Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Therapist Is A Professional

In previous blogs I have described how Women Who Have Options (WHO) use their titles and credentials to gather information on abortionists (the info passed on to people who will murder them).  They are not the hands that actually murder those people, just the hands that gather the intel.  My therapist was one of them.  She was also in my Sunday school class.  She was also in Willow Moon Circle a fake (look alike group designed at Aglow meeting) Dianic circle.
I reported this woman to The Ohio Board Of Social Workers prior to my arrest.  What I couldn't report though is that she has blackmailed family members with the information she gathered from our therapy sessions that I thought were protected by confidentiality!
I confess that in order to bring her, and her comrades to justice, I would have to break my own confidentiality.  This is what they call a double bind.
Her credentials are impeccable.  She managed to get me arrested, drug through the court system, and even 5 years afterwards punish me for the high crime of telephone harassment.
She knew the judge!  It is true.  In addition to being a "therapist", she was a court mediator, and a paid witness for the court.  She managed to prosecute me, and keep her name completely off the court docket.  Judge Higgins should probably be disbarred for not recusing himself.  My own attorney should probably be disbarred for not objecting.  They were protecting her.  I do not know though, if they would protect her if they knew that she is blackmailing certain members of my family.  More will be revealed.  You won't be able to find her name on this blog (yet), or The State Of Ohio vs Concha Hendershot.  I would be curious to find out (if any of you have the time to inquire) if you can find her name out though my complaint to The Ohio Board Of Social Workers.  Let me know.  I didn't know when I complained about her after her routing me towards the unneeded hysterectomy and vicious attack upon learning I got a second opinion; that she was blackmailing a couple members of my family!
I will break my confidentiality about that two years from time to time.  I won't be telling you anything that my family doesn't already know.  But hopefully, she will understand that blackmail is something my family actually has pretty good practice at, and she just might end up where blackmailers end up....where they deserve to be.
My brother and sisters and I blackmailed each other all the time.  
One of the stories I told her in therapy was the story about the time my father made me eat dog shit.  It is a true story that all my brother and sisters know.  It didn't happen to them, so it can not hurt them.  It hurt me though.  She knows many of these stories and she would in fact use them, if she thought she could use them for her dark purposes.
My father believed that us kids should eat everything on our plates.  If we didn't, we would have to sit there until we did.  I hated mayonnaise and anything that had mayonnaise in it.  Occasionally my mother, or when we visited someone, I would be in the position to have to eat mayonnaise or something like deviled eggs that had it as an ingredient.  When we went to a hamburger joint, even though I requested no mayo on my whooper, the mechanized robotic workers seldom could remember to not put it on.  My father got tired of me making a fuss about it.
One night when I refused to finish my dinner because of the disgusting stuff, he said "come with me".  He took me outside, to the place where our dog lived and put a dog turd on a Popsicle stick, and made me take a bite!  My sisters and brothers have a little song that they can still sing for you about that day.  My therapist told me that my father actually trained my brother and sisters to abuse me, and if I would have tried to remain in that family, they would have killed me.
I was able to overcome my inability to eat mayonnaise because of his punishment.  I don't like it, and I don't order it, but I can eat it if I have to.  That is the positive side of this story.
My father apologized to me for the way he raised me a week before he died.  The problem with that is, that he didn't do it in front of my sisters and brother.  So they think it is OK to just continue the ritual abuse.  My therapist used the abuse as well.  I am not saying that she is blackmailing them over that story.  I am saying that she got a lot of content about similar abuses in the 2 years I did counseling with her.  She told the larger group exactly how to ritualistically abuse me using that and similar stories, and she uses the details of other stories to blackmail them.  Hopefully, they are strong enough in their own abuse histories to resist her evil intents.  May we all get what we deserve!
I have spent a few days dissecting just one of the many look alike groups that she and the Aglow ladies created to entrap gays, witches, feminists, to their church, and I will continue the link analysis of the other groups, and the places I was with them when they infiltrated.  I am hopeful that they are just a little scared which would serve them right for their heinous crimes.  I promise to write more, and I promise to continue to show you how to find them.  I am just one person, who they managed to arrest, convict, sentence, and silence.  Us telephone harassers though have a way of coming back after a few years to try again. 

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