Monday, December 28, 2015

My Masonic Roots

It is no accident that within my jewelry and ornaments that there is a strong masonic component.  My first exposure to the Masonic was through learning to cut stones 30 years ago.  After a couple years of learning to cut stones, I wanted to learn silversmithing.  I simply made the objects that I couldn't afford.  But all along the way, I became aware that everyone around me was being influenced by symbology. These are powerful influences in our society....logos, symbols, artifacts.  I had to study them in order to make them...and to remake them.  I can make anything you can imagine.  I doubt that you can imagine something that has not been manipulated in order to influence you though.  This is a collection of practice.  From now on, I will make ornaments that the "globalists" can not make.  My eBay score hit 400 today.  I am proud of that.  It means 100% satisfaction.  Let me know, if you want something that I can make for you.  The rest of what you see here, will be marketed this coming year...through eBay, and otherwise.  The other methods are much more powerful.  I still cut stones.  I still study symbols, and I still try to make objects that you can not buy in the mall.   Thank you for continuing to inspire me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas Memoriy

But when they tried to plug their motor home in....I couldn't make this stuff up!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Favorite Philospher On Line

I listen to this guy, as I have listened to two of my previous encounters with Philosophy majors.  He has damn near flawless thinking.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I have muddled thinking, particularly, when I have seen some sort of potent mind control attempts like TV and such.  I always have to step back and rethink around what I perceive the media trying to manipulate me into believing.  So....I love this guy.  He makes me rewind to zero, and rethink everything.  Hope you enjoy Stefan as much as I do.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

No new picture today as I am blogging from the library.  I will be back perhaps tomorrow evening with an update.  I swapped Syd's World for EIEIO a few days ago.  Then I found out that EIEIO is an inch too large for the upcoming exhibition:)  So sad to not be part of that this year.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mind Control Cults On Campus Exposed

Occasionally, I blog about my experience with Denison University, First Baptist Church, and the cult culture in Granville Ohio.  And occasionally I find evidence of this larger agenda of social engineering.  Most folks are too busy shopping, or watching TV to study this sort of thing.  Alex Jones exposes MK Ultra quite often.  Professor Darrel Hamamoto breaks it down on this clip.  I am comforted when my experience gets confirmed.  Obviously, the programs are not unique.  They couldn't change their game plan if they wanted to.  The more of us that become aware, the less hold they will have on us.  Game over Granvillians:)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Bad USB Cord

For a few days I have been wracking my brain and practically throwing things as I have not been able to import a single picture from my camera to my computer.  I was prompted to do many things that would have cost me money that I don't have....yet.  Tonight I think I found the source of the problem.  A USB cord.  Cheap little cord that gets used everyday.  It looks as perfect as the day I got the camera!  I tried everything except follow the promptings from the pop up ads.  I even posted a terrible cropped photo on ebay of one of my blades last night, and still sold it!  In order to troubleshoot the problem, after following all the troubleshooting methods within the computer system, I decided to take the memory card out of my camera and put it into the printer, and try it that way.  Like magic, it worked.  It worked in Picasa, where it would not work going from my camera through the USB into Picasa.  So here is one of those pictures that I could not import.  It is a photo of Johnny Clem, a drummer boy from Newark that I saw at Johnny Clem Elementary School when I voted the other day.  I had heard there is a painting of him there.  I didn't see the painting, but I notice the scenery behind him is indeed a painting of a riverboat etc.  I hope someday to see the painting at Johnny Clem Elementary School....but suspect that there is no painting....just this....a photo in front of a painting.  We will see.  I wish I knew how great or not a drummer he was.  I suspect, not.....the sticks are wrong....perhaps posed.  No drummer that I have ever met would meet both sticks at the same time on the drum head.  Just sayin...Photography doesn't lie, but it doesn't tell the truth either.

