Friday, August 29, 2014

Seeing Is Believing

It may well be that believing is seeing, rather than the original saying.  Because of my visual impairment (missing left eye), I am constantly readjusting to the fact that I have a disadvantage to folks with binocular vision.  You would think that my insurance coverage would want me to have the very best glasses that money can buy...but you would be wrong!  My insurance is Molina, who will not pay for a no line bifocal even though my Opthamologist specifies that I need this to better my chances in a world that is becoming faster, and people who are distracted by technological gizmos.  In short, two eyed people who do not have to give driving their full attention, are the greatest threat to visually impaired people who can drive, but have to be more vigilant because of these distractions.  
I take driving seriously enough that I won't use the Molina insurance plan to get a pair of glasses.  In fact I wait until I can afford to replace my glasses with top shelf glasses.  This time around, I went without new glasses since 2010, even though that was two prescriptions ago!
Thanks to a buddy of mine, I was able to replace my old glasses with a no line bifocal that also included a magic clip to protect me from sun and snow glare, which is also something my ophthalmologist is very concerned about.  It took over a month to get this all lined up, but last Thursday I got the call that my glasses were ready, and I have had a week of visual bliss.  I had to believe there was a way to fund these glasses before jumping through all the hoops to get them.  I see better.  That makes all of us safer on the road.  This coming month I will be going to the dermatologist in Columbus, as the dermatology in Newark is limited, and has been ineffective in helping me with my skin contusions.  When flea season came upon my household, I accidentally got the flea medication (poison) on my face and suffered chemical burns.  Most folks would have went to the emergency room.  I wasn't going to use Licking Memorial hospital as I knew I would be routed to the local dermatologist (there is only one in our whole city), that has not been helpful in the past.  I suffered, and got an appointment in Columbus for September.  When I go in for that appointment, I will be stopping by my Ophthalmologist and have them check my new glasses for error.  My experience in the past is that errors are made, but it could be a year before they are discovered.  A year of the wrong prescription is dangerous.  It will only take a few minutes for the glasses to be checked, and it is on my way to or from my other appointment.  My sight is important to me.  It is a miracle that my retina blastoma has not went to my other eye.  The last time I funded a new pair of glasses, I used insurance money from a car accident.  The car didn't get fixed, but I was able to get the glasses that I had up to this point with that money.  It is a sad commentary on the insurance companies that President Obama has given more power to, instead of making them comply with physicians like my Ophthalmologist.  I voted for him, and I was very disappointed that he didn't punish the banksters in the 2008 housing crash.  He empowered them, and now has empowered the insurance giants.  I hope in the time he has left he will do something about the corrupt system that is governing us.  They are already corrupt.  And we know that power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Art Lesson


Today, I am going to do a demo on repainting my corn plants for Three Sisters In The Pale Moonlight.  The kids will be working with clay, and before they begin, they will watch me mix paint, select the right brush, and then apply the paint to the canvas.  This requires an attention span of about 10 minutes.  This could be a challenge for my little group if only they were anxious to get started on their own project for today...which I don't blame them.  But, if I waited till they were painting, they would feel the same and still not pay enough attention to absorb all that I am intending to show them.  I grew 4 stalks of corn this spring in hopes it would grow into a live plant model for the painting,while I was waiting for funding for the basic necessities to complete this painting.  It was Hookers green that stopped this painting, and through a Hobby Lobby gift card (in kind donation) I was able to get the tube of green that I will be using today.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Syd The Drum Guardian

Syds latest perch is my Djun Dun drum.  He moves around month to month finding a new spot to hide out in the open.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Is This News To Anybody?

According to The Huffington Post...
 YOUR CELLPHONE IS TRACKING YOU “Makers of surveillance systems are offering governments across the world the ability to track the movements of almost anybody who carries a cellphone, whether they are blocks away or on another continent. The technology works by exploiting an essential fact of all cellular networks: They must keep detailed, up-to-the-minute records on the locations of their customers to deliver calls and other services to them. Surveillance systems are secretly collecting these records to map people’s travels over days, weeks or longer, according to company marketing documents and experts in surveillance technology.

