Friday, November 30, 2012

Grandma Sue Turns 95

My Grandmother turned 95 this month.  I didn't get to celebrate her birthday with her because of the trip to court...that didn't happen.  Grandma liked my metal quilt, recognized the pattern (bow tie) and even had a few quilt stories to tell me as well as the story about her getting struck by lightening when she was a junior in high school.  Each time I visit her, I hear more layers to her stories.  One thing is for sure, I have the same survivor spirit that she had when she battled for her life at age 17.  She survived much, and I am proud to be her first grand daughter.  Hopefully, I will be able to spend her 96th birthday with her, and all my tribulations behind me.  You can hear Grandma Sue's story about her wedding day of YouTube....even though she doesn't know YouTube or anything about it, she allowed me to video her telling that story and I posted it a couple years ago.  I am so lucky to have a living Grandmother!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post Card To The Cult From Concha Castaneda

Dear Members Of The Cult.  I wish to leave this "cultural desert" here in Licking County.  Please do not prevent me from leaving.  I promise I will write.
                                              Love Concha

If I could make up a post card to the cult and church of the double would be short and sweet like I have tried to be all my life.  I actually owe them a thanks as when I went down to help with Animal Rescue after Katrina...I knew instantly Anna and I were in a cult.  I knew because I had so recently stepped out of one (First Baptist Church).  But Anna didn't know, and they of course separated us right away and drove the old wedge between us so that by the time she and I did see each other...she was furious with me and refused to even talk to me.  That is what cults do, they divide friends and family.  I continued to try to see and get Anna to talk to me while performing duties like walking dogs etc.  I got out of there, and almost got Anna out of there too, but she was too indoctrinated by the time I was trying to drive us home.  It was awful, there was a gun involved of course, and at one time Anna had it pointed on me while I was trying to drive us to safety.  I was in an altered state of hyper vigilance of course.   I ended up stopping to call home after that and reached in my glove box and removed my registration and took it with me to the phone.  I did that because my intuition told me to.  Cops came while I was on the phone.  They questioned me coming to meet them from the phone booth.  Anna tried her best to have them take me, and give her my truck.  It almost happened....instead they took her somewhere and told me to beat it.  I made it all the way to Jackson  (Lucinda Song), turned around and went back for her.  It was a horrible time, but I did have the good sense to keep my distance from "NOAHS WISH" after I knew what they were.  It felt just the same as being in the Feminist Sunday School class, Willow Moon Circle, and The Labyrinth Project.  Exactly the same.  After I got home and recovered from the experience they sent me a T-shirt.  I guess it is so I can say "been there, done that, got the T-shirt". A couple years later I got verification about the Noahs Wish cult by about Terry Chrisp absconding with a few million.  That information that I didn't need, but if only David Anna's husband would have believed me instead of her....He found out I was right around the time she died...such a sad story with such a sad ending...friggin cults!  I wish there was someone in the cult I could cut a deal with to get the fuck out of here...but I know there isn't as they just want to control me, or destroy me till the end of days...  So the most powerful thing I can do to get the hell up out of here before I kill somebody, or be killed; is to keep writing about it and keep telling my friends and new friends about it.  So go on you fuck heads and reinvent the story of the Labyrinth.  I wish you light on your path.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From The Book Of Nightmares

The Case Of The Vanishing Books-Taken From “The Book Of Nightmares”

Once upon a time there was a small town that had a great library.  The library was so great that it had to expand, hire new, more advanced and educated help.  At the time of the move and expansion there was a great upgrade from the old system (card catalogue) to the new digital system.

But there lurked in the small town a group of frightened souls who loathed and feared the contents of the library and vowed to try to censure the books as the books contained enlightenment that would expose the corrupt dark souls and their methodology.  So the dark souls devised a way to remove certain books that contained certain enlightenment’s from the library one by one, year after year yielding about 2000 books a year.  For 15 years they remained undetected and were confident that they were removing books faster than the new books of enlightenment could come into the library, or even be written.  Some of the townsfolk noticed the missing books.  They were given various semi-plausible explanations that only now seems lame.  It was easy to remove and discard these books as more and more of the townsfolk became enamored and preoccupied with computers and the digital virtual world.

They carefully removed these books by stealing them and systematically discarding them through volunteers as well as patrons. The volunteers became staff.  It became more streamline to remove the books of enlightenment as the staff hired on more dark souls, and more dark souls volunteered year after year.  There was a continuum.   They took the books to an undisclosed location in a nearby village to prepare them for a great burning.

It is written that “wicked witches were invented by frightened men”.  Any books written about and by witches had to be removed from the library in order for the frightened men to sleep at night.  After the witch books were safely removed the frightened men realized that they were still afraid, even when they were awake…and even in broad daylight!  It became clear to them that the witches themselves needed to be removed.  Systematically, year after year the frightened men and their women began hunting and trapping local witches, psychics, mid-wives, druids, and sorcerers.  Still they were afraid and so they began hunting in larger circles covering more area.  Burning books and eliminating people became sport in the small town and nearby towns as well.  They extended and expanded to international territories.  Fires around the world were aglow.

Feminists were also to be feared and therefor removed from these towns, their books removed from the library shelves.  Children’s books were vanishing.  Imaginary fiction like Harry Potter and Mrs. Pigglewiggles magic gone…leaving the big bad wolf and red ridding hood…so that fear could be cultivated in their young.  Books on birth control and even law books were threatening to these frightened people.  It was rationalized that people who would try to study law might undermine the frightened men’s legal system.  And it was rationalized that a woman who would seek natural childbirth and attempt to take control of her own body threatened the local medical establishment.  This was more frightening to both the frightened men and their women because they needed to control the genealogy of the whole town to try and protect themselves from the outcomes of their and their children’s mistakes in judgment.  Indeed the children and teenagers began lacking good judgment because their choices (books and friends) had been limited and censored.  Critical thinking skills were no longer allowed to be taught in the schools of fright.  The frightened men knew better than to carelessly interact with the gene pool but had occasional mistakes in their judgment as well. Mistakes had to be corrected at all costs lest their be too much diversity in the frightened men and women’s lineage. 

Books about the earth and the environment were heavily scrutinized as they might propose ideas that the frightened people were so afraid of as they might lose income that derived from the pillaging and pollution of the planet.  Any book that suggested that man kind was murdering the earth was a threat to the frightened people who were of course murdering mother earth in addition to their other crimes.  And even though homosexuality and bisexuality were a common thing in nature, the frightened people were afraid of it.  Period.  It was not enough to eliminate books about this subject.  The frightened people were hungry for the hunt.  Everybody knows that faggots make the best kindling for the fires for witch and book burning.  It finally became legal for gays to serve in the military.  They were groomed for the front lines of course.  It was a eugenic decision as were most of the decisions made by the frightened people in the frightening town.

