Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Professional Framing

Syd's World is in my kitchen where it was born.  In November, I wrote a grant for professional scanning and framing. I received the grant on February 1st, and got busy doing the footwork.  The original painting is in Michigan and the buyer was generous to get the first scan for the first print.  This painting was so fun that I had a hard time parting with it.  I was lucky to find Photographic Creations in Columbus Ohio who specializes in scanning larger art work.  I took the print to my local Hobby Lobby and selected the mat and frame.  20 days later the print of the original painting is right back in the kitchen 2 feet away from the easel where I painted it.  I hope to be able to offer prints at our local farmers market this spring. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

High Definition Resolution Photograph

Once In A Blue Moon has been accepted in an upcoming show.  I am thrilled of course and prints of this painting will be available soon.  Details about the painting which is about a Newark Ohio landmark that vanished for a couple years COMING SOON!  Please consider following me on Twitter...I am a poet, and I know it...hope I didn't blow it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Truth About Robert Mueller

 Liz Croakin has nailed it about the bait and switch "Witch Hunt".  It has been political theater all along.  Thank you Liz Crokin for saying what I have known in my heart all along.  Donald Trump will be exonerated for Russian collusion as he knew...and we knew all along.  Mueller will be a hero when it comes to history books. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019


One of the most powerful tools we have as human beings is the power to change.  We can change our behavior.  We can change our language about a behavior.  This is what makes us human.  When my mother died I inherited my Great Grandmothers cauldron. The women in the family used the cauldron for many things back in the day.  I remember my grandmother telling me she made candles once a year.  In her day she saw candles and lamps give way to electricity.  She saw horse and buggy turn into automobiles.  They had to butcher their own meat and so the caldron was used to cook down future meals.  We go to the store and buy ham burger, steak, roast, bacon, ham ,poultry, pork chops. sirloin,  it goes on and on the names we have made for butchering our farm animals.  We have disassociated ourselves from the actual killing of animals and simply go to the store and buy them in nice little packages that further disassociates us from the butchering, harvesting, and marketing of our animal friends.  It happened gradually, so we barely noticed.  We turned a sacred animal that befriended and trusted us into a commodity.

Many of us are horrified at how a late term human baby can now be seen as a fetus, an abortion. stem cell research... as a commodity to be sold as if it is not life and sacred.  Somehow the cauldron has become an ugly reality to me, much like it must have been back in the old days when the women had to make a fire and cook down the parts of an animal that might have been one of their pets to make meals, candles, soap, ect. in order to survive.  Certainly they gave thanks and prayed before the hunt. They were not dissociated as we are today.  

I would point out a difference between killing for survival, and murdering for convenience as we are faced with at this time.  The people that are harvesting babies are selling their parts, and young blood to monsters.  There are monsters amoung us who want fresh baby parts and blood because it gets them high and lengthens their miserable lives.  Not only that, but they get off on perhaps having sex with this newborn life and children before terrorizing then murdering these children of God.
We were warned.  It is unbelievable, but we were warned not to be near Draculas castle at night.  We were warned about the big bad wolf.  We were warned with fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel about cannibalistic witches who would entice us with candy.  Somehow, because these were stories and later horror films for entertainment we missed the monsters among us who really do eat flesh, ravish and drink blood for real.

We let the trusted priests into our homes and never once suspected our police judges, social workers, psychologists, doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs.  We trusted them because no one would ever suspect them, they are the experts and in charge of our government.  They are indisputably the ones we have put in charge of protecting us.  We idolized Hollywood actors and actresses, agents, producers, musicians and studios without ever once suspecting that hidden in the language of idols and holly wood was the secret of where they were taking us...the slaughter.  We got caught under the spell.  We blindly listened to the media.  So now unsurprisingly, young children and babies are a hot commodity and subject to political platforms and debate.  

Witches that once were something to be feared and eliminated, are now something to marvel at and accept, elect to office...even consult.  I confess, I got pulled into this deceptive net in the early 90's when witches were to be admired.  How quickly we started trusting the very people who are now leading us to slaughter.  But I am not going any deeper into the deception.  Concha's cauldron is no longer the blog that is going to normalize witches and monsters.  I can see how evil has gotten a foothold and how I unsuspectingly helped it by my curiosity and complacency.

I saw it in an instant, and you can also.  I changed in a heartbeat.  I changed the minute it became legal to murder a full term baby (last week).  I see that all the old fairy-tales were warning us.  I see that Hollywood has been telling us the truth all along.  I see that the politicians that promise us safety, are really the emperor that has no clothes and lies to us.  Robin Hood is resurrected again.  King Arthur is alive and well again.  Spinning hair into gold becomes an analogy for adrenochrome.  We are cattle to the elites, cabal, monarches... being groomed, housed and then led to slaughter just like animals.  But, we can wake up.  We can change.  We can hunt down these monsters, capture them, and change the narrative forever, ever, and ever.  God help us.  In Jesus Holy Name Amen.