Friday, March 8, 2013

Pleased To Announce

  This is the smile of happiness minutes after I won my ribbon last Saturday.  I couldn't be more pleased as you can tell and I was just told the quilt will come to Newark in August sometime (to be announced).  I am busy trying to get the next projects underway, and trying to move on with my life in spite of recent attempts by old buddies that weren't ever my friends to bring me down.  I take responsibility for making mistakes along the way such as trusting the wrong people, and being loyal to people who do not deserve loyalty.  I have survived their underhanded attempts to stop me from attaining my goals and I know that my good friends have helped me to practice "great restraint".  I can thank George Annarino (my sensei) for instructing me along those lines and my dear friend Eve that I quote with her voice in my mind "don't be stupid".  We laugh about that, but it is true, and a great weapon in armory to combat evil.  Art can be a very healing medium to use as therapy when the oppressor won't stop oppressing!  I am grateful for all my teachers along this incredible journey we call life!  Thank you one and all who have supported my efforts.  I promise you you will be dazzled by my next projects. 

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