Somehow, my readership on this blog hit 20,000 people a couple weeks ago.  I confess, it freaked me out a bit, as I don't know what on earth I could have been writing about that would be so damned interesting.  More will be revealed....I am sure.  I am glad I did not throw money I didn't have towards my camera/computer import problem right away.  Like so many things, I need to ponder the problem, and solution in order to be fiscally responsible.  Can you imagine how mad I would be right now, if I would have taken my computer into a technician and paid $100 to clean it up, only to find out my USB cable was bad, or worn out causing the turmoil.  I actually know people that just throw money like that at the, computer, wives LOL.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Things I Love Vs Things I Hate

I tried to make notes about this painting while I made it!  I hate the idea of people talking about what they think I might have been trying to say and convey...after I am dead.  As an art student, I hate reading that rubbish.I would rather while I am alive, to go on record as to what is behind my paintings.  I have composed a sort of outline about this painting Syd's World.  Title...Syd's Christina's World.

Syd as a point of interest in the foreground...lounging around..but lots going on in the background.  So then, Syd's World became Van Goghs yellow bedroom combined with Christina's World.

Then places where I lived along the way...

Then there is my guitar and Syd which had to be in the painting because the buyer requested these two things.

I had already put Syd and my guitar in the original sketch.   So I bypassed those two subjects and went to Josef Albers  I got 20,000 hits a few days ago when writing about this painting.  But I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I really hate the dark side...ritualistic abuse....Halloween.....all those Satanic things.  I hate them.  I have to stand in front of my canvas's and try very hard to not hate...just promote beautiful things....just to counteract the dark side.   I would always want people to know that about my art,.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Honoring Josef Albers

I still use this text book today (21st Century), and I have had this book since 1979.  Can;t wait to see the I pod version.  Honoring my education, my teachers, and experience doing the exercises.  Albers believed that the experience of art (process) was equally important to the product (outcome).

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Painting Inside A Painting

Yesterday, I made a paper easel for Syd's World.  After working on this painting for almost a year, I wanted to somehow see his little cat face.  Adding the easel gives me an opportunity to show a front view of Syd, and still keep his classic window pose.  Constructing a paper easel protected everything already painted behind it and help test composition. I wanted to make sure I was not painting over something crucial to the information in the painting.  I was able to move it around until I found the perfect spot.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Painting A Drum Head

There was left over black paint yesterday, from the acrylic painting Syd's World.  It occurred to me that I needed to clean up the Hopewell design on my drum head, as I am going to try to sell it this winter.  Occasionally, I get a request to design and paint a drum head for someone, so I am always kicking around ideas for designs in the round, as most drum heads are round.  I am getting a late start today, as I worked from sun up, till after sun down yesterday.  The light in my work area is poor, so I have to take advantage of sunlight.  I expect to finish both the painting plus both sides of the drum by this coming Saturday.

Syd's World is almost finished.  I have a couple surprises up my sleeve, so stay tuned.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wire Wrapping Arrow Points

This morning has been productive.  I stripped the garden of cherry tomatoes in anticipation of possible frost.  Next, I worked on my painting Syd's World.  While the paint was drying, I soldered a little silver ring to go around my newest arrow point.  These are two artifacts from Licking County.  The white one is from Cornell Steps near Black Hand Gorge near Tobosso (Old Hanover), and the black point is from a field near 586 and Perryton near Frazeysburg Rd.  The Tobosso arrow head is wire wrapped with 18 gauge copper wire and beaded with buffalo bone, and the thhe Perryton arrow head is wire wrapped with 18 gauge sterling silver wire with a sterling silver snake chain.  I am not willing to part with these, but am perfectly willing to wire wrap arrow points for other collectors for a minimal charge.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Week To Tweak

Today I added two rag rugs, a pair of boots, and some more quilt to Syd's World.  I have a week to finish up.  Who knows what might appear between now and then?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

You Should Learn This Song

How disgusting it is that my elementary school is taken over by drug dealers.  People that founded the county.  I am ashamed of you.  and so are your ancestors.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Winterize Your Rain Barrel

It is time to winterize your rain barrel.  My garden is finished for the year, so I drained my rain barrel on Sunday.  Today, I removed all external parts, then flipped the barrel upside down.

