Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Working Hard Or Hardly Working?

I pass this little place when I walk to the library.  It used to be a beauty shop and is vacant right now.  It is a beautiful day, and I am taking pictures that I may use this weekend for my painting outing with my friend Judith.  Who knows what we'll get into.  I know it will feel more like play than work.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Guardians Downtown

It seems like everywhere I go there are cat guardians!  This lion is on The Louis Sullivan building in downtown Newark.  I must have walked past this for years never seeing it.  Today I looked up.  For some reason my brain came up with Aslan...which might have been the lion character in the CS Lewis series The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe.  There are some things in this town that I am going to miss.
Tomorrow evening there is going to be a demonstration at Shilo church about the criminal justice PROBLEM in this county.  It is my belief that having the law library locked to the public is just a symptom...of the larger cause.  You have to be in "the club" here in order to be protected by the law.  Having a very negative experience in this little hell hole of a town, I can relate to people wanting to demonstrate.  No one was demonstrating back in 1998 when I got screwed here.  I couldn't even get any of my friends to go with me to court!  "Nothing is real unless it is happening to you..." Melanie Safka sang.
So here is what I think...more cowbell.....more cat and lion guardian sculptures in every nook and cranny in Newark.  Let us start with the criminal justice system itself.  Weed out the corrupt cops and judges....first.....
I gotta get out of this place!  I have to wonder what is going on with this blog.  A few days ago I had 577 page views.  The only other time that has happened is when I was writing about The First Baptist Cult in Granville...home of the largest wasp nest!  End of rant. 
Last night I drummed in Columbus with a large gathering of women drummers.  We drummed, sang, and howled at the moon.  I miss Columbus.  I told the group that I was being held in Licking County against my will, and I was trying to make it back to Columbus.  I felt energized afterward, and many women wished me well, and hoped I could come back to Columbus soon.  So I am putting it out there...I feel like I was tricked into coming back here, and now that I am back here...well I plan on focusing on the good things, and good places...but if per chance I get an opportunity to inform folks about the corruption here, and the wasps of Granville....the corrupt legal system and good ole boy network....I am gonna do it.  People must have been sleepwalking in 98.  Nothing like a bitch slap from reality to wake everybody up!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Dreamed I Saw The Scull Sisters At The Sparta

What a hoot!  Haddie and Sahara Scull crossing the street after dining at The Sparta.  You just never know who you might run into in there!  I may go mushroom hunting on Sunday, so I  probably won't be back to this blog till Monday morning.  Please report to me any sightings of famous people or ghosts (Hadie died in 2007 and Sahara in 2008) you might see at The Sparta Restaurant downtown Newark Ohio.

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Not All Bad

I used up most of my paint on these last two paintings.  Due to an in kind donation though, I have enough paint to start my series of paintings.  I am hoping to paint my way out of this county!  All systems are go.  I could use some paint brushes, but I am going to start in spite of worn out brushes.  I have offered a reward for my stolen painting.  I want it back so that I can finish it.
 I won't hold my breath!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nerk Jerks

Stephen King would have a field day
In my hometown.
There’s Pennyroyal The Clown,
Watership Down,
the two Edgars…
Casey and Poe.
Back pack U-haul meth-labs,
Nazi doctors next door
Not to mention dead ravens galore.

Confidentiality…a meaningless formality.
Missionary’s and The Falun Gong
On the road to kingdom come.
Snare traps everywhere set to spring
on those who only wish
to do the next best first right thing.

Monsters and crooks laughing at my expense.
Balance hanging in suspense.
Fat lady sings at Satan’s Mass,
But I am she who’s laughing last.

© Concha Castaneda 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Kind Donation

I got my first rejection from a foundation yesterday.  The woman was nice about it.  Thankfully, I had only submitted an email letter of inquiry.  I have been working on this material since January.  Librarians have helped me spruce up my resume, write an artist statement, rewrite my artist bio, get better pictures.  The books about grant writing, the materials they have copied for me should theoretically all come together after the initial letter of inquiry...resulting in a grant. 

