Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cherry Tomatoe Chili

I had an over abundance of cherry tomatoes in my garden this year.  I had some, and gave lots of them away.  Still, they kept coming.  So...this batch, I decided to make chili.  I started with onion, garlic, and some banana, and jalapeno.  Next I added my tomatoes, ground beef, and chili beans.  It wasn't a giant batch of chili, but when the weather changed and got colder, this was just what I needed.  I wouldn't hesitate to use cherry tomatoes in future batches.  This might have been the best chili I ever made. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hoping For A Bid War

My Vintage Buck knife has a bid today.  I am hoping for a bid war before the auction ends.  You can view this beauty on eBay item #331651454111.  Also up for grabs is this other vintage knife.  A antique Solgen Germany forged hunting knife with a drop point.

If that isn't enough, I put this Mastercarver flex shaft unit up for auction as well.

Please check out my eBay auctions.  You won't be disappointed if you bid on any of these 3 items.

Friday, September 11, 2015

eBay Auction # 33165201617

I already have one of these, or I would just keep it!  I started selling on eBay in 2006 when it was profitable to do so, and easy.  These days, not so much.  So....I am offering this item and the other items I have for sale through other means as well.  I have been gifted these items from two wonderful men who made knives, wood carved, and loved my work.  So when they died, they left me their tools.  I do not need a second Dremel, Foredom, or any other flex shaft.  I also don't need to hoard or store them.  I would rather sell them to someone who is doing these crafts.  

If you contact me with an offer, and I know you, I will gladly shut down my auction and sell directly to you...or even shut down my auction and offer you a "private auction".  This item is the Rolls Royce of Flex Shaft tools.  You won't see them on eBay very often.  I couldn't find ANY reference to it.  But that isn't the best of this.  This was a life long collection of accessories in addition to this wonderful tool.

If you were to go out and try to buy all the things new in this auction, you would spend $600 or more.  Trust me I know.  I already have these things purchased in 1995.  I need to lighten my load.  Yes, I could keep them, and maybe use some of the pieces...but when I died in the future, I would be looked upon as a hoarder.  I would just rather spread the love.  

eBay item # 33165201617  Please at least look at it and become a watcher.  If you have a counter offer, I will gladly stop my auction and sell to you directly, particularly, if I know you and your craft.  That is the way the two men who left me these things felt about I offer it to you.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Switching Gears Today

It is very dark with every light on, and every window shade pulled back today.  This morning, I switched canvas's and am concentrating on Syd's World.  Syd's world is upside down in reality right now because the visiting mother cat is impeding his entrance and exit to his home.  I feel bad about that, and I am planning on making some corrections so that both he and I can get back to work.

My neighbors own this mother cat, and say her name is Baby.  Baby has moved her kittens under my picket fence gate, which is a very poor choice in my opinion as the next time it rains they will drown.  Water pours over the gutter right there.  When she moved them from under the front porch, it was dry and hot.

They are too young to give new homes to just yet, but probably not too young for me to pack them up with the mom and take them back to my neighbors who can afford them.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Perryton Visit

A few days ago, I revisited Perryton, the little town where I grew up.  I was looking for a massive oak tree that used to be in the middle of this field for a painting I am working on.  Of course it was gone.  I was able to track down an old family acquaintance that filled me in on the status of the house I grew up in.  The property has been abandoned.  The story pretty scandalous, that I am sure more will be revealed.

The house and out buildings are in pretty bad shape, and I found myself unable to get out of the car and do any exploring.  I felt like I had been sucker punched and could not walk upright.  These buildings were the garage, which was possibly a carriage shop prior to the days of the automobile...and my father, and great grandfathers workshop.  So sad to see the deterioration in just the couple years I had visited last.