Tomorrow, I will roll the barrel into the garage for storage.  I saved a lot of money by using rain water for my garden this year.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Look What They Done To My Song....Ma

Gotta love these girls!  I always put Melanie as someone I should emulate.  I was not a Buddhist, or a Christian, but her words and chords resonated in me.  They still do.  I still wish I could find a good book to live in....and I still have those feelings.  I know she was talking about me when she wrote.everything after that.  I am guilty.  I confess.  I repent.  Will it stop endless war?  Will it stop my sister from continuing to be a meth head?  Will we stop hurting each other? Probably not.  I will still sing her (Melanie's) songs at the top of my lungs in anticipation of all these things.  They are lieing to us about  everything in terms of war.  How do I know that?  I do not watch TV,  I do not buy a newspaper.  I  do not buy into this bullshit propaganda that my friends and colleagues buy into as they watch TV every night, and are always on their phone looking at something....more important than what we are experiencing a bee hive, or butterfly's or even a mugging on my street  Honest to God people are not paying much attention...  Anyway....I love to hear someone paying attention and singing back to someone like Melanie.

I don't know who that other woman is.  She is good though  Let me know, she has a great voice.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Old Oak

It is getting harder and harder to visit my favorite tree in Newark because of all the "construction".  I may have to use this tree in one of my paintings while it is still here.  I have watched 5 of these great giants being targeted and cut down in my short time here (2012-Now).  It saddens me.  Somehow, I am reminded that my Grandmother was also targeted, and her life shortened.   It is a quiet killing.   

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cherry Tomatoe Chili

I had an over abundance of cherry tomatoes in my garden this year.  I had some, and gave lots of them away.  Still, they kept coming.  So...this batch, I decided to make chili.  I started with onion, garlic, and some banana, and jalapeno.  Next I added my tomatoes, ground beef, and chili beans.  It wasn't a giant batch of chili, but when the weather changed and got colder, this was just what I needed.  I wouldn't hesitate to use cherry tomatoes in future batches.  This might have been the best chili I ever made. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hoping For A Bid War

My Vintage Buck knife has a bid today.  I am hoping for a bid war before the auction ends.  You can view this beauty on eBay item #331651454111.  Also up for grabs is this other vintage knife.  A antique Solgen Germany forged hunting knife with a drop point.

If that isn't enough, I put this Mastercarver flex shaft unit up for auction as well.

Please check out my eBay auctions.  You won't be disappointed if you bid on any of these 3 items.

Friday, September 11, 2015

eBay Auction # 33165201617

I already have one of these, or I would just keep it!  I started selling on eBay in 2006 when it was profitable to do so, and easy.  These days, not so much.  So....I am offering this item and the other items I have for sale through other means as well.  I have been gifted these items from two wonderful men who made knives, wood carved, and loved my work.  So when they died, they left me their tools.  I do not need a second Dremel, Foredom, or any other flex shaft.  I also don't need to hoard or store them.  I would rather sell them to someone who is doing these crafts.  

If you contact me with an offer, and I know you, I will gladly shut down my auction and sell directly to you...or even shut down my auction and offer you a "private auction".  This item is the Rolls Royce of Flex Shaft tools.  You won't see them on eBay very often.  I couldn't find ANY reference to it.  But that isn't the best of this.  This was a life long collection of accessories in addition to this wonderful tool.

If you were to go out and try to buy all the things new in this auction, you would spend $600 or more.  Trust me I know.  I already have these things purchased in 1995.  I need to lighten my load.  Yes, I could keep them, and maybe use some of the pieces...but when I died in the future, I would be looked upon as a hoarder.  I would just rather spread the love.  

eBay item # 33165201617  Please at least look at it and become a watcher.  If you have a counter offer, I will gladly stop my auction and sell to you directly, particularly, if I know you and your craft.  That is the way the two men who left me these things felt about I offer it to you.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Switching Gears Today

It is very dark with every light on, and every window shade pulled back today.  This morning, I switched canvas's and am concentrating on Syd's World.  Syd's world is upside down in reality right now because the visiting mother cat is impeding his entrance and exit to his home.  I feel bad about that, and I am planning on making some corrections so that both he and I can get back to work.