Choice and equal rights became scarce as the books continued to vanish along with some of the townsfolk.  Anyone different or with different ideas were marked for future bonfires.  These “occultic” actions continue to this day unnoticed by most, but becoming apparent to others.  It is clear that something has to be done to help the frightened people get over their fright.  When everyone and every book is gone and the only ones left are the other frightened souls, they might just start being scared to death of each other and their own dark shadows.

                                                                                                     © Concha Castaneda 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Case Of The Vanishing Books

In addition to the two other books I am writing emerges a short story called The Case Of The Vanishing Books.  Yesterday, I had three hundred hits on this blog.  Since I only have 22 followers (official) that means I have over 200 shadow followers (I average about 250 hits a day).  It only confirms what I already knew to be true.  That same church cult that has been following me since my teenage years continues to follow me in my middle age.  That of course is what ritualistic abuse is all about!  If you didn't read my blog yesterday, then do so today so that you can understand the magnitude and sophistication of this local and international cult.  I promise I will fill in the blanks as my story unfolds to me.  It almost goes without saying that the same church organization that would be worried about little Johnny's and little Janey's exposure to occultic (new age) materials in the school textbooks would also be threatened by any of that material in the local library.  Because of course we wouldn't want little Johnny or Janey to ever have "choice".  We wouldn't want them to accidentally learn critical thinking skills!
So what would a modern day book burning look like?  Well....dear readership (and not so dear readership), it would be the methodical elimination of those kind of books from the library.  But it couldn't be as obvious as an old fashioned book would have to be "occultic"...that is hidden.  In order to do that, the true guardians of the library would need to be distracted from the theft.  Dark librarians, and volunteers from the church cult would need to be sneaky in their methodology.  My short story The Case Of The Vanishing Books is about that theft.  I grieve over the loss of the books...I can only imagine that included in the modern book burning are works such as C. S. Lewis, and M. Scott Peck.  I remember the cult didn't like M. Scott Peck...particularly The People Of The Lie (which they are from all I have experienced).
In terms of my own growth and development, the carefully contrived witchcraft group, was supposed to what....make me turn towards Christianity?  Christianity has been the root of the systematic torture that I have experienced since my teenage years.  The loving God they promote isn't accessible to me, has never been accessible to me through the people of His church.  On the other hand...real witches have provided the knowledge I needed to escape the destruction of the systematic torture.  When my sister was killed and the church was trying to route me into an unneeded hysterectomy I received a letter of sympathy, and a suggestion that I get a second opinion about the surgery.  That letter saved my life.  I can only guess the hateful members of that church were meaning to murder me under the pretense of the operation.  This county has a hospital that has murdered people in the past...and the legal system is all but locked up behind a law library that you need a key to get into.  Current law books are being discarded....I noticed.  The control that this cult has over a persons life is vast. 
That is why they wanted my friend Cindy Parker.  She was a midwife, and the local hospital can not have midwives out there their very existence threatens the local hospital.  Lucky for Cindy she moved away.  Not so lucky for me, I moved back to help my sister out.  My sister just happened to take up with a Frazeysburg "spirituality" circle.  I can only guess they are an offshoot from the original church cult that I was nearly destroyed by.  They have her, and I am sure they love bombed her, and then talked her into at least pretending to shoot the neighbors cat.  It seems that each time I try to either defend myself, my door, or my pets, I encounter law enforcement that would make me into the "offender".  I get it....I really do.  My cat isn't safe.  I am not friends, family.....not safe.  So what am I to do?  What am I left with?  I certainly can't write books at the rate they are removing them.  One of these days the evil church cult will turn on my sister.  I won't be able to help her as they drove a wedge between her and I.  I can only hope and pray (yes I pray to a loving higher power) that she is wise and will know from all I have told her previously what they are up to.  And they are up to a lot of things.  More things than just burning books and torturing survivors.  Don't go to Licking Memorial Hospital, or Moundbuilders Guidance center dear readers.  Those two places are dangerous to women, to children, and they have a whole Eugenic system.  They literally control all the eggs, birth and sometimes death.  If you use these two places you might not come out alive.  Stay tuned my you know and as I have said "I would rather be making jewelry and Christmas gifts for people".  But as long as this so called Christian Hate Group is operating as it has been and as it is...the best use of my time is to make sure there is documentation of their activities.  I can do that by writing fiction.  One of these days you are all gonna get caught.  In the meantime, reexamine your motives, tactics, and results.  I can pretty much tell you that I would never go to a church that had your hateful people there.  When Janey and Johnny grow up and go out there into the world, they may discover that they grew up in the town of The People Of The Lie.  They may or may not forgive you for taking away their choice.  What are you gonna do when they find out that magic and witchcraft are not nearly as dangerous as their own family and their own church?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Granville Aglow Meeting

Back in the late 80's or beginning of the 1990's I was invited to attend a luncheon at The Granville Inn put on by the Ohio Chapter of Aglow.
I also was urged to bring my friend Cindy Parker along.   The speaker was a woman who claimed to be born with no eyes, and of course she was the living proof of a modern day miracle.  I didn't believe the story, and I was warned early on in life not to fall for anyone ever telling me that my sight in my left eye would ever be replaced.  But the tickets for Cindy and I were free, it was a beautiful day, and The Granville Inn is a wonderful old historic building.  My friend Cindy was an herbalist and a midwife, so I understand why she and I were invited that day.  Cindy didn't make it through lunch or the speaker and she told me she was leaving because she felt people were glaring and staring at us.  Of course they might have been, but I wouldn't have noticed that if they were to our left as that is my blind side.  The lunch was pretty awful in that it was some sort of tuna mayonnaise item that I had to force myself to smile and eat...but I did grin and bear it.  Following the miraculous speaker the women of Aglow had a business meeting.  The main topic of conversation and concern was "the occult" and how it was effecting their children through TV, school, contact with people, etc.  There was not much discussion or debate on that, I mostly remember them being concerned about new age ideas in their children's text books.  The brainstorming about this resulted in the women deciding to create look alike groups supposedly to lure their own children to, instead of a genuine occult group.  It is pretty ingenious when you think about it.  But the Christian Right has always been very I was not surprised, and I realized they were concerned about people like my friend Cindy, and me...although I certainly could not claim any real knowledge about any one branch of the occult.  But we were targets that day and a lot of women got to see us....we probably had our picture taken.  
In 1995 I was invited to a spirituality circle called Willow Moon Circle that was formed out of The Granville First Baptist Church.  My mother died sometime around that time and my memory is somewhat foggy...but I tried to heal my grief by plunging into my art.  So I helped the Granville Church build the portable labyrinth that the local paper is saying was created 3 years ago.  I realize the labyrinth in the 90's was a trap...part of the look alike groups the Aglow women were creating 5 years earlier!  I didn't know I was in the trap, and I regret that I helped them make the trap.  More significantly was the pretense of the Church to be Welcoming And Affirming.  I didn't see either of those things.  It was all just an elaborate plot to get Gays to come to that church and sign their names, get on the mailing list...get their pictures taken.  All for the purpose of systematic torture.  Just plain ole mean White Supremacy Granville style.  I think the plan worked as the labyrinth lured in new age people and the circle lured in feminist witches, and the Church lured in homosexuals.  So the Granville portable labyrinth has to have a new history I am guessing because of course the good church needs fresh victims.  I will keep you posted my dearest readership.  My long time oldest friend who's parents were both ministers said to me once "Church People Are Mean".  I believe that sums it up pretty well.  But of course I know how far some of them will go....and ritualistic abuse, torture, rape, and murder are beyond mean.  May we all get what is coming to us! 
I still have the advertisement for that luncheon ladies.  It is pretty lame to fake miracles.  You worry about your children being exposed to the occult when all you can offer them is theatrical ploys.  No wonder they crave the new age and would turn from the church.  The very thing you fear and try to kill is the very thing that has kept me alive and surviving.  If it were not for real witches and real divination, I would have fallen into your traps and probably not be alive right now to write about it.  I wouldn't dream of asking for my sight back, when it has been replaced with a more powerful sight.  Run ladies, your time is almost up.  No one is going to fall for your labyrinth trap.  I promise you.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Had They Already Set Me Up?

