Saturday, April 28, 2012

Selling Antiques And Heirlooms

I will be selling some of my antiques this month as I won't be leaving them as inheritance to my sister as I had planned to do before our unfortunate falling out February 17th.  This piece was her favorite and I had planned on giving it to her in my will.  She tried to have me arrested February 17th when I objected to the shooting of her neighbors cat.  I may as well sell off my antiques and use the money while I am alive and free, as opposed to leaving them to meth heads, thieves, and an unsupportive family.  This piece is "Ideal Smoking Stand", Patented September 7, 1926, Manufactured by the Metal Stampings Corp, Streator, IL, USA.  It is also a humidor.  It belonged to my great grandparents on my fathers side of the family Gary and Helen Patton.  I will be offering it to local antique shops this week and selling it to the highest bidder.  If she wants it she can pay an antique dealer to get it back if she can even find it after this month!  Antique dealers are almost as ruthless as drug she will be paying quite a bit more for it. She will have to sell a lot of meth and a lot of pills to obtain this piece.  Such a shame, and such a waste. If anyone is interested in purchasing this piece please contact me through my email that you can get through google and this blog if you don't already have it.  I will be glad to supply pictures upon request as this photo is a photo of one that has already been sold that is just like it. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cultural Conservers Foundation

I got an email yesterday saying the Cultural Conservers Foundation did not get it's non profit status and funding.  I hope they leave up the website for a few more weeks till I can download all the wonderful information that has been on the site.  My flash drive is too small for all of it!  The Cultural Conservers Foundation was started by John Michael Greer who writes The Archdruid Report.  Here is John Michaels email for those of you who may wish to get a hold of these materials.

Greetings all,

It's been a while, and I'm sorry to say that I don't have good news. The Cultural Conserver Foundation has not been able to obtain 501(c)3 nonprofit status from the US government, and the board has decided that lacking that, the foundation structure really isn't any kind of advantage for us. While I still believe that cultural conservation has a crucial role to play in shaping the future, our efforts will be better directed through other venues.

For that reason, we've voted to dissolve the corporation and, per the requirements of our bulaws, donate our remaining funds to an existing nonprofit engaged in cultural conservation work. (The board is in the final stages of settling on a recipient as I write this.)

Since this list has basically been dead for more than a year, I've asked the list moderator to close it down in a few days. The Green Wizards forum at remains up and running, and I'd like to encourage listmembers interested in cultural conservation to take further conversations there.

I would like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement in this project. Not every seed that gets planted bears fruit, but I hope that many of us have learned something from the experience nonetheless.

With my best as always,


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dead Horse Picture

I confess that I don't know alot about computers...the software...the hardware...the anyware.  It is not fun for me, other than writing this blog.  I have to go to court May 3rd for my counterclaim from last September.  It has been a tedious process.  I have much evidence and many pictures that I want to show the judge before he makes his ruling.  I had spent the winter getting this altogether and putting it on my flash drive, only to have it stolen out of my room one of the few times I left my sisters house.  So this weekend I will be recompiling my evidence and pictures so I can make my case in court in a few days.  I have a new flash drive, and all my it should be a snap right?  You would think so.  Of course I would rather be silversmithing and decorating my new home.  Sometimes we have to prioritize and put more important projects on the front burner.  Most people wouldn't even show up for the second part of an eviction case, but I feel duty bound to see this through till the end, whatever that may be.  The matter has already been turned in to collections BEFORE TRIAL!  You have to wonder how that could be...I know I do, and I think the Judge may find that interesting.  Thank you everyone for all your help with my computer, flash drive education, and overall support.  It has been like "pulling teeth"...or "beating a dead horse" as my father used to say.  I look forward to erasing everything on my flash drive after May 3rd and using it for more creative endeavors.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Display Case