The grant I didn't get to propose was to be a series of paintings highlighting places in Licking County that I have been moved to paint.  The goddess must have a gargantuan sense of humor because when I got home feeling all dejected I had a package in the mail.  And in that package dear readership was a $50 check for a set of penny buttons and an in kind donation of acrylic paint.

You may remember that I had pulled 8 canvases out of a CCAD dumpster a while back.  The artist who tried painting must have been discouraged and chucked their work.  I pulled out the canvases, and thanked my lucky stars for my good fortune.  I used a can of inside trim paint that my x landlord had not paid me for, and I re coated those canvases.  I have waited and longed for the day when I could buy some acrylic paint to replace the paint I used up on Three Kool Katz and The Blue House On Cliffside that was stolen before I could finish it.  I grieve that stolen painting like it was a child! 

The original paint was given to me by Jennifer Erdman a potter I worked for in Granville back in the day.  Jennifer went on to create a whole set of dinnerware for the Governor (Celest I believe).  She put her daughter through college, and I believe sent her to Europe.  All this after her x husband told her she would never amount to anything. 

It is stories and in kind gifts from people like Jennifer who keep me going in spite of rejection letters.
Thank you Jennifer for the paint in the 1980's, and thank you Judith for the replacement paint in the 21st century.  Because of both women's generosity, I have been able to paint along with my other artistic endeavors.  Most people, even artists believe I should "specialize" and concentrate on just one art form and process.  I tried that...and I can't do it.  I just can't!  My degree was in art education which made it seem like I needed to understand many different art processes in order to teach them to others.  I am happy to do that whenever I run into someone who really wants to learn...

I will begin my painting series without funding for now.  It was a local funder that politely turned me down as they only give to non profit ORGANIZATIONS.  I don't know how I missed that, as I have had lots of help preparing... I realize that I really don't want to live here (Licking County), but while I have to, I will make art that is about here, and how I feel having to live here.  Maybe I shouldn't ask for local money, when I detest living here as much as I do...maybe I deserve to be rejected when after all I am planning on escape!

Land Escape painter...seeks work.  I can see the headlines:)  Lets see if I can paint my way out of here dear readers. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Signs Signs...Everywhere There's Signs

Syd is hiding out in a new spot.  He is my dresser drawer cat yesterday and today.  The U-Haul pulled up next door, and Syd fled his beloved spot in the front window.  My cat does not like upheaval.  He is fractured mentally from all the moves we have made since Deming Avenue (3 moves in two years?).  It will all be over in a couple days and all the moving noises over with and maybe then he will return to his sunny spot in the front window.  Until then, I have free reign at in my own workspace.  I have still not received word formally about fiscal sponsorship.  Without that piece, I can not proceed in my grant writing process. 
I am hoping to check my email once a day, get Rubio neutered and finish my coil pot.  Acrylic paint is on the way and I am having a great time imagining the series of paintings I will do this coming year.  Now that I know that I can hang a few paintings at the Sparta....subject to approval of course, the canvases I retrieved from the dumpster at CCAD can be started and hung up on the wall.  I have so much wall space in my new apartment that I could probably fill it with 10 or 15 paintings.  There is the second metal quilt ready to start as soon as I replace drill bits...the lie catcher that now needs to be much bigger to contain the much bigger lies that I am finding.  More on that later.  Please consider making a $12 dollar donation to Rubios operation as that is how much money I am shy in this whole process.  See the donate button at the top of the blog.  I have freed up my time, so that I am ready to take him as soon as I obtain the funds and get a ride.  Thank you everyone who contributed. Rubio will live longer because of you.  Rubio still needs a home after he returns from his operation.  He is a very wonderful sweet little cat.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Neighborhood Watch Clean Up Yesterday

We have neighborhood watch signs posted on our street, and Granville street now.  Yesterday, was a gorgious day, and I participated in a neighborhood watch group clean up.  Today, someone from the Property Maintanance Department came to talk to my neighbor who is moving out.  I have to wonder why they are not alerted to the drug house on Granville Street that does not have a U-Haul outside, and almost as much of an eyesore...if not more.  We all know the house on Granville Street is a drug house, yet my neighbor (not a drug dealer) who is moving is the one who is officially being visited!  More will be revealed I guess.