I look at this picture now and realize that Nesley had already drove the wedge between Lori and I.  Does Lori know how dangerous the Granville cult and Nesley's nest really is?  Did she already make a deal with them at the time of this photo.  Had she already sold me out to them.  Lori knew the story about the Granville cult as I told her when we first got together.  But she may not have known that they would come after me and try to harm me again using her.  I pray that there are others out there who would protect Lori from them.  Nesley is a pedophile (reduced to contributing and expunged from detection).  The teenagerer's in the photo of the three destroying my kiln are teenagers that Nesley brought along for the drug dealers and are now her "tenants".  They grew up in the cult environment and are now doing Nesley's bidding.  I could tell they were reluctant that day to break my kiln.  I forgive them.  Nesley on the other hand needs to be taken to task for all that she has done and continues to do.  I posted this be posted on Sunday.  Revisionists are hopefully resting for a day, but I am not.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Ultimate Challenge

 I wrote to Gayle back in 1999 after leaving the Granville cult and moving to Columbus.  I still treasure her letter of response and I am comforted that there is another human being out there that knows what happened to me in Granville at The First Baptist Church.  Of course her book has vanished from this library along with any other book about ritual abuse that could help victims and put a spotlight on the offenders...go figure!  Here is a link to the description of her book.  There is not one thing that I described to Gayle that is not covered in her book.  This all took place before the popularity of the internet, so I would hope that her revised edition would include how social network sites can be used to further abuse and victimize as well as keep track of their victims.  Gayle is one of several people that I wrote about the Granville trap.  Hopefully enough people know, and enough people are about to know that we can expose them, or make them run back under the rock they crawled out from under.  I hope if you are a survivor of this, or know someone who is that you would somehow get this book.  It clears up all confusion and can turn a victim into a survivor.
I would need to write to Gayle again and give her an update on my adventure in 2002 where I got in trouble for standing up to my stalker (in Columbus).  My oppressors love that story and they have made sure that my victimization appears as if I was the criminal.  It is a common tactic that has worked up to this point.  The best revisionist trick ever.  Make the victim into a criminal so no one will ever believe them.  Ms Woodsum says that it may take decades to actually get law enforcement to come after the offenders instead of the abusers.  So we must do what we must.  Those who know me know I was the one being stalked, and not the other way around.  But those who hate me will use this forever against me so that they can continue molesting children, drug dealing, theft, and all their other petty little interests.  Hey dumbasses, I am not frightened in the least at your revisionism of me.  I am not ashamed of standing up to my stalker, and I won't be effected by your ploys.  You may be able to manipulate others with this, but as long as I know what really happened then I care not what you have planted out there that is false.  I have never done violence to anyone, but much violence has been done to me...and it is the offenders that have painted the false picture.  That is all they can do....the only trick in their bag.  Tricks are for kids...silly rabbit!

Friday, November 23, 2012

What would Durga Do?

There was a great tradition among the Cheyenne dog soldiers… They would get a tanned rope, called a dog rope…and a picket pin that’s used to stake horses to the ground. They would attach the picket pin to the sash, the dog rope, that was attached to them. And then in battle they would drive the picket stake into the ground. And that was done as a mark of resolve. Because once it’s driven, you can’t leave until either you’re dead or you’re relieved by another dog soldier or the battle’s over and everyone is safe. So the question I ask people is…where will you drive your picket pin? Where will you stake yourself out and say I’m not going to retreat any more?
Derrick Jensen, Endgame

I could not do a traditional Thanksgiving this year after contemplating what a "revisionist" holiday it has come to be.  I grew up with the pilgrim stories like everyone else, family ritual turkey everyone else.  I ran away from home one Thanksgiving and spent Thanksgiving with a family in Buffalo New York.  I admit that it felt weird.  There was absolutely no abuse!  I am grateful for the kindness and good times that people have shared with me throughout my journey on this earth plane.  You know who you are good people.  I thought of you yesterday.

I am not going to run from my abusers while I am here in Newark.  That cult is alive, well, and thriving.  They are recreating the history of the labyrinth that I helped construct in 1996.  I guess they need a false history in order to reset the trap!  They are still removing books from the libraries so that women (mostly) do not have access to knowledge.  Not a single book remains on the subject of ritualistic abuse from the 90's!  Most of the books I read back then have been stolen or discarded.  In their place....books that would victimize the person seeking that knowledge.  It is insidious.  I am lucky that I already read and know what I need to know.  After you know what you know, you know?  You can quote me on that.

At the suggestion of librarian's (plaural) I began making an outline for a book that I am going to write.  In doing so I realized that I have two books at the very least that are trying to surface.  Two outlines, for two books.  One book about the process of metalsmithing and the other about the specifics of the local chapter and schematics of ritual abuse, and my experience strength and hope as a survivor.
Recently, I read in two books that I own that copper was first used in 8000 BC.  These are giants in the field of jewelry design.  But it just is not so.  They have pulled up copper implements, and ornaments out of the local mounds here in Ohio that predate that!  I can imagine that one metalsmith quoted the other metalsmith in his book and therefore we have two important books with revised history!  I can see how it happens.  I can also see how it can be manipulated to happen.  The other day I purchased a law book that is specific to Ohio Rules of Law 2010 in the discard room.  Having spent so many hours at the law reference table I knew that the book I paid a quarter for was more current than the reference books upstairs.  So the cult has someone working diligently at both the Newark and Granville library that is getting rid of books.  That was happening in 1999 when I left Licking County.