My neighbors own this mother cat, and say her name is Baby.  Baby has moved her kittens under my picket fence gate, which is a very poor choice in my opinion as the next time it rains they will drown.  Water pours over the gutter right there.  When she moved them from under the front porch, it was dry and hot.

They are too young to give new homes to just yet, but probably not too young for me to pack them up with the mom and take them back to my neighbors who can afford them.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Perryton Visit

A few days ago, I revisited Perryton, the little town where I grew up.  I was looking for a massive oak tree that used to be in the middle of this field for a painting I am working on.  Of course it was gone.  I was able to track down an old family acquaintance that filled me in on the status of the house I grew up in.  The property has been abandoned.  The story pretty scandalous, that I am sure more will be revealed.

The house and out buildings are in pretty bad shape, and I found myself unable to get out of the car and do any exploring.  I felt like I had been sucker punched and could not walk upright.  These buildings were the garage, which was possibly a carriage shop prior to the days of the automobile...and my father, and great grandfathers workshop.  So sad to see the deterioration in just the couple years I had visited last.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Almost Done With It

It is close to being finished.  I still need to prowl around and find some framing material.  I got another color of green yesterday due to the kindness of a neighbor.  I think some more definition of the old maple tree needs to come into direct sunlight, and who knows what might be revealed to me upon closer inspection of the neighbors flower beds....LOL.  I would so love to get another glimpse of their cat.  I am ready to put this painting aside and work on something else.  Now at least I have some paintings to decorate my home.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

November 2014 Photo

It is hard to believe that the weather was so nice last November when I took the shot of the neighbors cat in the front window of the painting I am working on this year.  This morning I went on a hunt in my vast photo files.  I knew I had taken the picture sometime last summer.  I was wrong apparently.  In all fairness, cats in windows have been a constant theme.  It seems like no matter where I go, I see them.  They see me.  Perhaps, I didn't download my pictures until November, because the leaves on the old tree seem very green for November.  Technology doesn't lie, does it? 

 Now Syd's World is looking out the window from a cats perspective. 


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zooming In

The sun was uncooperative again today, so I worked from dawn till noon in my studio.  Perhaps tomorrow will be sunny and warm.  I look forward to a day with full sun.  I am still hopelessly low on Hookers Green.  There are other areas in the painting I can work on until I can finance the greens I need to finish.

This is a shot I took in early spring before the mighty tree was cut down.  I am still searching for the photo I took with the family cat in the front window.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Facinating Front Porch

The Green House On Eddy Street is coming along today.  It was not nice enough to work outside, so I set up in the lightest place in my studio.

There is not enough natural light today to really zero in on the painting.  I concentrated on placing my neighbors lovely planters, moved the peach door slightly, and added the attic windows that I took out yesterday to change the angle of the peak of the roof.  They have a fascinating front porch.  It is very welcoming.

My studio is set up for metal working, so trying to paint in there is very forced and very cramped.  Maybe tomorrow will be a nicer day, and I can take it back outside.  I am out of green, and there is no green on the horizon until the 1st when I get my monthly check.  I proceed one step forward, two steps back.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Cats Like Me

Art class ended early today, as my neighbor cat decided to move her kittens underneath my front porch.  Of course my landlord will have kittens herself if she sees the new tenants....Pun intended.  Syd has not discovered the new family yet.  Who knows how he will take the news.  Cats like me.  Sometimes I wish it wasn't so.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Afternoon Light

Yesterday was so lovely.  So I set up outside for a couple hours and started adding color and depth.  By last evening the Green House On Eddy Street looked a little better.  It was so nice to work outside...that is until school let out.

