Sunday, March 17, 2013

Butterflies And Bolo Ties

I saw a fabulous 3 dimensional painting the other night at the concert.  Some of the butterflies are painted on the canvas and some of them attached somehow.  They were made out of all sorts of materials.  I know it made me feel instantly happy and uplifted.
This morning I etched out the rest of my copper feathers and began my bolo tie project.  In a few days I will need to put all projects aside and begin reexamining my strategy for my upcoming court hearings.  I have been able to link the two cases all along, but have resisted doing that as both cases are strong without using that piece of information.  Because of so much local cult like activity, I know they are getting worried.  It occurs to me this morning that the plaintiff is in a perfect situation to blackmail the blackmailers from our circle.  If that happens "this sucker could go down" as G.W. Bush has put it in the past when a false system collapsed.  I am thankful that the old programming and fear have lost their potency.  I continue to heal in spite of my offenders attempts to pull me down.  This piece is inspired by both Sally Jones and Temple Grandin.  I have not ever thought of wearing a bolo tie, but as I have thought of both those two women and their individuality...I think they would wear one.  It will go nicely with my cowgirl shirts (I collect cowgirl shirts).  Stay tuned dearest readers and dark followers.  I have found my link analysis project that I started 11 years ago.  All this moving made me forget that I had done the work.  11 years ago I got in touch with a guy named Dale Griffis who is an expert on Satanic Cults, and ritual murders.  I spoke with him on the telephone in relation to the medical cult operating out of Granville, and he told me to make a chart where they all were, where they worked, etc.  It has been so helpful in integrating my evidence.  I talked to him a few years later and he advised me to look into the Columbus State library.  So much other stuff I would rather do, but as long as my abusers are continuing to attempt to torture me...I can't afford to leave that project without updating it.  So many projects and so little time!   

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