So in answer to Derrick Jenson's original quote at the beginning of this blog today.  My two books in outline form are my picket pin.  The message to the current cult members is pretty clear...I will work on what is in front of me first and foremost.  If you send more of your shithead members after me to torture me further....I will work on the book about your cult with the link analysis to go with.  If you leave me the hell alone I will work on the jewelry book.  It is up to you.  I have one of your members in a monkey trap right now in Columbus.  She is a pedophile.  I hate them.  You sent her after me to torture me.  I knew it, but I could never prove it.  I am not letting her go.  I am not walking away from exposing her in court, and I am going to enjoy beating the snot out of her legally.  She can thank you for that.  If I were you I would punish her for being so obvious.  Remember she made a video of the Granville Labyrinth.  She has created writing the references it.  I will be submitting some of her writing about my participation in the Labyrinth project in court on the 20th.  That will make it a public that is in opposition to your recent local newspaper story.  You have careless members...too grandiose...too greedy.  You will have to do better than the plasticine witches next time.  But hey.....listen here, there better not be a next time.  I think this library needs some more books on ritual abuse and the connection to Granville Ohio so as people will stay out of your little theme park village, and maybe not use the hospital, or the local lawyers. have lots at stake, but trying to control all information is over the top....not subtle enough.  Tricks are for kids....silly rabbit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Importance Of Revisionism In Licking County

I have been busy with projects for folks this week as well as rereading an important book on ritualistic abuse.  This is an arrow head from Flint Ridge State Memorial Park, where I did a workshop in June, and have jewelry for sale in the museum.  I don't ever quite know what sort of project I will be working on next.  It all depends on whatever seems to be pressing.  With my court trial put off into the future I am free to pretty much do whatever I want.  What I have always wanted was to design and create jewelry.
I won't be writing another book about cults or ritual abuse as that would be reinventing the wheel.  My book will be about my lifelong attempt at creating art and the pitfalls of how hard it is to do that when a nest of criminals want to harm me.  Lucky for me they want to stay largely undetected.  So if I really want to do serious work that is uninterrupted I need to spend time causing them to run for cover....long enough to get my project done.
Yesterday I wrote about my leaving Licking County in 1999 only to be followed by a "nest" that were already located in Columbus.  It would be difficult to explain the size of the "cult" as it expands and contracts as needed...just like insects.  I am also relieved that cult members are expendable.  In order to protect the core of the cult, they will eliminate members that are no longer useful to them.  I would imagine that Nesley and her sidekick Blankenship are answering for their inability to refrain and restrain themselves.  Their greed and grandiosity will be their undoing.  I have had 16 years to think about my experience with the Granville cult and have determined that at the heart of what they do is "Revisionism".  While they are attempting to alter the future by planting falsities in the local newspaper, cult members have been busy eliminating books and materials from out local library.  In 1999 cult members were shedding about 2000 books a year from just this one library location.  Do the math dear readership...something like 2000 times 16 would be around the number.  They can't be detected, so it has to be done in a way that they can not be caught.  I noticed yesterday that all the books that I read back in the 90's about cults, cult ritual abuse, mind control etc. are strangely missing from this library.  Why would that be?  It is simple really.  They don't want their victims to be empowered by knowledge that would diminish their hold on them.  They can't succeed in what they do if they don't have access to victims.  They can't have victims if they can't frighten them into submission.  I got free of these people because I left, and I educated myself on their methods.  They were stupid to send Nesley and Jean after me.  I figured "let em twirl".  It was better to know the demons that I knew than to worry about some stranger they would send.  I played along.  I got away, and I played along.  I regret giving that group of people the labyrinth.  I gave them something they will use to harm.  I gave them a new symbol for their revisionist vision.  They manipulated me into doing art for them.  Art that they will use to lure in the unsuspecting.  You see the labyrinth is a symbol that contains all sorts of symbology inside the symbol.  But in the hands of the ritualistic abuser it is simply a symbol for an elaborate trap.  One way in, and one way out.  A maze is psychologically frustrating, not so with the labyrinth.  It is what it is.  They can make up a new history about the has been done before and it is being done all the time.  But as long as there are folks around that truly remember...I say give them the rope and let them hang themselves.  Go on little Nazi's (leftovers from project paperclip and monarch),  get creative...flamboyant....knock yourself out.  I know who you are, and how you operate.  I won't be tricked or manipulated by you anymore....and you won't know it for you best not even take the chance.  You have too much at stake to risk sending stupid people after really do.  I won't be lured down to your paper (the Advocate) to correct the "facts".  I have already been contacted by people who wonder how and why someone would need to falsify something like this (the First Baptist labyrinth project timing).  But I know why you need to revise history.  I don't have time to educate the public that doesn't care...I want to make new art that is not for Nazi's.  You have played a very important role in my development.  Take a bow.  Without you I wouldn't need talismans or amulates.  Will I mention you in the credits?  Wink wink.....guess you will have to wait for my book.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Inspiring Lecture

I went to a lecture on Saturday here at the library.  The man who spoke is a famous author who writes novels about war...particularly the civil war.  I had several click experiences while listening to him, the main one that kept coming up for me was his desire to tell us stories that are not known about the wars.  I look forward to reading some of Jeff's work, as I begin my own process of writing my own book.  My librarian friends have encouraged and helped me begin to form an outline and are going to help me get funding as well.  I too have war stories to share.  Stories that most people don't know and even more people wouldn't believe.
Writing for me has always been a way of purging.  I don't fancy myself as a writer per say...but more of a journalist...ethnographer style.  As I have a break from the worries of my upcoming "trial" and the "tribulations" that both preceded it and will most likely proceed it, I realize that no one would understand what is happening between me and "the plaintiff" without the construct of ritualistic abuse.  In 1999 I read a book about ritualistic abuse that pretty much defined the personal war I had just endured.  It was freeing in most ways, but in order to escape the post traumatic stress that I inevitably picked up, I had to leave my home town.

When I moved away in 1999 I had been victimized by a very large cult.  I was so traumatized by the experience that I isolated myself and broke all ties with anyone I had known from the cult...except Nesley Thomas "my current plaintiff"!  Nesley and Jeanne seemed to leave the cult because they witnessed the abuse, and no longer wanted to have anything to do with them.  I must confess that I never quite trusted that they were not "assigned" to me to make sure I was neutralized.  I had limited contact with them as I made new friends and new contacts...some of which were involved in deprogramming.  

Since college and college level philosophy I have pondered whether evil actually knows it is evil.  After all these years I realize it is moot as being in the company of evil whether or not it knows itself is a trigger for me.  It just doesn't matter if evil is aware of itself...I can't be around it, don't want to be around it, and will do just about anything to keep it out of my life.