  I got my 2nd pledge for Rubio's operation, and my friend Sally is going to make his appointment in the next few days.  I really feel very privleged to live in a nice neighborhood such as mine after the last two residences and awful experiences.  We noticed that many of our neighbors now have home security and survelance systems up and operating, so maybe the folks who are breaking into the cars will be caught and prosecuted soon.  I am feeling safer and safer in spite of the recent threats on both Syd and my life.  I suppose technically bombing my house and taking Syd is not actually a threat on my life...just stealing my cat and blowing up my possissions.  Given the recent happenings in Boston....well....I just don't know what to think.  I know I am not going to cower in fear!

  I will be finishing up on bench projects today and tomorrow and hoping to meet with the fello who owns the Sparta sometime this week.  A fiscal sponsor is in the works, and I am now ready to submit grant proposals.  I walked to the library today as I am trying to keep enough gasoline in the car for Rubios appointment.  Please feel free to donate through paypal for this operation.  Anything extra that I might get in pledges, will be given to Second Chance Humane Society.  Rubio still needs a good home.  He likes it here, but he would be safer in someone elses care as Syd can not have another cat house mate. 

Forsythia is in bloom...almost all the way.  Hopefully spring is here to stay, and hopefully it will get warmer.  Please consider helping Rubio out by making a small contribution to his operation.  I have 2 pledges to collect and then I can start planning on how to get him into the cat carrier. 
He is going to make someone a very fine house cat!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Neighborhood Watch Clean Up Today

All my projects, including grant writing are put on hold today.  Today our neighborhood watch group are meeting to pick up trash in the neighborhood.  It is a gorgeous day, and I am looking forward to getting out in the fresh air, meeting some of my neighbors, and sprucing things up.  I have brass, copper, and silver feathers on the bench...two bracelets, 8 penny's...and my clay project in the works.  My other art projects are put on hold until I can obtain some acrylic paint and some black velvet.  I will be doing one black velvet painting in a series of 8.  Hint...it won't be Elvis, or a bull fight...although I have definitely toyed with the idea of bull fighter gored by a victorious bull.  Too gory for even me...my bad? 
I hope to meet the neighbor who contributed to Rubio's upcoming operation today.  I am going to keep the donation button up as I do not have the gas to get to and from Johnstown.  I sold 8 penny's and will be expecting a payment in the mail this week.  As soon as I have all the funding together, I will make his appointment.  Thank you everyone who contributed.  Rubio could still use a good home.  He is a very friendly loving cat.  I wish I could keep him, but it would not be fair to Syd or my landlord.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thank You For Your Donations

Rubio got his first paypal donation today.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have a pledge for $15 from another cat person, and $15 from my original pledge.  I am only short a couple dollars (thanks paypal for throwing off my goal!)  I just need to put it all together and make his appointment.  Rubio is a sweet little cat.  After his operation, he will need a good home.  If anyone else would like to contribute, I could use the money to get there and back (Johnstown), otherwise, I will need to find a ride for us.  Any extra money that I raise, will be a donation to this wonderful organization that took the mother and Rubios sibling cats a couple weeks ago.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Art In Sparta

My friend Judith and I had an exquisite day yesterday, and once again I ended up at The Sparta restaurant.  There really is no better place to take an artist friend in this town.  There are paintings all around the perameter, and I actually met the painter yesterday.  This was my third visit to The Sparta in a month, and the owner Chris Ramsey recognized me yesterday.  Now I had been hearing lots of good stuff about Chris and he was anxious to show me a drawing that a patron had recently done while sitting at the counter...on what looked like a grocery bag.  Chris has an eye for talent, and from what I gather a gargantuous heart.  By the end of our lunch, I had made preliminary arrangements to hang one of my paintings there along with the rest of the "starving" (not in Chris's restaurant) artist's.  I deliberated for the rest of the day which of my paintings would fit in, and I settled upon Three Kool Kats which is a painting I did in 2007.