After getting some momentum going last weekend, I started putting together my display for Flint Ridge Gift Shop.  So far this is all I have.  Only one ring, and only one coin button seems skimpy to me.  I will spend the rest of the week trying to flesh this out a little bit and add a few more coin buttons and possibly a key chain or two.  I don't like making rings when I don't know the size someone might want.  It is a potential waste of metal.  The feathers will be sold individually as will the beaded necklaces...unless someone wants all the feathers.  I figure if someone buys all the feathers the least I could do would be throw in a beaded necklace as a bonus.  I have not decided about how to sell the coin buttons yet.  Maybe I will have a set of six and some individual ones for sale as well.  The coin buttons are made from discontinued dimes which are about 98% pure silver.  I used to melt them down for casting until I saw how beautiful they are as silver buttons.  I still have not figured out how to price these for consignment (shop gets 20-40%).  It is still more economical for me to just sell right off my neck as most people have to touch a piece of jewelry before they decide to buy it.  I have found that putting a piece of glass in between me and a prospective buyer usually results in a no sale.  I am willing to try consignment for a few months if I can get enough inventory so that I can continue selling off my neck as that is how I have been making ends meet.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Seed Bead Necklace

I spent the weekend silversmithing and beading.  At the last drum concert I guess I got a little too exuberant and broke my silver necklace.  Since my feathers sell best right off my neck, I experienced a slump in sales.  So this weekend I made a few more feathers and this morning made a seed bead necklace to go with them.  I had all the materials...cable wire, beads, and findings.  There wasn't really any other way to replace my silver chain so making my own was the next, best, first, right thing to do.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dearest readers.  I am tunneling out!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Looks like someone has tried to get into my bank account as well as hacking my Facebook account and unsuccessfully trying to access my paypal.  Good job little thieves...guess the counterfeiting wasn't as profitable as online theft huh?  Keep it up...keep dropping those bread crumbs for the cops and feds.  You should try robbing someone who actually has money dumb asses!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pennies Save Me...Again

I sacked up $15 worth of pennies this month and deposited them in the bank.  That was enough to pay my water bill...almost.  In addition to someone hacking my Facebook account, it appears someone has tried to gain access to my paypal account as well.  I do online surveys and get paid through paypal for that.  It isn't very much money, so even if they succeed in hacking the account, they won't get more than $10 or so.  Still though, it is a shame that someone would target a poor woman who is disabled and just trying to survive.  Hopefully that counter reverse spell I put in place last April will take care of these thieves in addition to the enemies that have wished me ill will last summer.  Last year I used my pennies to buy eggs from Frijolito Farm.  So every penny I find and every penny I save has been a blessing.  I imagine that the older pennies that are real copper are actually worth more than a penny.  Wheat pennies were worth about 12 cents last time I was in the coin shop.  They are probably worth more now.  If I see a penny on the ground I pick it up, and today it paid off.  I have so much to be grateful for...the roof over my head, the food in my pantry, my friends, my cat...and even pennies on the ground everywhere I go.  I truely am rich!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Interesting Book

I used to work in the library at OSU back in the 1970's and 80's.  It was a great job for a student and while I was there I met Dan Fleming who was the reference librarian at the time.  Dan and I have remained friends over the years and he recently edited and compiled a book about the role of Licking County in the Civil War called Shall Licking County Raise A Regiment?, available at Amazon.  He is always working on interesting projects and it is somewhat hard to keep up with him.  I picked up the book this week and am anxious to look at it in depth.  It was Dan who recommended the book on the drummer boys from the same era that had a lot of information on my ancestor Robert Henry Hendershot.  I am most interested in picking up where I left off with the genealogy project that my Grandmother Joy Patton Dove lovingly began in the 1970's before the internet.  I think I can take it even further than she did and that she would be proud of me for trying.  My genealogy file was packed away in a box in my storage shed since last October and I didn't find it till a few days ago.  I spoke with Dan on November 1st about the difficulties my family was having with the Frazeysburg Crystal Meth ring.  I am sure he remembers the conversation well.  And if the police are thorough enough to ask him about that conversation I am confident he will tell them what I told him that day and on the days I spoke with him since then.  I certainly gave Dan as a reference of someone who knows me (for 30 years) and knows what I was walking into last November.  If I were not grounded by people like Dan who are not drug addicts, that do have a intellectual life, are credible sources of information then I would be lost!  I am proud of Dan and his achievements and he inspires me today as much as he did when I first met him in College.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I decided to walk to the library today because it is so pretty out.  I passed by a lilac bush that smelled so nice that I wanted to eat it.  Lilac is an edible flower.  I found a link to 10 edible flowersAunt Sue from Sue's News (On my list of blogs to the right of this blog) knows even more than 10 I'll bet!  Hopefully, I will be able to catch up with Aunt Sue sometime this spring so we can catch up on whatzup.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bread Crumb Trail