The Government issued me a free cell phone in 2010 called a Safelink.  It has always seemed to me the very best way to track criminals.  It is better than wearing a leg bracelet in terms of law enforcement.  So pay attention to what comes next dear readers.  Do law enforcement have a right to search your cell phone when they suspect you of a crime?  Do they need a search warrant?  If you are caught buying and selling drugs for example, can they trac all your customers and stops, and even link your vehicles GPS?  I think so.  I have always thought so.  In fact it was the very first thought I had about cell phones when I saw my first one in the early 90's.  Since then, I have observed the throwaway used by most of the criminals I have ever met.

Between cell phone technology and Social Networking it is possible to locate just about anyone you might want to find.  What I don't understand is why anyone would pay for this infringement?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Out And About

It has been well over a month since I ventured to do laundry, as I had to purchase truck tags this month.  I have run out of options for clothing for the next week.  I remind myself that driving is a privilege and so monetary sacrifices have to be made to sustain the privilege.  It has not been my intention to stay in Newark, so I have not looked into buying a washer until now.  Perhaps with winter looming before us, I should consider buying a used one, or at least trying to find a lay a way plan.  Jeff's Laundromat is the closest place to do my laundry.  I find, that I have no other business on that end of town.  Clean laundry is a luxury for me this month, and it may very well be the case for September as well.  My birthday is a sad occasion because of the financial burden my truck tags cause me annually.  How ironic that my 16th birthday was the occasion for obtaining my drivers license and like many associated with freedom.  The ability to legally drive though is just the beginning of a financial reality that is and has been just within reach.  No more, no less.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Leather Craft

We took a little diversion from our regularly scheduled drawing and painting class yesterday, and began working on beginning leather projects.  They did well.  They made leather pouches from leather scraps and tools that Tim Stevens left us.  Tim is probably smiling in heaven, knowing his tools and supplies are being put to good use.  Tim lives on through continuing his work.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gift Of Feathers

On Monday I received a bag of feathers that had belonged to my friend Tim Stevens.  I am happy to share them with folks who may want them.  They may be pheasant feathers....some with points, others with just stripes.  I tried to look them up online as they resemble hawk feathers.  These feathers could also be painted replicas.  We have no way of knowing as Tim is probably in the great hunting ground and no longer in this world.  I am watching the Deadwood series which portrays the American Indian as a dirt worshiper and reduced to less than human in the series.  I had no idea that Deadwood was an illegal mining camp.  I am not surprised though, as the lawlessness of the white man has largely been ignored in terms of revisionist history of the United States.  I highly recommend Deadwood, if for no reason to contemplate the power of gold then and now.
The drawing by Black Crow is a nice still life and I hope Black Crow is well.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Sold My Thunderbird

This Thunderbird is a one of a kind.  I made it in the early 2000's (I believe) and made the pottery a few years later.  Yesterday, this Thunderbird found a new home in New Hampshire.  One of these days, I will make another one, and possibly add a different stone.  This Thunderbird is sterling silver with an onyx triangular stone and setting.  I wore it a couple times for drum events and Pow Wow's.  I don't know if the Thunderbird is authentic to Native American ancestry.  Rather, it seems to be a creation for trading posts for souvenirs.  It was believed by the elders of the tribes that cultural artifacts should not be commercially sold....but at the same time young men and women in the tribe were advancing in their skills and abilities in silversmithing.  So....the Thunderbird may have been created to satisfy both the elders and Native Silversmiths, as well as the traders at the trading post. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rheumatology Visit In Columbus Monday