I have decided to rename the painting after Jennifer Hanbick's article Word To The Wise: Be careful Where You Put Your Mural.   I was quoted in that article as I was very upset about the act of covering up my favorite Columbus mural. I had voiced my opposition, and The Short North Gazette called me up on the phone and printed part of my rant. Now most of the art I do has a theraputic purpose, and this painting was no exception.  I was so upset when Union Station pushed the facade of their building forward covering up the mural that I wanted to commit the crime of property damage.  I wanted to destroy the facade with my truck, as many times as they built it...I thought!  Instead, I did this painting, and never stepped foot in Union Bar even when I had a coupon for a free meal gifted to me!  I remain a free person, without having to go to jail over the whole raw deal.  That is what art therapy is about dear readers...or at least in part.  So please, when you are visiting Newark, check out the art at the Sparta.  You will know the story behind this painting if Chris hangs it. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Artist Visit

My artist friend Judith is coming to visit me today.  She is the woman who gifted me my kiln.  Who knows what all we will get into today?  She came to The Day Of The Arts For All show, and she brought me a banding wheel...which I am happily using this week.  No kiln in sight...just trust that if I do the work, the goddess will provide the kiln.  I am so hoping we can visit my friend who has a wonderful painting by Haydee Scull.  Judith would love it. 
I am not sure that you can tell by my photograph, but the figure in the foreground of this painting is a "character" that was an everyday street person in Havana where the Scull twins did their art.  He is 3 dimensional and appears in several of their paintings.  My friend tells me he is called the 4th Musketeer!
   I will be back here tomorrow, and share more about both this painting, the artist personality who painted it, and my day today...which promises to be another great one in a whole string of great ones!

Post script:  The clay tools in the photo are clay tools I made a few years ago, and I have been waiting for almost two years to get back to my clay projects.  Nesley only slowed me down when she destroyed my kiln.  She did not stop me!  I will see you in Hell Nesley.  I will use you as fuel to fire the kilns of hell!

PS Rubio still needs a home, and he needs neutered.  Please consider making a donation (button at the top of this blog).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 Coins For Sale

The weekend was very productive.  I have sold almost all of my coin buttons, so I needed to make a few for show and tell.  I submitted my application for Pearl Ally Market on Saturday.  Maybe they got it today.  I will be very busy in the next few weeks trying to increase my inventory and filling a couple orders.  Thanks Ruth, for your commissions!  I love making jewelry for friends who will wear it.  I get to see my work that way!

These coins are discontinued and damaged.  The smaller dime is interesting, and may be worth a lot of money.  I have never seen an undersized dime before.  I will be putting it up for auction on eBay, and maybe on Etsy if it doesn't sell today.
I am getting quite an assortment of buttons.  Someone donated a bunch of opened cans of paint in all colors.  I will be able to recycle that  into recycle signs and maybe even paintings, without too much problem.  There is a bracelet and ring that need my attention, and I have my clay and banding wheel out in the middle of my kitchen table.  Lots going on, and  I may not be back for a couple days dearest readership as I like to use my momentum when it comes like this.  I guess it is like surfing...hoping to catch the big wave. 

And please remember Rubio.  He really needs a home, and a bath whichever comes first.  I have a donate button at the top of this blog.  I need to raise $55 to neuter him.  If you can help out...now is a good time.  His other family is moving today, and I know they are gonna leave him behind.  That leaves me...and his next owner hopefully.  Any takers?  I am not allowed to have him.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Rubio The Stray Cat