So little light, and so little time with the light...sigh

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Green House On Eddy Street

Today, I started adding the foliage to the most recently started painting.  The owners have the original drawing, and I am working from a scan.  My art students are learning in leaps and bounds.  This summer, they have watched and influenced Syd's World which I intend to finish up when they go to Hilton Head on vacation.  It has been my intention, to show them as much as I can in anticipation of sunny beaches, and water scenes.  Hopefully, they will take many pictures as they see how I work both with photos and plein air painting style.  My house was empty of canvas's after I put my paintings on display at Don & Sue's Pizza, so I decided to start more art, while zeroing in on my commission.  Hopefully, I will finish the commission, get it to it's new location and owner, and still have plenty of started canvas's to work on this fall and winter.
 Syd's World is hanging in my living room, ready to be snatched off the wall, and put back up on the easel as more images emerge.  I can see a pair of boots on a register, under the coat.  A muffler.  The door handle.  Tiles in the bathroom, and another book on the nightstand.  Who knows what else will reveal itself to me, as I work without planning art lessons, and miss my little art students.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Deeply Offended

I hate these books.  If I could, I would take them out of our local library.  Unfortunately, it is against the law to do that.  And, I believe, they were put in to replace perfectly wonderful books that actually were stolen. So anyway....I did write a perfectly good short story about the case of the vanishing books.  What I did not consider when I was writing that was that "they" might actually replace those vanishing books with other books.  So now....I have to completely rethink that whole short story...which I always intended to have a sequel.  In case you didn't get my first short story.  Here it is.  Maybe you have some ideas about how I can resolve this story.

  1. The Case Of The Vanishing Books

Once upon a time there was a small town that had a great library. The library was so great that it had to expand, hire new, more advanced and educated help. At the time of the move and expansion there was a great upgrade from the old system (card catalog) to the new digital system (computerized everything).

But there lurked in the small town a group of frightened souls who loathed and feared the contents of the library and vowed to try to censure the books as the books contained enlightenment that would expose the corrupt dark souls and their methodology. So the dark souls devised a way to remove certain books that contained certain enlightenment’s from the library one by one, year after year yielding about 2000 books a year. For 15 years they remained undetected and were confident that they were removing books faster than the new books of enlightenment could come into the library, or even be written. Some of the townsfolk noticed the missing books. They were given various semi-plausible explanations that only now seems lame. It was easy to remove and discard these books as more and more of the townsfolk became enamored and preoccupied with computers and the digital virtual world.

They carefully removed these books by stealing them and systematically discarding them through volunteers as well as patrons. The volunteers became staff. It became more streamline to remove the books of enlightenment as the staff hired on more dark souls, and more dark souls volunteered year after year. There was a continuum. They took the books to an undisclosed location in a nearby village to prepare them for a great burning.

It is written that “wicked witches were invented by frightened men”. Any books written about and by witches had to be removed from the library in order for the frightened men to sleep at night. After the witch books were safely removed the frightened men realized that they were still afraid, even when they were awake…and even in broad daylight! It became clear to them that the witches themselves needed to be removed. Systematically, year after year the frightened men and their women began hunting and trapping local witches, psychics, mid-wives, druids, and sorcerers. Still they were afraid and so they began hunting in larger circles covering more area. Burning books and eliminating people became sport in the small town and nearby towns as well. They extended and expanded to international territories. Fires around the world were aglow.

Feminists were also to be feared and therefor removed from these towns, their books removed from the library shelves. Children's books were vanishing. Imaginary fiction like Harry Potter and Mrs. Pigglewiggles magic gone…leaving the big bad wolf and red ridding hood…so that fear could be cultivated in their young. Books on birth control and even law books were threatening to these frightened people. It was rationalized that people who would try to study law might undermine the frightened mens legal system. And it was rationalized that a woman who would seek natural childbirth and attempt to take control of her own body threatened the local medical establishment. This was more frightening to both the frightened men and their women because they needed to control the genealogy of the whole town to try and protect themselves from the outcomes of their and their childrens mistakes in judgment. Indeed the children and teenagers began lacking good judgment because their choices (books and friends) had been limited and censored. Critical thinking skills were no longer allowed to be taught in the schools of fright. The frightened men knew better than to carelessly interact with the gene pool but had occasional mistakes in their judgment as well. Mistakes had to be corrected at all costs lest their be too much diversity in the frightened men and womens lineage.

