Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recovering The Damages

Sometimes it takes a while for me to replace a piece of equipment that was damaged or stolen.  I have to believe that the God (Goddess) of my expanding understanding wants me to have the tools and supplies to make my creations.  It has taken me 20 years to replace the banding wheel that was borrowed and lost in the mid 80's.  Likewise, it may take me a long time to replace the kiln that Nesley busted almost 2 years ago only 2 days after she didn't get rent!

I am so looking forward to my upcoming court case with her.  Her lease was not breached by me as there are late fees contained in the lease, and two days late would have cost me a few dollars at the most.  This is a picture of her breaching her own lease as well as breaking my ceramic kiln.  Even though retaliatory eviction is difficult in most instances to prove, this photo and the other ones from that day are well on the way to proving my case.  I have a couple more aces to play in court that have not been revealed in this blog, and because she and her attorney tried to suppress my evidence, it isn't entered yet.  I met Nesley Thomas in the Granville cult Willow Moon Circle in 1995.  And while she believes she has the support of the cult that continues today, they can't afford to be exposed.  The double bind technique is not unfamiliar to me as I have read much in 11 years about what offenders do to their victims.  What they haven't planned for is me turning the tables on them.  Now if someone puts in writing that they are going to replace my kiln, I will be happy to drop my counterclaim.  Otherwise, I will begin working on rehearsal for my upcoming trial.  Remember...goddess said "recess is over"! 

I hear she has had two tenants since I left:)

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