Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome Simple Needs

It has been a couple years since I have seen Nesta (cat friend in Columbus).  Time flys when it is not draggin...you can quote me on that.  Perhaps the most hurtful part of everything that has happened since then is that I miss all my old cats.  I don't know how Nesley (not to be confused with Nesta the cat) did it, but she drove the wedge in so that I couldn't visit.  It sure wasn't my intention.  I tried my hardest to be fair and square as I moved onto my new home.  I can only think that Nesley did some sort of trickery and deception that caused a sudden closing me out, and away from the cats that I had cared for each and every day for 7 years!  I can only hope that someday the folks who have been fooled by Nesley will understand the destruction she has caused.  I don't fault them for being tricked.  I was tricked after all for at least 11 years.  I regret the day I ever let her into my home.
All that being said, welcome our 27th follower.  This blog is mostly genealogy and an online journal.  I have been accused of being self indulgent.  Maybe...I am not so sure.  That accusation was made by a very oppressive person, who I had refused to let into my home.  The reason I couldn't have her in our home was because of the violence in her own past.  2 of her former lovers had shot themselves (one dead) with her police issued revolver.
With my history of ritualistic abuse...I just couldn't allow her access to my only sanctuary.

That whole thing really went south.  I am in court with 2 individuals involved with those results.  Somehow, whenever I stand up for myself, I have to take some sort of punishment!  They would have me believe that somehow this is all my fault.  I can't change the way people think.  I write what I think.  Hopefully by now, folks will understand that they can not bully me into shutting up, or thinking the way they think I should think.
My friend is surrounded by the very people who are offenders (abusive personalities).  She has chosen them over me.  Maybe she was an abusive personality and I just didn't know it?  I have certainly been fooled before.  I am saddened.  I got a text message from one of my offenders that they are going to bomb my house, and take Syd my cat.  I really don't know what to do about it, we certainly have had bombings around here recently.  Trouble is the police have not ever really helped me.  Not one time that I can remember in all of my 54 years on this earth!  That is pretty good odds that help is not going to come from that direction.   My offenders have always been able to make me out to be the bad guy.  They really have.  Each and every time I have defended myself, my abuser has turned the tables on me, and they have gone free.
  I suppose if someone else gets hurt in the process of them trying to get at me, then help will finally come.  I won't hold my breath though.  More likely if someone other than me gets hurt while my offenders are trying to bomb my house....it will somehow be my fault that I didn't call somebody.  You see the dilemma right.  I miss Stubby the cat too.  Syd misses Lori.  Syd misses his outside.  I confess I am out of ideas.  They (the old cult) have me...stuck right back where I started, no protection...other than this blog.  Thanks for joining me.  Most days I am happy making new art.  I am out of ideas to make them stop.  I would gladly move away, but I have used all my resources to get here last year to help my sister.  I went in debt.  My offenders have money.  I think that abusing me is "sport" for them.  I am going to dig out all the old files that I didn't get a chance to burn and start updating the link analysis next.  It is not my first choice as I would much rather door some art.  It is not possible to do art in an environment of fear and upheaval.  Just maybe someone will recognize something from the link analysis and we can put a little pressure on the bad guys.  I certainly refuse to believe or contain the hate being directed my way. 
This is sort of what my own link analysis looks like.  I really never wanted to look at it again after I left this town and moved to Columbus.  When I get it finished I will post it on this blog, and just maybe some law enforcement person will care enough to examine it, and infiltrate the group, maybe even solve a crime or two.  The cult has changed their name, but not their game.  I hope I had something to do with that!  Just look up First Baptist Church in Granville and it will take you to the newly named cult.  Do not believe a word of what you read there, and just spread the word to anyone you know that would care about such a thing as ritual abuse and a church full of pedophiles and we can just keep sounding the alarm...silently.   I will do everything in my power to dismantle any part of them.  Leaving for 10 years didn't work, and so if I have to be here, then I am going to be busy.  If I have to have dead animals on my patio, and bomb threats on my phone, then I am going to be busy.  If I have to deal with a landlord that someone has caused to fear me, then I am just going to have to tell her to read all the blogs, and look at all the story.  She was raised in Granville, and probably knows some of my abusers!  At any rate, I am going to be busy.  3 times folks have threatened to shut down this blog.  I have 15  un-moderated and unpublished comments left on this blog just in case law enforcement wants to bust the person who made them (who was impersonating a police officer).  It hasn't happened yet, and most of the threats I have received have been nothing but hot air.  There were only 4 followers the first time someone tried to shut this blog down.  I might have considered, but my numbers just kept climbing.  So instead of believing someone who was threatening me, I did my own thing.  Stay tuned    

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