Yesterday, an hour after I signed off the library computer, my FACEBOOK account was hacked.  I haven't seen the wall posting as of yet, but I understand that someone (probably my meth head sister) posted that I don't have any friends, have a gun, and am going to kill myself.  This resulted in the police showing up at my door and inquiring about my mental health.  Had I not had two old friends visiting me when the police arrived I might be locked up in the nearest mental health facility instead of blogging this morning.
I was able to produce a slip of paper from the library with the date and time of day I left and my oldest of the two friends with me vouched that he had never known me to be suicidal.  So dear reader this is the third time since last September that my enemies have tried to have me detained and hassled by the police.  Each and every time without exception this tactic has backfired!  One of these times the police are going to get tired of being manipulated and come after the very people who are trying to harm me.  I can imagine them seizing my sisters computer, cell phone records, and possibly arresting her for her involvement in the manufacturing and distribution of crystal meth, and the counterfeiting operation that may involve her computer.  I have never logged into my FACEBOOK account on anyone elses computer except my sisters so it is very likely she is leaving a bread crumb trail right to her house, her computer, her phone.  Meth heads lack critical thinking skills and possibly do not realize how intricately involved homeland security is linked into FACEBOOK.  These dumb asses don't realize they are doing all the heavy work for the cops by posting anything remotely criminal on FACEBOOK.  I am going to keep my FACEBOOK account for now dear reader in hopes that the local cyber crimes department decide they are going to follow some of the bread crumbs left by the meth heads and incarcerate the guilty.  They asked me who I might know who would hack my FACEBOOK account and I told them my sister's name, and what she did on February 17th.  So now a 4th police department knows the story of how Raquel acted as if she were going to execute the orange cat, I stopped her, she called 911 claiming domestic violence, and put 2 rifles and drug paraphernalia in my truck.  If the local police decide to check out my story with the Coshocton, Frazeysburg, or Muskingham County police then the FACEBOOK hack job will likely blow up in their face.  Run little meth heads, your schemes are not working on the cops and if you annoy them too much they will come after you and darken your day.  Go ahead...keep leaving an electronic bread crumb trail to your door.  The sooner the better.  One thing is for certain, I won't quit exposing you just because you are giving me grief.  In fact, you are just making me more resolute.  You are just pissing me off, and exposing yourselves in the process.  Don't forget,  counterfeiting money is a federal offense and you can bet the feds are involved in your little escapade by now.  So smoke em if you got em this weekend girls and boys because by next weekend the cops may have done their link analysis (your electronic trail) and your little operation exposed and disposed of. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday The 13th