That Granville cult is still in existence and I most certainly did not expect to end up back here in Licking County where it is located.  But I have to go where the chips have fallen.  But while I am here, I am going to be doing everything in my power to expose the offenders who have survived in my absence.  I recently got a comment on an old blog about the "wingless angels" a 110 year old cult that still operates at Denison University, and most certainly was linked to the cult that I was involved with. The recent local news article about the new Denison Labyrinth certainly pushed my there is a person quoted in the article that claims the labyrinth I helped construct was made 3 years ago, when in fact it was more like 16 years ago!  Who would care, but the artist that really spearheaded the project right?  I care.  I was there 16 years ago when we made the portable labyrinth for the Granville First Baptist Church (Cult).  They have changed their name, but not their game.  They have always had their hand in revisionism which most of the public does not know about, nor care.  Nesley Thomas was also there and she made a video.  I have that video, I have the molds, templates and even the pencils we used to draw it.

Cult and Ritualistic experts would urge me to get rid of those materials as they might serve as "triggers".  I did burn a bunch of files in 2011, but there were too many to burn, and I have had to rest in between burnings.  

Jeff Shaara's stories are unique and authentic.  He goes out of his way to retrieve authentic material like first hand accounts in order to craft his stories.  I won't be getting rid of any more of the evidence that I can use to expose the cult, expose it's methods, and hopefully expose the individuals (criminals) that continue to operate modus operandi.  

Nesley has Lori under her control these days...or so she thinks.  I totally expect the "re victimization" tactics to try to derail my efforts to expose Nesley's criminal activity.  I realize she was and probably still is a member of the cult I escaped from in 1999.  I applaud myself for never fully trusting her.  I couldn't.  Her affair with a married man, her sex toy business that keeps her tenants in bondage, her drug dealing that involved teenagers...those things creeped me out and so I could not participate in most activities and had to insulate myself to a certain extent.  She would have no power whatsoever over Lori if Lori would just find a different drug dealer.  Perhaps she will get tired of the abuse of animals and children (Nesley is a pedophile).  There isn't a bag of dope in the world worth exposing yourself to an offender.  I would just rather go without.  They are such buzz kills!

Now before you all get your panties in a bundle because you feel I might just expose your criminal activity...remember I gave you the opportunity to leave me alone and you didn't.  Had you not sent two shitheads after me and tampered with my girlfriends sanity, I might be inclined to let you go.  But you didn't.  I want you to know, I still have my original core in tact, and there is nothing you can do to trigger me into being a victim.  You set the trap, and you are in it.  Let go of the fruit (it's rotten anyway).  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

2013 Predictions

Next year I think I am going to enter my metal quilt (the next one) in this show.  I am already a member of the registry and have been to two previous shows.  It occurs to me that my metal quilts are a perfect fit.  I predict that my legal difficulties will be in my rear view mirror by then, the plaintiff probably having legal difficulties of her own as I am praying and doing every thing in my power to expose her frauds.  Mr. Blankenship may take the high road and retire before getting disbarred for his involvement in her concealments.....I know I would if I were him.  Even though he is in debt bondage to her for her bailing him out for his previous 8 counts of Fraud and Misconduct and reinstatement...certainly she would release him from that after all he has done for her, and his current state of health!  Maybe not.  I have seen her cruelty to animals, her cruelty to children, and experience my own personal wrath of Nesley cruelty.  Of course I wasn't in bondage to her as I don't share her prurient interests.  The scheduled trial is December 20th (end of days).  The Mayan calendar reset and good to go.  I don't believe a circle (Mayan calendar is in a circle) has an end.  No end, no beginning....just reset.  I look forward to the coming year and banishing negativity out of my life!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Up Next

This weekend I will be wrapping an arrow head and finishing up my friends glasses.  Both projects are a bit tricky, and I was saving them for after my court appearance.  I appeared yesterday but my opponent did not.  I wish for the speedy recovery of my opponents council so that we can put all this behind us.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Old Bitch Warrior Rides again

My sentiments to my opponent 

Lyrics to Old Bitch Warrior :
Old Bitch Warrior she sleeps in the grave
People think so, but what they don't know
Is that she roams the streets in the still of the night
Ready to conquer up for the fight
And oh she's not afraid
The steel in her pocket
The ice in her veins
Fingers are calloused
Her nails thick and black
She's made her decision
And there's no turning back
Old Bitch Warrior
A scream in the night
Look over your shoulder
Put on the light
That wind in the shadows
She's with us you pray
Someone will find her
And take her away
She's not afraid
The steel in her pocket
The ice in her veins
Oh she can't be ignored
The building is burning
With a lock on the door
Old Bitch Warrior
She sleeps in the grave
People think so,
But what they don't know
She roams the streets in the still of the night
Ready to conquer
'Till they take her away
She's not afraid
Steel in her pocket
Ice in her veins
Enemies scatter
When she comes around
There's comfort in thoughts of her
Dead in the ground

By the time you read this dearest readership, it should be all over and done with in court.  My opponent has already exhausted her use of continuance, and possibly the Judges patience.  I am composing this on Tuesday an hour before I am supposed to appear for a last minute deposition.  Obviously I am not going as it takes an hour to drive there.  I objected to the deposition and I certainly wish I could see the gloating turned into frowns as I snatch the victory away from them for the 4th time?  Can't remember how many times....they thought they had me, but the universe isn't going to let them off that easy.  If you haven't ever read my short story Powder Finger and Graveyard Dust, it is a good read and composed about these people, how I knew they would act and what is probably going to happen.  If it were a movie, then Old Bitch Warrior would be the theme song!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


As I write this blog today I am distracted by a tree outside the library window...full of crows.  What could this mean?  Perhaps it is a good omen, perhaps not.  They may know something we don't is what I think.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beware Of God

I am terrible at telling jokes.  That being said here is the one I would love to be able to tell if I could only remember it all at the appropriate time to tell it.  What does an agnostic, insomniac, dyslexic do?  They stay up all night and contemplate dog.  I got a full schedule today, so I published this Monday evening.  I plan on making a day out of it in Columbus on Thursday, and be back to blogging late Friday if all goes well in court.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Honor Our Vets

Many in my family have and are serving our country.  I am taking a moment to reflect on the freedoms I enjoy because of their vigilance.  I tried to join the military when I was in high school when they were testing us and recruiting.  Because I only have one eye, I could not serve.  Thank you for honoring our veterans today.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tick Tick Tick

I will be busy focusing on my upcoming trial this week and may not be back to blog until Friday.  It is a bummer that I have to stop my creative process for such an uncreative process!  But what must be done...must be done.  10 am Thursday morning dear readers.  Light a candle for me will ya.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just Us

