Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank You Sally

I am posting this late Wednesday afternoon after my grant proposal writing workshop here at the library.  I can only imagine there are kittens already born waiting for me when I get home:)  Thank you Sally for the gas to get to Columbus with them.  I will be taking them first thing in the morning, if she hasn't moved them where I can't find them.  We have a no kill shelter here in Licking County that is not taking cats at this time.  The math is cats in, no cats out!  It is maddening to try to deal with all this right now.  She (unnamed mama cat) had 3 kittens last year after someone dropped her off between our two houses in May.  I thought she was Johns cat and he thought she was mine!  So there was much assumption on both our parts.  The cats got fed on and off, depending on who had food.  I gave them scraps, and cat food was generously donated for the cause.  The heartbreaking story was inevitable,  2 of them (kittens) killed on the road out in front of my house, will repeat itself, if I don't take her to Cat Welfare and stop the kitty production line.  I am not financially able to neuter the kittens, (spay) her, and if my friend wouldn't have bought me a half tank of gas, this mother cat would have had to wait till after my 2 court hearings April 3rd, and 4th.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dear readership.  I always TRY to do the next best first right thing. 

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