It seems like I always have great luck on all Friday the 13ths.  I am so glad I am not afraid of the day or the number.  My friend Aunt Sue sent me the word for the fear of Friday the 13th which is paraskevidekatriaphobia.  I found a photo of my Ancestor Robert Henry Hendershotts grave marker today.  I can not tell where he is buried by this link but it is just a matter of time till I find it.  I see he has two t's on his gravestone.  I have seen it spelled both ways.  All the Hendershots in America are related according to FACEBOOK (the new authority on everything).  I am going to take a guess and say his grave is probably located in Jackson Michigan.  I have a friend who lives near there that may help me find him for certain.  I read a book this month about the drummer boys from the civil war called Too Young To Die by Dennis M. Keesee who lives in New Albany Ohio.  There are several pages about Robert Henry in the book and I look forward to finding out even more.  Perhaps Mr. Keesee can help me find out even more information on this colorful ancestor!  I have been most curious about his drum that was reported to be shot and destroyed while he was crossing the Rappahannock clinging to the boat.  Later in his life he was given a silver drum to replace that one, and I would like to track that drum down if I can.  Hopefully it would be safe in a museum somewhere in spite of the controversy surrounding the tales.  Happy Friday The 13th dear readers.  I wish you luck in all your endeavors today.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waste Of Time

I dropped by the local Legal Aid office today.  They were predictably unhelpful as I expected.  The last time Nesley and I went to court (February 2012) her attorney tried to convince me that Nesley wanted to "negotiate" with me.  I asked him if she was willing to give me my furniture back, and he returned and told me she didn't have my furniture. 

My furniture is still in the house I rented from her, the amount she is suing me for is already in collections.  I really don't see that there is much to negotiate.  She is not fooling me, and I don't think she is going to be able to fool a judge either.  I will continue compiling my documents for the upcoming case May 3rd.  Nesley stands to lose several thousand more dollars if she loses.  Since this matter has already been turned over to collections and since I am basically judgement proof, it is unlikely that she will be able to collect one cent.  I look forward to exposing her for the slumlord that she is and laying the groundwork for her future tenants to pursue her legally.  Just a few more days Nesley...and you and I can finish our business. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Flash Drive

I had to purchase a flash drive in order to work from the library using pictures and bookmarks from my home computer.  I am not going to get the Internet at home until I can pay back my friends that helped me and Syd with our motel tab and survival.  I limit myself to one hour a day online and I try to blog and answer my email in that hour.  There is little or no time for Facebook, but I am finding that I am getting a lot of other work done and of course saving money.  I always knew it was possible to do everything I wanted from the library in terms of the computer.  I just didn't have many good teachers to help me learn what I needed to learn.  Hopefully as I learn the ropes about flash drives and such, my blogs will improve.  I am also using the methods to compile my upcoming small claims court case.  Pictures, documents, emails, receipts all must be put into exhibits if I am to have a chance at my counterclaim against my previous landlord.   This week I am busy snapping pictures of the damaged and ruined tools that have been safely stored in my storage shed since October.  It is heartbreaking to open a box and see a rusted ruined tool that I had taken care of and cherished.  That house on Paul Drive is certainly cursed.  I think of the new tenants each time it rains and I wonder if they know that Nesley has swindled them yet!  Anyway....hurray for flash drives and getting away from people who would do harm to me and my cats.  God Damn You Nesley Thomas.  I will personally take you by the hand and walk you into the gates of hell.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Jesus Christ (according to Christian doctrine) died for my sins.  The way it was explained to me in allegory is that in a prison full of murderers and thieves this one guy who was blameless raised up his hand and volunteered to be punished for the guilty (everyone else).
Because I am a witch I don't put much stock in Christian doctrine.  However, I do understand that the act of forgiveness is beyond me as a human being.  When I think about the situation with my sister and her deception that nearly resulted in my losing my freedom, my possessions scattered to the winds, and my cat helplessly abandoned: I know it is not humanly possible for me to forgive her.  I know that someday she will want to be forgiven.  For this reason I believe Jesus Christ may be her only salvation.  She certainly will get no salvation or forgiveness from me...that is unless of course the supernatural happens.  Anyway, yesterday I was talking with two friends about Easter and the relevance of the holiday.  We were not able to come up with anything new or innovative...why we color eggs, and the importance of the Easter Bunny.  We laughed alot, but I knew my Christian friend who was with us was probably appalled as Easter for her is like the hinge of Christianity.  She said nothing as my other friend and I made our little jokes.  She probably prayed for both of us and wondered if we knew the story and the relevance.   Christ actually died on the cross, was buried, and then came back on Easter the story goes.  I know it.  I believe most of it.  I even understand how come it matters.  And lately I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder about what will happen between my sister and me.
I may not be around to witness my sisters recovery, realizations, and attempts to make amends.  It could be years off.  I would like to think that this "supernatural" being that came before us, can do for her what I can not.  This weekend I hope she is entertaining my nieces, instead of chasing the ghost (hitting the meth pipe).  I certainly tried my best this week to make sure her friends would be high tailing it away from her for fear of their own incarceration.  I feel like Etta James "I feel like breaking up somebody's home.  Remember little meth heads (Christian meth heads particularly).  Jesus said he didn't come here for peace.  He came with a sword to divide mother, daughter, father, son...sister and sister...if you catch my drift.  So no matter how I look at this weekend: through the eye of a witch, or the knowledge of Christianity, it will be a very supernatural weekend without regard to your belief system.    

