Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Handcut Stone For Wedding Ring

A friend of mine lost one of the little triangle stones in her wedding ring.  To repair it, I used the jewelers saw to cut a triangle from a slice of stabilized turquoise.  I used sandpaper to fit it.  In order to handle it, I glued the stone on a wooden stick.  When the stone fit snug inside the channel, I glued the stone in.  In a few hours, I will cut off the stick, then grind the end of the stick flush with the stone.  This is the first repair like this that I have ever attempted, and the solution came to me through dreaming about it.  I will post the results as soon as I am sure the stone is secure.  

Friday, October 28, 2016

Adding Accessories To My Painting

It seems that my painting is calling for some basic garden tools.  Yesterday, I was provided with a rake, in order to rake leaves into my vanishing garden.  The weather was poor, so I used the rake as a prop for my painting Green House On Eddy Street.  I am not sold on that title, but for now that is what I have named the painting.  I met the wonderful people who own the house.  I purposefully introduced myself, because I didn't want them catching me gazing at their house...taking pictures of their house, and possibly getting the wrong idea about my intentions.  I was delighted to meet them and learn more about the house...the tree, and I gave them the original sketch.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Green House On Eddy Street

One of my favorite houses on my street is the subject for one of my acrylic paintings.  I call it Green House On Eddy Street.  I sketched the house last year before the great tree in the front was cut down.  I grieved for that tree.  I met the wonderful folks that own the house, and was delighted to meet their cat.  

Syd's World is coming along nicely.  I don't like to waste paint, so I work on two or three paintings at once.  I should mention that I am also harvesting the last of my garden, and making a big pot of Chili...I won't be a starving artist today! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

EIEIO In Lakewood Ohio

EIEIO is presently at The Beck Center for the Arts 17801 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107.  This painting is for sale.  Syd got very ill this summer, and I neglected my blog, and my online life.  In September I was featured in Higher Ground a statewide magazine.  I haven't seen the article yet.  That is how out of touch I have been.  Please go see EIEIO if you are in the Cleveland area.  Syd and I are recovering from his illness.  Please contact me or The VSA office (art council) on how to purchase this painting.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Flat Earth and Leonard Cohen

 They have been telling us all along.  They have been lying to us all along.  We just didn't hear what they were sayin.  "Everybody knows that the bowl is leakin" much to contemplate in terms of Flat Earth clues.  What in the hell are they goin to do when everybody knows?  I personally look forward to the day.  It has been hidden in plain sight....all along.  Sorry it took this long for me to see it.  Truly a "men in black" guy if I ever saw one...and I can't help bust listen.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Rubbish They Have Sold Us About 911!

I was not surprised 15 years ago when the twin towers were hit.  I had already seen it in the tarot, a mystery that was forbidden to me!  For me...forbidding me to look at images such as this, is as absurd as forbidding a blind in one eye artist, to look into a system that actually predicted an outcome.  I still feel that way today.  Yet, I believe, our very own government, and Israel orchestrated this event to scare the American people.  And it worked...just like Pearl Harbor.  If you think that Osama Bin Lauden did this action, without our own government standing down...and Israel....well then you are just plain dumb.  Thing is, it has always been out in plain sight....but forbidden to look into.  Anyway, I marvel, that the people of the United States Of America believe the narrative that was given to us that day....and the narrative that is given to us now...Wonder when the Pokeman will show up in the tarot....which is the Torah....which is Israeli...and it isn't the first time these shitheads have attacked our country.

Check out the USS Liberty,  some of those vets are still alive for a little while.  Israel has a history of false flag attacks...where they attack and blame another that the dumb ass unsuspecting country goes to war against that targeted country.  The soldiers that were on the Liberty that day know for a fact that Israel came back to finish the job that day after unsuccessfully, not sinking the ship.  Anyway, it wouldn't be the first time that Israel attacked the USA....911.  How long are the American people going to be lured into senseless "the new pearl harbor".  Are we so stupid, that we fall for a false flag every time?  What will be the next false flag that will fill out the coffers of the military industrial war chest.  I for not support war....since Vietnam....I do recognize the signs.  Some of the signs are old....such as the tower cards in the tarot.  Let us see if the American people are dumber than the last few generations to give these animals a war....after they have already depleted our money supply.  I hope I live to see a new tarot card...a new media.  Thankfully though....I did see it for what it was, in spite of the fundamentalist church forbidding me to look into these things.  The catholic church sits on lots of hidden knowledge....including porn.  They know how to get people geared up for a war.  They know how to do a false flag....and they very well know how to forbid us into looking into it....Occult....that which is hidden....pure plain and simple.  The church stands to lose their tax exempt status....they wouldn't want us to look into a real history....that just might undermine them.  Go ahead...commemorate 911 tomorrow....but do so, understanding that the same media that is lying to you now, was lying to you then.  Don't be afraid of lookin up the USS Liberty....or even the two tarot cards that predicted 911.  What you should be afraid of is a religion and a government that would try to make you not see what was right in front of our eyes.