I have one cat left over from the mama cat drop off last May.  I named him Rubio as he looks like a Rubio I used to know.  This week, I am going to try to raise the funds to have him neutered.  I think he will live longer.  It has been a couple years since I raised money to have Stubby the cat neutered and his broken canine extracted.  I have been hearing some bad reports about Stubby.  I wish I could do something to help him as well, but I am only one person...and I can't really bring him to Newark easily.  My neighbors (Frijolito Farm) says that Stubby has become really aggressive and runs off the other cats at feeding time.  That is not the Stubby I knew.  I have to figure that the new tenants on Paul Drive didn't want him around.  Stubby was pretty territorial and I imagine he didn't give up his deck easily.  Our neighborhood block watch has been highly visible and I noticed the signs that the council woman promised us were up today.  It is just a matter of time before we can take our neighborhood back from the druggies.  Two men were arrested at the local drug house on Friday.  That has been a long time coming as the property owner is actually a drug addict himself...rents to heroin addicts and crack whores.  There has been a shooting, multiple car break in's, and a robbery as a result of this one drug lord.  This is where Ohio landlord tenant law fails the whole community.  A tenant that is not the property owner can be immediately evicted without a court hearing for trafficking...not so when the landlord (property owner) is dealing drugs on the property.  The whole thing reminds me of my last landlord situation.  Maybe, if the druglord (property owner) is arrested, then the property can be taken away from them.  I confess, I just don't know.  But the drug house in our neighborhood is the source of most all the criminal activity, and it is a damn shame that the rest of us have to suffer because of it.  All that being said, I am looking forward to the next neighborhood block watch.  I believe the neighborhood is going to be safer for all of us, and all of our cats.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pearl Ally Market

The Ohio Arts Council has reserved booth space at the Pearl Market this summer.  I am thinking about taking the opportunity this summer, setting up a booth and demo like I did for Flint Ridge museum/giftshop last May.  I did well that day, even though I had a hard time getting to my booth from my parking space.  I would love to have a few more days like that day! The application form is sent and it is just a matter of having enough inventory to make it worthwhile.  I have not ever been good at just sitting still (vending) for hours on end, but if I could sit there and handcut a few feathers, string a few beads while I am enjoying the ally crowd...well why not?  I haven't decided which days yet.  I will post dates and times, when I know for sure.  Maybe I will see you there?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The New Sparta


I had a fantastic lunch with my girlfriends Thursday at the NEW Sparta.  I loved the old Sparta.  It was about the only place in town you could get breakfast for $1.99.  It had a GRAND candy counter!  It is a fantastic old building, and the new owner is art friendly!  Hapi bought us lunch.  I had a burrito that only Chipoltles or Hapi herself could beat.
  I highly recommend the Sparta if you are going to be in downtown Newark.  Check out the art that is around the top of the room.  I am impressed with this guys paintings (forget his name at the moment).  I guess he was there, when we were there Thursday, and I just didn't know who he was.  One of my friends is interested in purchasing one of the artists paintings.  Had we known he was right in the restaraunt, we might have made a sale right on the spot.  I will run into him one of these days and I will blog about him.  Artists in Newark Ohio need to stick together.  As long as I am here, I may as well form an art group.  The Sparta would be the perfect place to hang out...and hang art. 

Friday, April 12, 2013


Yesterday, was the most exquisite day!  I got to hang out with two of my girlfriends, have lunch at Sparta, sold two feathers and a bracelet...all before noon!  I did some bead trading after lunch, which believe you me dear readers needed to happen, as I can't possibly use all the beads that have been given to me in the last year.  I am having trouble finding a good place to store them.  The more beads I give away, the more I seem to aquire.  Later in the day, I attended a talk at the library from a teen fiction fantasy writer who reinspired me to get back to my short stories. After that I finally hooked up with Second Chance Humane Society who will find foster homes for my mother and her three kittens:)
  This weekend I am going to spend the time in my workshop trying to put together a whole set of buttons, both copper and silver if I can manage it.  If the weather holds, I may spend some time outside making a coil pot with my new banding wheel that I have been anxious to get back to.  It has been 2 years since I have been able to do ceramics!  I have had to hold off on my clay projects outside because the mama cat occupied my outside art table in order to guard her kittens.
  My eBay auctions are not doing all that well this week.  I wonder if it is because there are no catagories assigned for recycled coin buttons... maybe they just are not coming up in the search engines in the places customers would see them.  It is OK though, I really can not devote the time to eBay that I could if I had a home computer.  It would be easy to miss a question, or miss a last minute sale.  People might not be patient enough to wait a day in our fast paced marketing world.  I just don't have the technology to keep up the speed.  I almost sold a copper penny button yesterday that was up for auction on eBay.  That could have been a disaster, had the auction ended this Sunday and nothing to send the buyer!  That sort of thing can easily happen with my inventory being as fluid as it has been.  I am glad that I didn't wait for retirement to pursue my art and my hobbies.  I might just have not ever gotten around to it if I had waited.  I will be back here on Monday doing the paper chase and applying for my next grant.  Hopefully, I will have something new to show you.  Thank you girlfriends for all your inspirations.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Is What It Looks Like On EBay Right Now