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Productive Saturday

I got lots done today.  These three feathers have been on the bench for over a month just waiting for the window of opportunity to be soldered together.  Now they need to be cleaned up, etched, and beaded.  You can see by the completed ones on the right what these three are aspiring to be by Monday!  I think I am out of supplies and will need to head for Werkhaven and Son before completing any more of these.  I will be spending the weekend quietly contemplating my next few moves on the great chessboard of life, and making a gratitude list.  Happy Easter dear matter how you celebrate it!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Syd's New Chair

Syd and I have found a new (vintage) chair.  This man put it out by the dumpster as I was driving by.  It is in great shape, sturdy, and with a little upholstery cleaner it will be almost as good as it was when it was new.  I figure this piece is from the early 50's.  The man was cleaning out his attic when I happened by.  He had another one of these that was older and the carving was better, but it wasn't nearly as sturdy so I left that for the next lucky person to take home.  Syd took to the chair right away and tomorrow I will shoo him off long enough to put the cleaner on and let it soak in.  I lost some furniture in October that I am trying to counter sue for in small claims court.  It is nice to know that the universe will provide me with what I need in the meantime, and that perhaps it will be a better fit, more comfortable, and better made!  Syd thinks so.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Metal Pieces For The Quilt

I started gathering the metal pieces that I will use for the metal quilt today.  These are my rainy day pieces of metal that I have collected for years not knowing what I might use them for.  Since the last two moves I have almost lost everything, it seems too risky to save anything for rainy days.  So I am going all out!  I will use every resource I have, and can obtain, and work as quickly as I can to finish all that is on the bench.  I haven't cut up any pop or beer cans for this project yet.  There will be color, and there will be pattern, and texture.  I am seriously looking at tins at the thrift store as they are colorful and the lids are already flat.  I am sorry for the delay on this project.  There have been some people in my life that choose to be light traps.  I can't work under those conditions, and I can't just let them shit on me and think they can get on down the road.  Hopefully when I have finished with the dirty work of putting out the trash, I will be totally free to enjoy the process of creation.  But working a little bit each day on metal work, and putting together my court case for a little while might just be the balance that I need to get both projects done.  I trust that my readership is out there enjoying this spring as I am doing and getting down to the business of living.  Every day I find another reason to feel grateful.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Turning The Tables