The origins of this tarot card are interesting in that it comes about originally because "someone" broke a promise.  Wink Wink Nesley,  Your time has nearly run out and now it comes down to Just Us.  You and me, and a little matter of you breaking a couple promises...and my kiln.  This is not so hard is about taking responsibility for your little fit of anger.  I will see you on the 15th and not a day sooner!  If you think you can beat this card, think can't.  You can file a motion with the court for continuance....which you have already done.  You can file a motion for a summary judgement which you have already done twice.  Your time is almost out, so you better just prepare to look at pictures of your bad ole self destroying my kiln, and prepare to explain your emails where you threaten me and stop trying to suppress my evidence.  Take responsibility for what you were proudly doing!  Come's not that hard.  It has cost you so much already.  Don't blow it now, by alerting the Judge further that you do not want him to know about what you have done.  Stop fighting it.  It is inevitable.  We are going to trial.  Make your stand, and if you don't have a case, then just let it go.  You can only win and get a blemish on my credit report.  There is no money in this contest for you.  Look it up, you can't garnish an SSI check.  Lori already knows you are a dumb ass, and has said so on many occasions.  She and I both knew, you have the money to get an attorney...and maybe....just maybe you can win.  So what!  But what are you winning?  You have already lost the most precious thing you could have lost and that was my loyalty.  My loyalty has been expensive to you.  You are trying to impress someone that thinks you are a dumb ass.  Ask her.  Go ahead.  Ask Suzi too.  Suzi came to me in January, with Curtis (two winters ago).  It was not a social call.  Plain City is pretty far away for a social call.  She came to share details with me...details about Lori and your involvement as "mediator".  Who asked you Nesley?  I didn't ask you.  I would bet money that Lori didn't ask you.  So why would you say something so stupid....after saying many other things that were equally stupid?  We are all in agreement that your maintenance man is only sleeping with you and out for your money.  He has a wife Nesley.  None of us are jealous of your affair with a married man.  Get over yourself.  Continue making a fool of yourself if you must....there is a card for that too!  All this energy, and money you have thrown at destroying me...because you are trying to impress Lori.  You're stupider than I thought.  Even if you win next Thursday, she won't respect you.  She never did.  It was all business.  I was the one that stuck up for you, and prompted her to come to your moms house to sell your possessions.  She didn't want to, and I convinced her she should...out of my loyalty for you.  You have repaid my loyalty with breaking your word, and breaking my kiln, for a woman who laughed at you behind your back....along with some of your other friends, who no doubt are still laughing behind your back.  It is true...and on some level you know it is true.  Tricks are for kids Nesley....silly rabbit!

Justice, in many Tarot representations, is Athena.
Athena was the patron goddess of Athens, credited with bringing not merely the idea of justice, but a model for justice, to Athens, Greece. Embedded in many versions of this card is the story of the cursed House of Atreus. Atreus broke a promise to Artemis, who in turn cursed his family, which was a house or lineage descended from Pelops and from Tantalus, who had fed his own son to the gods at a dinner party.
The story culminates with an episode involving Agamemnon, a hero of the Trojan War. Agamemnon was not always heroic, at least in modern eyes. He sacrificed his own daughter, Iphigeneia, to get a favorable wind to Troy. In vengeance for this unfatherly act, his wife, Clytemnestra, mother of Iphigeneia, orchestrated his murder. Their son, Orestes, in turn sought vengeance for the death of his father by killing his mother. He was then pursued around the world by The Furies, who avenged mothers killed by sons.
Athena then called an end to the cycle of vengeance and empaneled the first jury.
Justice mediates the various claims of right, of morality, of duty. In a world of scarcity, not every claim can be met. Justice, in theory, sets forth a system to judge between the claims. The tarot card is therefore typically closer to the notion of Jurisprudence than to the abstract concept of Justice.
The Justice card is closely connected to The High Priestess through its cross sum (the sum of the digits). Unlike the hidden knowledge of the High Priestess, Justice is decided in the open; we are left hoping that our intellect and our intuition take us to the same place.
Justice is also connected to Judgment (Tarot card), Key 20, the ultimate weighting of souls.
Maàt was a goddess of justice in Egypt. She ties Judgment with Justice, as she helped judge the souls of the dead. Therefore, on many Tarot cards of Justice, Maat appears.
The notion of Justice is older than Athena, of course, even among the Greeks. Themis, a Titan, lurks in the archetype too. She was a goddess of natural order, and judged souls after death. She is the intersection of the Sacred and Secular orders.[citation needed] Themis was the mother of The Fates, who must be accommodated.
Plato said that Athena came from Africa, and if that is so, it is likely that Athena’s origins lie in the Egyptian goddess Neith.[citation needed] Like Athena, Neith was a goddess of war and weaving, associating the card with the tangle of ordered threads that make up the fabric of communal life. Neith was also, in some stories, the mother of Ra, making her an avatar of the Mother Goddess who is the womb and tomb of the Sun. In Native American tarot decks, this card is sometimes associated with Spider Grandmother.[3]
Justice is also associated with the 11th card of the Minor Arcana, The Pages (at least in Waite and Ryder-Waite, who assigns Justice the number eleven). Pages represent the beginning of a journey. Justice is a necessary, but not sufficient, step in becoming fully human. It can be seen as a beginning.
While Athena usually upholds the existing order, demanding that everyone receive their due as defined by the current order, she is also the older sister of her brother.[citation needed] This is significant because the second child of Metis is fated to overthrow Zeus (The Emperor). Zeus ate Metis to prevent her from bearing this second child, but there are those who say he awaits the call, and that Athena may take up his mantel if he is never born. Then, Justice may overthrow Power.
When Justice appears in a throw, it usually signals that some injustice needs righting, that something in the world is dangerously out of balance. This could be interior to the Querent (not giving the self its due; arrogance), or it could be the calling of the Querent (to right some external wrong). It is important, however, that the Querent be aware that most things in the exterior world that they perceive (at least as mediated by a tarot throw) are in fact an externalization of some interior process or conflict.
Justice Reversed is the classic signal of life out of balance.
In Waite's classic version, to the right are represented the scales (Libra), signifying balance; to the left is the sword, signifying accountability.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I took this shot of my studio today as I was walking out the door.  I hate leaving there in the afternoon, when the sun light is streaming in.  It doesn't take much to make me happy... I realize now.  I saw a picture of myself from three summers ago when I was painting at Nesley's with Bonie B doing her ceiling.  I have lost probably over 80 pounds of weight since then...maybe more.  I can't tell as I don't have scales and have not been on scales since my doctor retired two summers ago.  I have not done any dieting or given up anything that I can consciously think of.  I realize people would love to know my secret.  Hell, I would love to know my secret!  My secret was secret from me until yesterday when I saw that picture!  I suspect it is because I only spend an hour at a time on the computer (3 or 4 times a week), and do not have a TV (with commercials that cause people to want to eat every 20 minutes).  I see so much in that photo that Bonie took that day.  I see me as a 280 pound woman who can barely get up and down a step ladder, and I can see that I was happy to be on a job site working alongside of my friend!  I wasn't very good at being a stay at home girlfriend.  I was always happiest when I was out doing a little job, or out doing a project.  Between Lori's unpaid phone bill, and my counterclaim against Nesley, they socked me over $3000.  They teamed up to do that, although I may not get the chance to prove it.  Pathetic when you consider how loyal I was to each of them.  I was loyal to each of them until what they were doing and how they were treating me stopped my loyalty in it's tracks.  I may never be able to trust any one ever again because of the two of them.  I hope so.  I hope it was a character flaw in them, rather than me.  I have been told I am trusting to a fault.  But loyalty is another matter altogether. 
My weight loss was noticed by several people, but I thought they were just trying to be nice or something.  I don't have much body consciousness.  Most of what goes on in me, happens up in my head.  But that picture from 3 years ago is more convincing than any scale or any compliment.  So dramatic.  I am much happier now that I don't live with a hoarder.  I wasn't all that keen on living in Linden either.  My first night there, they stole my lawn dwarf!  The week before I moved in, they tried to steal the gutters off the house.  I moved there because I thought it would be good for Lori and my relationship.  What I didn't know was that Nesley was working against that ever happening.  Maybe Lori knows that now, and maybe she doesn't.  Hopefully she will find out before Nesley screws her over!  Although, I shouldn't care...not really.  Not after how both of them treated me.  They deserve one another!
I couldn't have much of a studio at Lori's house, and my studio in Linden was constantly flooding.  It was very hard to get anything done in either place.
All that has happened is probably for the best it seems.  I may not be back here to blog before my trial as I am expecting metal in the mail and excited to get some new projects off to a good start before Christmas.  I have applied for a grant and may have some money coming my way in about 4 weeks.  As soon as my trial and tribulation is over I may start writing the outline for a book that one of the librarians convinced me I should write (after reading my court summary).  I would have rather been working on a book, than writing a court summary for sure.  That has been my point all along.  Maybe if I kick the evil ones hard enough in the teeth this time, word will get around to any other evil ones that want to screw with me.  I come out swinging, and unless you are up for the task...just stay the hell out of my light!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recovery And Retribution