I realize that I have shown my readership what my kiln looked like as Nesley Thomas and her boyz were destroying it.  But unless you know what it is, and what it can do, then it wouldn't matter to you.  First of all, it weighs 499 pounds, which is why Nesley had to hire 3 men to move it.  It can be moved with 2 men and a dolly and a lot of care.  I have no doubt that the universe is not going to make me go without a kiln just because of a selfish, envious monster decided to have a temper tantrum.  The kiln is made by Amaco and is for auction on eBay for $699,  Shipping would be another matter!   


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Recycle Gently:)

Today was trash day dearest readers.  I am finding that there is less and less to put out for Big O Recycling.  I am getting a little more creative with these signs as you can see.  I added plastic to the mix...well...because I am actually quite fond of cutting up credit cards and loyalty cards.  My landlord recycles, and she took some wooden blue letters off of a homemade sign from way back when she got it for a marriage gift.  I am so grateful that she thought of me before she just tossed the sign away!  The next sign is going to be even more playful as I am going to incorporate the little green monopoly houses I couldn't resist keeping.  I have been busy writing my new updated artist statement with a lot of help from my librarians.  I wanted my artist statement to reflect my use of recycled materials as that seems to be the direction my art is taking me.  I guess I need to put this on my website when I get around to updating Divine Designs.  So much to do...so little time to do it...it seems.  Here it is for your contemplation.  Let me know if you can think of anything I am leaving out, and always...a better way to say it.

Art has been the most deliberate form of communication for me since I could pick up a crayon.  It was, and is, as natural as breathing for as long as I can remember, and I can imagine it has been the same for artists throughout time.

 My interest and use of recycled materials to make art began as a result of poverty, and continues in spite of it!  The question I always ask is “how can I make something out of nothing”, or more precisely “how can I make something out of something that no one else wants or appreciates”?
I believe our wasteful society discards objects and materials that can be transformed into art and artifacts.  My deliberate use of recycled, nontraditional materials will hopefully communicate a new purpose and value to these items that would otherwise be destined to fill our landfills. 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

EBay Auctions Up

The Licking County public library is closed for a staff conference Tuesday.  I am blogging in advance on Monday morning.  I found a way to launch my eBay auctions from the Foundation Centers grant writing station.  I encourage you to check out my humble auctions...my username is skymetalsmith.  This library has been a gold mine for me.  I am thinking about writing an article about how a person that does not have a home computer, can use a public free computer to make some income.  Keep your fingers crossed for me readership...I am tunneling out.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Every Little Bit Helps

Last February I took my modem with me when I moved out of my sisters house near Frazeysburg.  When I signed with HughesNet I was promised a rebate, and that the system would move with me, should I move.  The rebate was much like a root canal.  Don't fall for that dear readership.  It was almost the hardest $90 I ever earned!  Within a week of moving last February, I called them and tried to arrange moving the unit to my new address through their customer service.  I was promised much, and nothing happened except a $700 charge on my credit report.  I found out there was a class action lawsuit against HugheNet for the very thing I was upset about...namely them lying to me...so I signed up.
It has been a year since I went out to my sisters house and precariously hung over the edge of her roof to unbolt the unit to send it back to them.  Last Friday I got a check.  It cost me a stamp, and a trip out to my sisters with a couple of tools.  Not only did I get money, but I got that blemish off of my credit report.  Thanks HughesNet!  Perhaps being vigilant and diligent will help me get square with the credit reporting agencies.  One thing for sure is: had I not pursued it, I would have been responsible for this injustice which was not my fault, nor in the realm of my control.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Metal Quilt Goes To Ohio State

The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim is now at The Ohio State University at Nisonger Center - UCEDD 357 McCampbell Hall 1581 Dodd Dr.  Columbus Ohio 43210.  Go see it if you can dear readership.  It will go to an undisclosed patron after the tour.  Now that I have washed the pig out of my hair, I am going to use the pieces that are left over, and do another one. 