Books about the earth and the environment were heavily scrutinized as they might propose ideas that the frightened people were so afraid of as they might lose income that derived from the pillaging and pollution of the planet. Any book that suggested that man kind was murdering the earth was a threat to the frightened people who were of course murdering mother earth in addition to their other crimes. And even though homosexuality and bisexuality were a common thing in nature, the frightened people were afraid of it. Period. It was not enough to eliminate books about this subject. The frightened people were hungry for the hunt. Everybody knows that faggots make the best kindling for the fires for witch and book burning. It finally became legal for gays to serve in the military. They were groomed for the front lines of course. It was a eugenic decision as were most of the decisions made by the frightened people in the frightening town.

Choice and equal rights became scarce as the books continued to vanish along with some of the townsfolk. Anyone different or with different ideas were marked for future bon fires. These “occultic” actions continue to this day unnoticed by most, but becoming apparent to others. It is clear that something has to be done to help the frightened people get over their fright. When everyone and every book is gone and the only ones left are the other frightened souls, they might just start being scared to death of each other and their own dark shadows.

This is a work in progress. It has already happened. Part 2 will be about how the books that have been removed, get replaced. I have some ideas about that:)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

When They Lie To Us

We are never obligated to believe them again.  It might just be a natural law.,-82.398218,3a,75y,340.98h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sdzao3c4vTb5BY2Srf-gmLw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x10ab8be0702799fe!6m1!1e1

So...around here in Nerk Ahia (Newark Ohio) we have this totem pole erected for the simple purpose of preventing future floods.  I kinda believe the story.  But see how it is hidden inside the industry, freeway overpass etc.  This is equivalent to the Georgia Guidestones at the very least.  Only someone like me, that was curious about them could tell you the story about this monument.  Most people will never pass through Newark and know about this.  Now if you are a Bible Thumper....then you would have to agree that Newark....translates to New Ark....correct.  As it happens, if you read a book on the history of our really comes down to a linguistic translation.  New Ark.  Now....why would you need to build an ark.....could it be, that there is going to be a flood?  There was a terrible flood in New Ark in like 1959, and that totem pole was erected to prevent future floods. I know that history.  Sorry for my local paper, and for any civic groups that don't think that site is sacred.  I am doing a painting about that "occultic" and hidden spot.  Yes, the landscape is very ugly.  That is by design.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pray For Rain

I spent the morning installing my rain barrel.  Now all I need is a 15 minute downpour, and I will be ready to water my garden.  Up until now, I have been filling juice jugs at the faucet, and carrying water 1/2 gallon at a time.  It has been labor intensive, and it has hiked my water bill besides.  I can now catch the rain which is free.  My plants were free, the dirt was free, and my crop will be very economical.    Several years ago, my partner and I started a web site called got rain?.  I notice, that site gets several hundred hits through Facebook each month.  Please visit my site, and give it a thumbs up if you have the time.  Some states have made it illegal to catch the rain water.  Thankfully, in our county, the local extension office offers workshops for $55, to show folks how to make a rain barrel.  Hopefully, if it is legal for the extension office to do it, then it is legal for me to do it.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dearest readers.  I do put a cap of bleach in the barrel to kill mosquito larva.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Fair Fight In An Arena

Perhaps the condemned Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion should be put into a stadium where such contests have happened in ancient times.  He could be armed with dental tools, and up against the great beasts he gets such pleasure in hunting.  Tickets could be sold, and we could all watch while the dentist gets to do his best.  This type of activity has been going on for centuries.  Man lures beast into an area, and man kills the beast by trickery.  I see a theme here.  A bullfight, a safari...but the real criminals on this planet go free.  We even give them bailouts and bail ins.  Let us bring back the old stadiums, and let us make it a fair contest.  Sacred ground is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.   

