Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Who Is This Drummer?

Who Is This Drummer?  I have no idea what this guys name is.  Thing is, when I heard this solo, I became a drummer instantly.  Before that moment, I was a trombone player, a piano player, a banjo player...and all the band instruments my kid sisters and brother played.  I play a whole bunch of instruments....thing is.  I heard this drum solo, and I was a drummer for life.  Anyone would be.  So now, we are being censored.  What, I am not allowed to acknowledge this guy...whoever the hell he is that played awesome drums....just because Hillary wants to shut down freedom of speech.  What sort of president would she have made?   All the sudden, I am not allowed to say what I think is the truth....because the opposing party wants to shut down a message that isn't like there's.  Glad I didn't drum with with those people.  Honest to God, I was inspired by this drummer, and I don't know his name.  I do drum with wonderful people from time to time....I live for those moments.  Wahru could do this drum solo....hands down!

Give Me A Better Drum Solo!

  I have played with great drummers....and I will play with them again....still though this passage gives me pause.  I challenge all my drummer friends to come up with something better than this...and I challenge them to no put me where I can not see them.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Everything!

Syd had to help me make a Christmas card for a friend of mine today.  He also thinks all Christmas presents are his...he loves opening up presents outgoing or incoming LOL.  I got everything I wanted for Christmas and my Birthday this year, because I got Syd back after a long illness.  Thank you everyone who helped us this year.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ode to Billy Joe


  Something very sad about Bobby Gentry.  She has something really sad about her eyes when she sings.  I sure hope no one ever sees that when I sing. I suspect that no matter how many times they raped her, and drugged her.....she could not hide her sadness.  Check her out on YouTube if you dare.  She has sad eyes...just like mine.I know those sad eyes.  They are the eyes of people not saving us from predators.  What else could it be?  I defy you to tell me.  Perhaps, we should stop writing the songs to expose our predators....or perhaps you should just stop electing them into office.  Then, the status quo wouldn't be able to continue making women like her and me sad in the first place.  How it would it be, if the pedophiles all the sudden had no power, and they needed to get out of our country.  I pray for this.  I have lived this, and I understand that people around me, never saw it.  This is how it goes on.  They get people like Bobby Gentry to sing her song...but she doesn't trick me.  I know.  I see it in her eye...and hear it in her voice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Handcut Stone For Wedding Ring

A friend of mine lost one of the little triangle stones in her wedding ring.  To repair it, I used the jewelers saw to cut a triangle from a slice of stabilized turquoise.  I used sandpaper to fit it.  In order to handle it, I glued the stone on a wooden stick.  When the stone fit snug inside the channel, I glued the stone in.  In a few hours, I will cut off the stick, then grind the end of the stick flush with the stone.  This is the first repair like this that I have ever attempted, and the solution came to me through dreaming about it.  I will post the results as soon as I am sure the stone is secure.  

Friday, October 28, 2016

Adding Accessories To My Painting

It seems that my painting is calling for some basic garden tools.  Yesterday, I was provided with a rake, in order to rake leaves into my vanishing garden.  The weather was poor, so I used the rake as a prop for my painting Green House On Eddy Street.  I am not sold on that title, but for now that is what I have named the painting.  I met the wonderful people who own the house.  I purposefully introduced myself, because I didn't want them catching me gazing at their house...taking pictures of their house, and possibly getting the wrong idea about my intentions.  I was delighted to meet them and learn more about the house...the tree, and I gave them the original sketch.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Green House On Eddy Street

One of my favorite houses on my street is the subject for one of my acrylic paintings.  I call it Green House On Eddy Street.  I sketched the house last year before the great tree in the front was cut down.  I grieved for that tree.  I met the wonderful folks that own the house, and was delighted to meet their cat.  

Syd's World is coming along nicely.  I don't like to waste paint, so I work on two or three paintings at once.  I should mention that I am also harvesting the last of my garden, and making a big pot of Chili...I won't be a starving artist today!