Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Autumn Kelly

My librarian friend helped me track down this old Germanic playing card of a woman at a potters wheel.  It is from the 1500's I think.  I want to make a nice copy of it and put it up where I can see it to remind me that I need to get back to my projects.  It is what I am really about, and what I want to be about, and my enemies do not want me to be about!  I guess I just don't need to know much more than that.  It becomes a contest of how grounded and centered I can stay, while they try to knock me off balance.  "There is more to balance than not just falling over" as Weeze used to say.  This card will remind me of that.  I noticed I have another follower today.  Welcome follower 28 Autumn Kelly.  Make yourself at home and check out some of my other followers and their blogs.  I don't promise that this journal will always be lighthearted.  Sometimes it is really heavy duty and even dark.  I will try to get back here and post a link to the rest of this deck of cards in the future.  I blog from the public library and am limited to 2 hours, but I limit myself to one.  I have some money coming to me soon from some frenemys that just had to rip me off.  So we are all going to court to hash out what most people would think of as a minor amount of money...which is why they call it small claims court I guess.  But to me, it is the difference between having a phone and not having a phone.  The difference between having the internet, and not having the internet. And being able to take the pregnant cat to the vet, or not being able to take her.  It goes on and on.  I live frugally and they launched a two prong attack on me, broke my kiln, and tried to push me into financial ruin.  They almost succeeded.  These women who used to be my friends (they might have just been pretending) ripped me off, and it has gotten real ugly.  Maybe someday when they are forced by a judge to do the right thing, I will be able to hail this blog from home.  The mama cat is pregnant again.  It is still none of my business, but I don't want to see her kittens all splatted on the road again this year.  I don't even have the gas to take her to Cat Welfare, as I have had to go to Columbus twice this month already.  I am used to living on the financial edge.  I have done it for years.  I will do it for as long as I have to.  I need to begin thinking about ways to replace the destroyed kiln.  Even if the judge awards me my counterclaim, it will not be enough money to replace the kiln Nesley destroyed.  The universe is always on purpose is another one of Weezes I guess I will just have to trust that she is right, and when I am ready,  a kiln will await me.  So much art I want to do, and there just doesn't seem to be all the supplies lined up, with the equipment, with the desire.  I will get there.  Mrs. Gray says I am sturdy:)

post script:  I am posting these two at a time some days...with delayed posting time.  Syd and I got a bomb threat, and I may need to do some walking to save gas and give the illusion that I am home.  Little by little, I am going to bring my offenders to the realization that I am just not worth the trouble.

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