Sunday, July 26, 2015

400 Hits Last Post

Two days ago I posted the first of my labyrinth videos.  I got 400 hits.  My daily hits are usually around 100.  When you look back at each of my posts about the Granville elite, you will find that on those days my traffic is 400 or more.  They just can't resist reading about themselves:)  I think they actually believe that the globalists are going to spare them, which is probably not true.  I want to invite you to view my YouTube channel

I have a couple followers.  I like to put my favorite videos there, and my homemade videos as well.  I will be in Columbus this evening drumming with my drum sisters.  My garden is starting to flourish, and even though I gave away all my rain barrels, I can still catch the amount of water that I need to water my 5 feet of precious ground.  I did post another video of my labyrinth on my YouTube channel.  It would be the consecration and casting of the circle and the beginning of the walk.  Feel free to check out my other videos as well.  Then you will know what I know.  Oh, and for the record, I am in total agreement that there are far too many people on this planet.  What I am not in agreement with is Eugenics.  I don't want rich people with no social conscience having anything to do with this sort of decision making.  Perhaps, when we allowed 2000 Nazi scientists to come into our country to escape Nuremberg, we should have insisted on sterilizing them.  The elitists have children...and they school their children to grow up and become elitists.  That is my 2 cents worth on the Al Gores of the world, that have 5 kids while telling us that we have reached overpopulation.  His carbon footprint is larger than any of his ideas.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Granville Labyrinth Project 1996

I planned and made a 30 foot labyrinth for a church in Granville Ohio 1996-1997.  They turned out to be pretenders, and part of a Eugenics cult.  I regret the day I ever trusted them, and I hope someday someone will destroy this modern day swastika.  They inverted love.  They continue to invert love.  I am sorry I ever helped them.  And of course, as soon as I figured it out, they had me excommunicated.  And I have never laid eyes on my labyrinth again.  We are legion.  We don't forget, and we don't forgive.  You are like trees....trying to run!  I will publish more footage in the near future.  Just know.  I was there.  I sat in their circles and took council with them.  I was not pretending.  They were.  They are a hate cult, and someday, I hope to be in a courtroom where they are on trial.  They are murderers.  I am sorry, I helped them.  Jesus would condemn them.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

GROSSU: Margaret Sanger, racist eugenicist extraordinaire - Washington Times

GROSSU: Margaret Sanger, racist eugenicist extraordinaire - Washington Times

The so called feminists at First Baptist Church in Granville Ohio had a picture of this woman they worshiped instead of Jesus (who would have been appalled).  They were also knee deep in abortion, sterilization, and involved in taking peoples kids away from them...and the removal of books from the Newark library.  They were sneaky.  Some of them are still alive.  As the globalist plan is coming to light, and the Eugenics underground movement exposed, I can only hope these ghouls are afraid that the sleepwalking public will come for them.  I hope it is soon.  It is not safe to go to Licking Memorial Hospital as long as people like this are involved.  It is not safe to go to Moundbuilders Guidance Center as long as the Granvillians have their hand in it.  They have changed the name of the church, but I suspect they continue with their sneaky practices.  I noticed they themselves had children, while destroying Newark's children.  Granville Ohio is a scenic cesspool of these racists.  They can not succeed or continue when the cold spotlight of truth is shown on their little plots.  Now that planned parenthood has been caught selling baby parts....apologized, then got exposed again I can only imagine their fear.  They know about the Newark (New Ark) Eugenics project.  They know Licking County has quietly been harvesting organs for decades.  Time for the Nuremberg Trials.  I hope I live to see it.  I will be in the front row when these witches get tried for their heinous crimes.

If only Margaret would have convinced the Klan to sterilize themselves that day....instead of the "unfit"; we wouldn't have the racism we have in the 21st century.  Wake up dearest readers, these same psychopaths are planning on wiping out most of the population on our planet.  They will come as missionary's.  They will come as well meaning doctors without borders.  They will pretend to be an advocate and a counselor, while all along they mean to destroy you and your offspring.