One week from today dear readership, I will be appearing in Columbus Small Claims court to try and recover some of what I lost due to my poor decision to rent from Nesley Thomas.  Had I known that she would deceive me I would not have risked the move.  So here she is with her smug mug staring boldly at my camera, not transferring title to the property, not paying the taxes, not registering the property as a rental.  You must wonder, as I do why the city of Columbus doesn't come after her for tax evasion, and fine her for not registering the property as a rental.  Should the city decide to look into the matter deeper they would find also several code violations such as a roof that has only tar paper and one row of shingles over holes the size of a man.  By the time some poor soul falls through, she will be out of the picture as she sold the property land contract within 8 days of my move...with my furniture, food, and clothing still inside.  Look closely at her face and you will see a person who believes she is above the law and almost a dare in the expression as well.  Was she daring me to do something about her destroying my kiln right in front of me?  This is only 4 days after she didn't get her rent money.  
My counterclaim on November 15th covers the loss of the kiln in the picture as well as some other surprises.  It is doubtful that we will see this smug expression when I am finished with her next week.  I regret that there has been a year delay.  And you can bet that I will do everything in my power to put Nesley Thomas on the city of Columbus's radar.  At the time that I shot this picture I didn't know that she hadn't transferred title, or paid the taxes on the property.  At the time of this shot I was confused by her behavior.  If you go to the county auditor site (Clarence Mingo) and enter 2108 Paul Drive you can see the stats of this property and even find some of the other properties that the plaintiff inherited.  Not all of them mind you.  I haven't decided if she just knows the loopholes to get around what everyone else has to do, or if it is her unethical attorney.  Maybe it is a combination of both.  Maybe if you hire an unethical attorney and use your knowledge from H&R block as a tax consultant...maybe you can get away with not having to take responsibility just like the plaintiff.
But maybe...just maybe it is just a matter of time before she is caught and fined.  Who knows, maybe her karma is going to catch up with her at last.  It might be huge at this point.  The universe is always on purpose, and the universe I operate in doesn't support people like her and will give her opportunity to change.  That is my wish and affirmation for the plaintiff...that she take this opportunity to change.  She deserves to lose her home, as she attempted to make me homeless.  But maybe she can avoid losing her home even though that is what she deserves.  Perhaps her intent was not hidden from the powers that be.  Perhaps the verdict isn't in yet.  Perhaps her time is running out after all.  Hey Nesley (pay attention), there is still time to do the right thing...or maybe not.  Maybe her time is really up this time.  We'll see next Thursday.  Let me be an instrument to expose her fraud.  I can't do much about her breaking her word, or deceiving me...but I can invoke the powers that be to shine a light on her deceits.  By all the power of three times three expose the deeds of Nesley LOL.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Staying In Wednesday

I will be staying home on Wednesday to finish up my copper smithing projects and waiting for my customer to pick up her bracelets.  I may be able to jump over and work on my second metal quilt while I am waiting for her to arrive.  It looks like I may have a second mens size Thunderbird order.  That reminds me dear readership.  It is two for the price of one week next week.  Call me for details...but the jist is that if you buy one copper feather, I will send you two.  You buy one silver feather, I send you two.  If you want your order by Christmas, you will have to send me a deposit so that I can purchase the metal.  I need to know by November 15th, so that I can buy the metal after my court appearance.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thunderbirds And Lightning

I finished two Thunderbird bracelets this morning.  My Native American line is expanding.  These are a set of men and women's copper Thunderbird bracelets for a Native American couple that are celebrating their anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Brenda and David!  There is some evidence that copper aids arthritis.  I hope it is true and that these bracelets help with the pain.  I would need to make one for my hip, my shoulder, and feet.  I can't imagine what I would look like with those areas covered in copper.  Maybe I can make a whole chain mail suit of armors out of copper.  The copper and silver buttons I am making are in the background of this picture...waiting to be soldered this afternoon, or tomorrow morning.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Revisionism Or Poor Journalism?

