treat others...even our animals.  We have been tapped by God/Goddess to be stewards here (Earth).  We should be judged by how we are doin about all that.

I feel like going through every shelf in the library and pull all these dummy books and throw them on the floor (tantrum/protest).  I feel like doing that.  I do not act on all of my feelings thankfully.  The thought police would not only tell me why I shouldn't feel offended....but then turn around and tell me I am not allowed this fantasy,,, that doesn't destroy anything....but just proves a point (public protest)....But no...I'm not only permitted to feel offended....and then let my imagination retaliate.  What sort of world do we live in that would deny me both my feelings and my fantasy?  Just sayin.  If I could make a graphic right now...Imagine this on that same book...instead of what is on there?  .