I have finished with my reports about my sisters Crystal Meth activities and hopefully can get back to the business of silversmithing and larger art projects.  My sister has been engaging in some felonious crimes in addition to trying to have me removed permanently from her property.  She and her boss Jeff at ITM Marketing removed pain medication from her former boss's deathbed before Hospice could retrieve it.  The way Raquel tells the story is that Suzi (dying) wasn't even dead yet when she (my sister) revealed to Jeff hospices practice of removing such medications.  So this winter when I was staying with Raquel, she and Jeff sold these pain meds to the local meth heads.  Raquel is fond of that story and she told it often.  The problem is that once the meth heads knew she had this medication in her gun safe, they called her all hours of the day to get it,  Her son Taran was sent to rob the safe at one point, and couldn't have been successful without the combination that he got from Raquels X husband who continues to allude capture.
Today, both area hospices are getting my account of what my sister told me they did.  My purpose for being at Raquels was her decision to stop having anything to do with the meth heads.
Within a week of me moving in with her, she was back in with them, and at that point...I was in the way.
On the night of February 17th my sister staged the execution of the neighbors orange cat.  My actions to prevent her from doing this are fairly predictable.  What I didn't realize at the time was that she was attempting to get me arrested and removed from the property by calling 911 and falsifying a domestic violence incident.  While the Coshocton County Sherrif was on the way, my sister ordered her daughter to take two rifles from her gun safe, and a basket of paraphanalia and put them in my truck.
Guns and paraphernalia pretty much will const6itute a felony charge and prison time, and it is to my nieces credit that she didn't lie for her mother that night.  Otherwise dear reader I wouldn't be here this morning blogging about this horrific incident.  It is also to the Sheriff in charge that night that he didn't blindly follow my sisters intent.  My sister claims that the Coshocton County Sheriff visits her at work and continues to add details to his report.  I have to wonder if this Sheriff knows what all my sister has involved herself in, or if he truly has been duped.
While I was living with my sister, my nephew got a speeding ticket and was driving with expired tags.  My sister brags that the man who services the copier at work made those charges disappear as he was riding shotgun with the Frazeysburg police.  This all happened when half of Frazeysburgs municipal workers resigned and their computers confiscated.  In all probability the counterfeiting that originates from these same pocket of Crystal Meth folk are succeeding with the help of local police.
I had to take into account that at least in two of these police offices the meth heads have someone helping them on the inside.  The meth heads that have my sister and nephew operate unencumbered because the jurisdictions of where they live and where they operate cross three counties...and three police departments.
My sister could be charged with planting evidence in addition to selling prescription pills that were the property of Hospice.  She needs to be stopped some way.  My intention this week by filing my reports is to get her meth head friends to run for cover.  They know she blabbed and bragged about what all she and they did.  They have feared this blog for quite sometime, as I don't protect dealers that rip me off, break promises etc.  I don't have a problem with smoking a little dope from time to time.  I do have a problem with stealing heirlooms, counterfeiting money, robbing safes, selling pills stolen from hospice etc.  All my sister had to do when I was living with her was to stop doing meth, stop letting thieves into the house.  She couldn't do it, and now she is going to be scrambling for her next fix as these people are gonna put distance between them and her.  It is my hope that by this weekend all the cops involved are going to realize how these folks have been thumbing their noses at them.  I would guess that my sisters house will not be a safe place to go, or call if you are a meth head.
I haven't heard word one from the Coshocton Sheriff department since I left my sisters February 18th.  The fact that they are coming to her workplace is comforting to me.  I believe they are on to her...even before they get my account of what all she has been up to.  I have turned the table on my sister.  She gets the Karma of trying to get me arrested that night 3 fold.  Hopefully they will get her the help she needs before she harms any more people. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weeping Cherry Tree

There is this gorgeous tree on my street that practically stops me in my tracks each day when I pass it.  I keep wondering if there is such a thing as a weeping cherry bonsai tree?  I will be busy wrapping up and sending my meth head reports this week and contacting folks who will back me up should the cops get befuddled and mislead again.  The weeping cherry tree certainly is a reflection of my soul this week.  I wonder if my sister even sees the beauty of spring this year.  Even death itself is probably beautiful from the other end of a meth pipe I am guessing.  So sad, and such a waste.  My sister is a fantastic photographer that has won several ribbons for her photographs.  Crystal meth has replaced her creative eye though, so it is not likely that she is out snapping shots of this magnificent spring.  If I were not so sad and afraid for my sister I would try to go get numb somehow.  But that is the trade off I guess...would I rather see and experience the beauty and art, or get high and numb and miss it?  Is there a balance?