The recent news that Denison University has built a new concrete labyrinth with grant money did not escape my attention because of the article in The Newark Advocate passed on to me by a librarian who remembered me because he bought one of my sterling silver labyrinths for his wife 10 years ago.  According to the article, this fella (who I never heard of) that headed up the recent project moved to Granville 3 years ago where he helped what was once The First Baptist Church construct a portable labyrinth.  That is either an out and out lie, or a misquote as I was there in the mid 90's at what was then (really) First Baptist Church, and we made the portable labyrinth way back then...NOT 3 YEARS AGO!  What is more astonishing to me is that I don't remember this fellow at all, and I was involved in every aspect of the project.  I was on all the committees. I did the artwork.  I designed T-Shirts, and Sterling Silver medallions and jewelry to promote the project and raise the money to purchase the plans.  I was there from ground zero, and was even quoted in the Advocate at the time.
I have only had the new article for a few days, but I managed to pull out some silver and gold labyrinths that I made and have kept, and I know I can lay my hands on both the old newspaper article about the project from the mid 90's as well as the molds and templates.
This could be a marketing opportunity for me I realize, but I remember how mean that church was by the time I left the project.  I am told they were kicked out of the Baptist Convention, so that explains the wording in the article "what once was First Baptist Church".  As I recall they were revisionists way back then, and I would guess are revisionists now as well.  I have no idea why they would try to make a new false history of the portable labyrinth that is only 3 years old instead of over 10 years old, except that maybe they think they can finally make some money off of it!  From what I can see, after being away for 10 years is that Granville has the look and feel of a theme park small maybe they can re-promote the old labyrinth, and new people can take the credit for it.  That would be very much like the folks I remember from First Baptist Church mid 90s.  Up to their old tricks.  Thankfully, some of us are still around that can correct the errors whether they are intentional (revisionist) or not!
I can't wait to see what marketing products they come up with.  Since the bookstore on Campus features items less than $30, it is doubtful that my USA made labyrinths would fit into the game plan.  I would guess there isn't anything in that bookstore that is not made in China, and maybe not anything in the whole town not made in China either!
I met Nesley (the landlord I am counter suing in court this month) in Granville.  I was never sure whether she left Willow Moon Circle (First Baptist Church) out of loyalty to me, or was sent after me to spy on my activities after I left.  I confess I still do not know.  Certainly, she has more in common with the do nothing, outsource it, sell it cheap from China (even if it is poison) crowd I met in Granville when doing the labyrinth project.  Even then, they would sacrifice quality for profit.  I can see how I was in the way and not really the artist they wanted for the project.  They wanted my artwork, my dedication, and time, but they wanted me to just give it to them so they could cheapen it.
"Oh but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now".  Maybe when I am finished with dismantling Nesley on the 15th, I will put my labyrinths on eBay or something.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reality Vs. Agreed Upon Reality

For quite sometime I have pondered the subject of so called reality and agreed upon reality.  I have been rereading The Teachings Of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda before I go to sleep each night.  Castaneda distinguishes the two worlds as reality and non-ordinary reality and is completely stressed out by the oppositions.  It is comforting to read Castaneda again after all these years although I no longer share in the young Castaneda's terror of the non-ordinary.  For instance agreed upon reality would proclaim that there is no such thing as magic or sympathetic magic, therefore objects would hold no power.  In my world however, this is dangerously untrue.
I was searching for something in my workshop the other day and stumbled upon an object that Nesley Thomas wanted me to cast for her...a plastic toy circus train car from her childhood.  She left no deposit with me, so the object and her signature with the object lay dormant until the other day when I found it.  I realized in coming upon it what a powerful thing it was...both the signature and the object.  What a shame that she didn't leave me a deposit,  otherwise I would have cast it and I would not have it in my possession less than two weeks before our court appearance.  I admit that I laughed out loud hysterically when I found it because I know without a shadow of a doubt that Nesley has tried unsuccessfully to use sympathetic magic on me with jewelry that I made for other people.  Take the Celtic love knot for instance.  I made this piece of jewelry as a Christmas present for Lori Rayburn, our first Christmas together.  I am sure that if Nesley were to procure this object from Lori, that she would be able to perform some sympathetic magical mischief.  But since I never actually wore the object, it would have little or no harm on me...rather Nesley would be harming Lori with it.  It would be the very same thing, if she got a hold of Bonie Bolens boot knife, or even her own mothers ring that I cut the stone and made the setting for.  None of these objects were ever mine as I made them specifically for other people.  Nesley is a reckless dark witch and so I would not put it past her to try something like that.  Nesley does not possess anything that totally belonged to me.  She managed to seize a house full of possessions that contained furniture, clothing, and objects I purposefully left for her greedy, grandiose, and reckless soul to find.
One time she brought forth a pentagram that she claimed that I had made.  Not only did it not have my signature, but it was not a symmetrical pentagram.  It had three pentacles carelessly put together and my discipline would never allow for me to make an object that could be inverted.  So today I gleefully laugh at her folly, and know that I hold in my possession "the real deal".  Will I use it before we go to court on November 15th?  I honestly do not know.  If I did use it, then I would never know if I could legitimately beat her in court with the agreed upon reality evidence I plan on presenting.  The signature alone may be worth $3000 if she is a fool enough to deny her own handwriting as she did last time we appeared for the original eviction.  It is more likely that I will keep this object till after trial on the 15th.  Perhaps she would like the object returned to her...I know I would.  Maybe she would be willing to make an exchange...lets say for a the one she destroyed on May 4th (4 days after she didn't get her rent money).  One thing I know for sure dearest readers is that this upcoming court case has always been about something other than it appears to be.  I know that, and Nesley knows that!  So come November 15th, there will be a battle with seeming insignificance fought in a quiet courtroom in downtown Columbus.  I have snatched her victory away from her 3 times at least.  She is fighting me for a dollar amount that she can never collect on, and has thrown hundreds of dollars toward an outcome that may indeed backfire on her.  That is the agreed upon reality of the situation.  My opponent is grandiose enough to think that if she believes something to be true, that it is.  That is a pitfall to her thinking and it must be a lonely place to have to make such decisions from.  And while I have very few people I can confide in when it comes to non-ordinary reality, I do have "doubt" in my favor.  It is said that skeptics make the best magicians.  We'll see. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Labyrinth At Denison

They have built a labyrinth at Denison University with grant money!  I can't wait to go see it.  I am thinking that my old labyrinth molds can be dusted off, casting equipment set up, and I have a future marketing project to pursue.  Many of you may know that I was instrumental in helping First Baptist Church make their portable labyrinth.  According to the article in The Newark Advocate this person named Ferre` supervised the project.  They erroneously quoted him as saying "When I came to Granville three years ago, we painted a "portable" labyrinth on canvas for what was then the First Baptist Church.  He may have came to Granville 3 years ago, but we painted that labyrinth for the church over 10 years ago.  And "what was then First Baptist Church"...where did it go.  Where did the original labyrinth that I made for them disappear to if the church has been dissolved?  Maybe I better take a buddy with me when I visit the new labyrinth as there seem to be some discrepancies in the stories.