I am hoping to have the second one finished by August, so that I can bring it with me to this library.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dear readership, I am hoping to put the second one up in a permanant public instalation before I move back to Columbus.  All of this will depend on the greedy piggies who are sure to meet their end in Franklin County municiple court system this summer.  I appologize if I have offended any of you in my comments about them.  They damn near runined my life, in addition to my beloved kiln and equipment.  I hate pedaphiles as I have said many times, and I am lookin forward to puttin at least one on the radar of everyone who is paying attention.  Ohio landlord tenant law is very one sided.  A tenant can be evicted immediately without a court hearing for dealing drugs in Ohio, but a landlord like Nesley Thomas is free to deal drugs from each of her properties without hinderance.  That is just the way it is, until the laws can be updated.  I wouldn't have any problem with Nesley dealin a little dope, but she has to involve teenagers, and that makes her someone that you need to keep out of your neighborhood and out of reach of your own teenagers.  In the meantime, till June 17th, she is free to travel around to her various properties thumbing her nose at the police, and the judicial system.  I am hoping that one of you spot her, and shut her down.  I will be happily working on my projects till I face her in court.  Looks like I might have an attorney representing me by then.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, and your eyes wide open!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Plaintiff Poses Nude Fantasy

Nesley and Jean went to a nudist colony after Nesley got her inheritance.  I know because she hired me to watche her doggy and house sit while she was gone.  The next trip she took was Vegas...my idea of hell on earth.  I house sat for her that trip also.  I have been thinking about doing a painting of the plaintiff.  This one will do nicely with the exception of the back hair.  Nesley does not have back hair as I recall.  If you see this person in your neighborhood...throw down some change on the ground (nickles and dimes), or a piece of candy, and run like hell!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Seventh Of Eighth Continuance

After a year and a half of them suppressing my evidence, they couldn't proceed yesterday without "discovery"  So here is another version of the same incident.  As you can see Paula Jean is there for the breaking of the kiln, and what was the first breach of contract.  We can call her as a witness, and we can have her re testify to the facts from the first trial.  She was there yesterday, and I didn't do public parking, and had a friend drop me off, and pick me up....so there was no stalking!  Next trial is set for June 17th.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Here We Go Again

I am personally going to be really happy to get this picture off my flashdrive.  After 6 continuances Nesley and I finally go to court at 10am Thursday morning.  Lori was a no show on Wednesday, and so that will have to get rescheduled.  I will be back her blogging on Friday rain or shine! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Garnishment Hearing

Wish me luck dear readers.  I go to court today to question the defendent (2011) about her assetts etc.  I have given her every opportunity to make good on the phone bill that she owes me for, that is harming my credit score.  She made the calls after I moved, and after I had gotten new phone service.  The confusion that she capitalized on was that she requested to keep the phone number.  This was a phone number that she had had for years, so I didn't have any problem with her keeping it.  I had moved on...or so I thought.  The day I got new phone service, both she and I talked to the phone company...so there really shouldn't have been any confusion whatsoever.  She had not paid the bill, they had shut off her internet, but not the phone...so she got internet through time warner cable, and then ran the phone up to $158.  It was quite cleaver, but it was al unbeknownst to me, as she did not forward the phone bills, nor the bill collectors threatening mail.  I guess she just figured out that what I didn't know, wouldn't hurt me.  But it did hurt me.  To this day, her phone bill is on my credit report.
So today, I put on the inquisitors cap and question her in front of a judge, in order to proceed with garnishment.  It has been almost 2 years since the evil deed was done.  I would probably have just let it slide, if it were not for the fact that she, Nesley Thomas, Dee Ames cooked up a civil protection order/arrest (that failed) in order for her to avoid going to court over this, and of course had they succeeded the plaintiff (Nesley Thomas) would have had keys to my house, when I was safely locked away in jail.
Lucky for me I have angels lookin out for me.
At the 11th hour, the Art Council may be able to provide me with legal representation for my court case tomorrow with Nesley Thomas which has had 6 continuances.  As of today, I do not know.  I have a strong case, with or without representation.  It could very well be that that case gets kicked up into a higher court, with higher money involved.  One thing is for sure...my credit report took two hits from both these women.  If I can set this right, I will do it.  Who knows dear readership, I may be firing pots in my new kiln, by the end of next month:)

