Monday, January 22, 2018

Tulsi Gabbard for President

 Official 113th Congressional photo of Tulsi Gabbard
I can imagine this woman as the first woman president of the United States Of America.  I confess that I voted for Trump because I did not want to vote for a criminal.  I knew Hillary was a criminal.  My fellow feminist comrades were willing to overlook the criminal cartel of the Clinton's just to have a woman be president.
This includes murder, in addition to fraud and most probably treason.  I invite you to watch what happens next.  I no longer have to believe in a government that lets the Clintons off the hook.  Still though, I believe in the process of government....and people like Tulsi Gabbard.  Please consider her for nomination for the first woman president  of the United State's of America.  Rather than someone who robbed the white house on her way out....rather than someone who set up a charity for Haiti, that never got any of that money.  Thank God Hillary did not get elected.  All is not lost though.  Please consider Tulsi Gabbard as a better contender for the white house.  Just hateing Trump is not gonna get it.  You have to have a platform, and you have to have a candidate.  Just sayin....

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Acorn Casting

Acorns are a wonderful goddess symbol.  Several years ago I cast a few in hopes of using them to finish off knives etc.  I used the actual acorns instead of making a model out of wax.  Lost Wax Casting is misleading as other substances can substitute in place of a wax model.  One of these days I might set up my centrifuge and burn out oven and do some more.  Warmest wishes to everyone who follows my blog.  I am so blessed to be able to do this work!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bring Out Those Bells

Happy Christmas to everyone I know.  What can be so bad about a holiday?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Don't Hire Me As Your Dentist

I extracted one of my teeth this week.  It was on a Friday night when I became aware of the pain.  My insurance was not gonna help me for at least 7 days by my calculations at the time.  What would Patriot Nurse do?  She has a great website on all these subjects.  She has guts.  That is what I needed.  What would she do?.  I think she would have done what I did.  I pulled my own tooth.  I was lookin for holes in my preps....this came up at an inopportune time.  What would Patriot Nurse do???....She would pull her own tooth....No disclaimer.  She would never tell me to pull my own tooth.  Still though, she would totally support me in going through this in order to find the holes in my preps....right.  I think she is just tellin me that I am on my own....consistent with her message.  I doubt whether she would back me up on extracting my own tooth.  No one would do that.  I was prepping, and openly trying to find the holes in my preps.  So then, all the sudden I had a dental emergency.   It can be done.  I don't recommend it.  I had no time to consult Patriot Nurse or dentist.  That is what it is gonna be like right?.  I think she would back me up on my instincts and forgive me for not prepping in advance for this type of affliction. Watch Patriot Nurse.  She is true.  I regret I did not get to speak with her before pulling my own tooth....but I regret so many there is that.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

One Kind Favor

I have a neighbor named Joel who owns a hearse,  I have watched him restore it.  It occurs to me that I need a tune up, brakes and such.  Anyway, What a great car, and what a great man...and his wife.  They are my neighbors.  Joel is also a musician, at one time a band director.  I asked him to do a tune up on my truck in exchange for a painting I did of his house.  He is doing that tonight, and I get to have his hearse out in front of my house.  It reminds me of Mark Milligan and Kathy Littlejohn.  Can you imagine?  This hearse weighs 6000 pounds!  It was not for transporting the body, but the family to the funeral, back in the day.  Kinda reminds me of the J. F. Kennedy car...What great neighbors I have.  It reminds me of a song I learned when I was just a sprout.

Agenda 21, The Georgia Guidestones, and such

Some of us still have a lot of heart in us.  We know what you are up to you globalist elitists, you Agenda 21 people....we are comin for you....when we catch our breath.  If you really believe in agenda 21, then, you go first!  We will never bow down to your New World Order....your Georgia Guide Stones.
  I may have not been able to make it down to Texas this time to rescue animals and people.  My truck wasn't up to it.  I went last time though.  What sort of dumb ass would leave their cat, dog, or even cattle behind?  Back then, or now?  I would stay with my cat, if they told me I could not take him on the bus....which is what George Bush did.  Obama, didn't even take a break from the golf course for Sandy...  I drove down to Hurricane Katrina to rescue pets that were left in the houses.  I would do it again!  That is what I did way back in hurricane Katrina.  I was the one who went down there and rescued animals.  I met a lot of people who refused to leave because the buses that would take them out of harms way....would not take their animals.  I have a bit of PTSD from that war zone.  The dumb ass population has doubled since then, I would guess....dumb asses getting pets because it looks good on Facebag!  I despise you, if you left your pet during Harvey.  I spit on you.  Good thing that Jesus forgives you, because I don't!  I see it all around me, people just not caring for anyone other than themselves.  I do see some people that are payin attention.  Hopefully, I will be with you in heaven....proly not, because, I am still in the kick over the temple and spittin stage.  Thank you everyone who helped out this time around.  Thank you for your service  Those who didn't help last time...or this time....FUCK YOU!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I Got A Couple Friends


Thank you, those of you that continue to fund my work,  I have people behind me that give me food, and cash.  Sometimes, I get to step up to the plate and actually do a painting.
The first inspiration for this painting was another painting.    I assure you that I love them both.
  I have a very gifted neighbor, who knows how to do a tune up on my truck.  I think he would have helped me out before I approached him today.  He is just that kind of a guy.  I think he would have helped me....even if I didnt offer up the painting, Thing is, I am so stoic or something....some sort of shit....I have to have something to offer up as barter.  I assure you that this man is also a musician, and there are many more conversations I would rather have  with him, and his wife.  Till you want me to paint your house?  I need to paint somebody's house that that wants me to do that...

I want to work, as I have always wanted work.  So today, I brokered a tune up for this painting,  I love those people who live in this house.  I loved them before I met them.  My truck needs a tune up....and this guy that lives in this house, can do that for me.  I think it will be a great trade....a painting for a tune up.  You have no idea what I can do,  Let me show you.