This is coming to light these days.  The people of the world are waking up.  There will not be any safe haven for them when the jig is up...not even Granville Ohio. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Real Culprit Behind These Shootings

Which object in this photo is the most dangerous?  The pills are real.  The bullets have been disabled.  My suspicion is that the potato and the onion are the most dangerous as they could be GMO.  The bullets are a symbol (they have had the powder taken out of them for art).  The pills I can not pronounce, and were prescribed to me for pain.  I stopped taking them in April...but the vegetables....I don't know.  I do know that Facebook has censored a No GMO application.  Why would they do that?  I also know that all the killers that we think of as nut jobs have a connection to our CIA.  I also know that more than half of our population are on prescription drugs.  I ask you again.  Which of these things in the picture are more dangerous?  Wake up.  Wake other people up.  Prepare for what comes next.  Are you gonna be tricked by a symbol...a dead bullet, or something they are trying to trick you into buying.  What is the most threatening....a symbol, or the reality?

PS  My pain continues even after I stopped taking the pills.  Identical.

PS PS...Columbine....Kids on meds.  Charlestone....kid on meds....Chatanooga adult on meds.  Correct me if I am wrong....we should not be banning the confederate flag before we look into the psyche meds these shooters were on.  Just sayin.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Mother Of All Conspiracies

It is very hard to listen to this without just wanting to go out and break up somebody s happy little home as Etta would sing.  This is the mother of all conspiracies and it has obviously been in place for quite sometime.  It won't work though if people wake up!  I want those bitches in Granville to tremble in their shoes.  We are coming for you.  We are legion, We don't forget, and we don't forgive.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Senior Blues

I was born in 1958....and Horace Silver did this tune. I have always felt like this song is in my blood.  Taj Mahah did it more recently.  I think it is superior....because it has words.   Anyway....the two versions of it are great.  Will post Horace Silvers version later.  Till then....I will park this song here.  People who know and love me, know I hate Jazz.  The reason is, that it is so fake....Jazz musicians pretend to be peppy.  This song gets me through and through.  Might depart into the blues:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Down with the Euro, Nigel Farage My New Hero

Show me one time that Austerity measures have worked.  I am listening!  As I said yesterday, don't leave your money with Goldman Sachs, or JP Morgan.  Notice those guys hands behind him.  One bites his fingernails.  Hands speak louder than words.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How About This?

In terms of the eminent global takeover?  How about all of us disengaging from JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sacks?  Vote with your dollars.  How much humanitarian work have these people done?  Nada. I know this is a very unpopular opinion.  But these companies made money as people I loved lost their homes during 2008.  So now, they are putting pressure on Greece.  Greece didn't owe all the debt they are charging them with.  We need to vote with our dollars.  Put these banksters out of business.  Watch....they will shut my blog down, because I pointed out they are not for the people.  Look up the history of these two companies....and you will see what I see.  Why do we blindly follow them, invest in them, deposit our hard earned money in their accounts?  Can you show me one time, when these two companies have ever helped anyone out?  You can't.  I can't either.  Shortest distance between two points is stop their income.

They are coming for your savings and your pensions my friend.  You should withdraw everything out of their banks and stop investing before they screw you.  They want our country to be insolvent.  They pull the strings behind the Greece, Iceland, Argentina bailouts...and insolvency.  The fat cats make money, while the people suffer.  Lets stop them.  Take your money out of their control and put it into local credit union, and invest in anything that is not Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan Chase controlled.  If everyone does it all at once, then it will make the greatest statement.  Anyone that can afford it, should vacation in Greece this year.  Pay with anything other than the Euro!  Greece can make it, but they need to make their own money without the raw deal that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase gave them.  The time is now.  Vote with your Un dollars.  That will show them that they can not do the same thing around here (U.S.A.).  Listen to Alex Jones.  He does not lie!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Guardian Of The Garden

My flower bed garden plot is coming along nicely this summer.  I was strategic in choosing a spot right by the rain gutter.  Syd has taken up his guardian duty after a week recovering from his injury.  I still don't know what got a hold of him.  Rumors of coyotes in town this year.  Certainly, there are plenty of dogs on the loose.  We are carefully guarding 3 tomato plants, a pepper, sunflowers, cilantro, and I am not sure what else might come up!  I love flower beds, but this is a backyard, out of sight spot.  The ugly concrete wall would defeat the purpose of a regular flower bed.