Post Script:  The defendant was a no show.  I am not sure what happens next, perhaps a bailiff will have to serve the defendant at work or at home, perhaps it will go to the extreams....either her car impounded or a bench warrant.  I know I wouldn't want to take those chances.  How you can turn a $158 phone bill into a $300 debt to the court,  get your car impounded, or get locked up...is beyond my comprehension.  The defendant has not ever seen the inside of Franklin County Jail.  I have, and I can assure you, I don't ever want to go back to that filthy hell hole.  I would be paying my debt and trying to stay on the other side of the law...just sayin. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

 Back In 2002, I had a stalker who beat me to the courthouse.  He, and his family filed a civil protection order against me, before I could file one against him!  It was a gross miscarriage of justice.  I had just finished with my Granville case that I had taken all the way to The Ohio Supreme Court (totally fabricated, falsified, and framed me into a criminal).  I had reported my stalker to my landlord because he was not only stalking me, but also my female visitor friends.  His sister, and mother lived with him in a studio apartment.  These people fought all day, and all night.  The walls were thin.  I could not imagine where these people slept, as these studios were only big enough for a hide a bed couch...not 3 beds.  I had a boil that was draining and the stalkers sister came banging on my door to turn my music down.  I was pretty exasperated by that in that these people obviously didn't understand how loud they were.  It was a case of people who were lobbing stones from their glass house.  I was playing Carol King.  I was not playing Nine Inch Nails!  The sister of the stalker must have knocked on my door 6 or 7 times telling me to turn down my music.  The music was loud enough that I didn't have to hear them through my wall fighting.  I tried to ignore her.
On the 7th knock (7 times, not 7 knocks), I answered my door fully armed, and the stalkers sister called 911.
I ended up getting beat up by 4 police officers for defending my own door.  I was arraigned in a wheelchair.  By the time I got to pretrial I had seen my court appointed lawyer who you can read about in the link below.  I really could not make this shit up!  I have always thought that I would probably do pretty well up against my enemies if only I could get decent representation.  Unfortunately, indigent defendants are not allowed to select their attorneys, so I have had some real doozies.  I decided to plea bargain to a lesser charge in this instance as my attorney really didn't want to defend me, and I really didn't want to face my stalker, his family, and the 5 police officers who beat the hell out of me.  I ended up almost getting evicted over this sex offender turning the legal system on me.  Had I had a good attorney, he would have looked up Jasons past history of stalking and sex offenses, and they would have put him on trial instead of me.  But my attorney was into his own hot water it seems, so I was not going to take any chances of any jail time for that perverts good deception.  Lots of folks probably think I should just walk away when someone screws me over.  Sometimes I do...even when I have been in the right.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Left Of Center?

I was spending some time on my case at the library this weekend.  I ran searches on both my cases,  thinking I could save a trip to Columbus if something new was posted.  I am hoping to do such a fantastic job in court on both April 3rd, and 4th that I won't have to return for awhile.  It seems Nesley went left of center February 21st (she's a "north end driver") LOL.  That would be Case No. 2011 TR D 112505  From that case file I got her license plate number which is WYCKED and not WICKED as I had thought.  I would guess she is still driving a black PT cruiser, so if you see her in your neighborhood, find your kids, make sure she hasn't corrupted them, call the law, she probably is selling some sort of crap that you don't want in your neighborhood.  Nesley has some whopping Karma coming her way.  I looked up some information on her attorney...Richard Parry, he is a criminal defense attorney.  I would guess that is a really good match for her.  If he sticks with her, he could make a lot of money!  If you are not doing anything on the 4th, come to the courthouse.  I promise it will be a great show!  Happy April Fools Day!