After years of getting the run around from my local doctors, I have finally gotten a doctor that is actually helping me with my pain issues.  My Grandmother has RA, and my mother had it.  I suspect my sisters have it by now.  It is not unknown in our medical history.  There really is no good reason for me to have been in the kind of pain I have experienced with all that is available in modern science.  My summer students have been busy learning to draw and paint this summer.  This week we did a still life.  Even something a simple as setting up this arrangement is a painful lengthy process involving two high steps and lifting heavy objects.  I am looking forward after all these years to finally see an RA specialist, and hopefully it will change my life as I become more mobile.  In case anyone would ever question why I do not use Licking Memorial Hospital system it is because since age 48 I have been trying to get doctors to address my pain to no avail.  I leave believing they are glad that I am in pain.  As long as I live, I will try to direct my friends and acquaintances to other hospitals. I don't go to dry wells looking for water, and I don't direct people to dry wells.  In the instance of Licking is a poison well as well!  How different my life could have been all these years.  I blame the local hospital for most of the municipal problems in our county as well.  The court system, probation services, police department are all linked into Licking Memorial Hospital.  This system will force Licking memorial onto anyone unfortunate enough to fall into a legal snare.  One of these days, I will pack up and leave this god forsaken hell hole and totally out of their reach.  Destination, Columbus of art, music, and peace of mind.

Syd poses for Still Life Of A Cat:)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Katie Belle Gives Me A Holler!

After years of trying to track (unsuccessfully) Katie Belle and The Belle Rangers through high tech computer searches, she contacted me.  Thank you Katie for the lovely CDs and post card.  I won't forget it, and I hope if you are near Ohio you will give me a holler so I can come find your concert.  I really loved Katies two cuts on the soundtrack for the movie Niagara Niagara, and didn't see the movie for years, and when I saw the movie finally, was impressed all over again.  St. Mary's Hotel is the CD that I am listening to as a write this blog.  It is a bit ironic that while in transit, I have been watching 3 seasons of Deadwood which is similar to her CD design with the western outfits, and sepia toned photography.  Readership, I highly recommend this music, and please check out their website for pictures of the band, and discology.  I hope to meet Katie and the band one of these days, and I will be sending her a prize for being so good to me.  What a I looked on the back of the postcard and it says Music for all occasions...Weddings thru Divorces!  Now that is some dark humor....I love the idea of having a band at a divorce fact most of the music I do would be appropriate for that:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Hat Band Of Billy Jack

In 1974 I saw a movie at the Midland theater called Billy Jack, and later the sequel Trial Of Billy Jack.  These movies were inspirational, and featured the song One Tin Soldier.  Recently, I acquired a bead loom that was already threaded and a pattern started.  I recognized the pattern as the bead work on Billy Jacks  beaded black hat and hat band.  I look forward to my upcoming bead trade event at the library, and perhaps finishing the hat band as a demo.  These hat bands are quite pricey.  People will pay up to $400 for a replica of Billy's hat band.  I found a Billy Jack movie on I sang along with One Tin Soldier and was heartsick when I learned that the actor who played Billy, directed, and produced the movies died in 2013.  RIP Tom Laughlin.  You will be missed.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Glasses In The Works

I have needed new glasses for years.  My insurance will not pay for a no line bi focal or prescription sunglasses.  So, I don't replace my glasses very often.  I carry the prescription with me in case of sudden miraculous fortune.  The last time I had a new pair of glasses, was the result of a woman hitting my truck and me using the insurance payment to get a pair of no line bi-locals.  In that case misfourtune flipped around in my favor.  That year, the insurance for the truck accident was not enough to cover a pair of prescription sunglasses as well.  I bought my first and only pair of prescription sunglasses as a result of my mothers death and inheritance money.  I still use those, even though they are so old they don't correct even my stigmatism.  They are better than nothing, and they allow me to keep my truck on the road in snowy glare, or bright sunshine.  The macular degeneration in my eye is of concern to my eye doctor.  You would think what a doctor knows and believes would somehow over ride what insurance would pay for a disabled woman, but it doesn't.  Two years ago I found a grant link for disabled people and found a woman who worked for Marc Guthries office who was blind herself and claimed she thought their office might be able to help me get a pair of glasses.  I have the old emails from that "blind lead".  She was going to come to my show at the library and try to feel the metal quilt.  That didn't happen, and she never contacted me again after not showing up.  You would think society would want a one eyed woman who has a drivers license to have the best possible chance at seeing while driving with the masses.  It just isn't so though.  Until ones own loved ones are killed in car accidents, people don't get it.
I found a pair of glasses the other day that has a magnetic clip.  This is going to make my eye sight top notch, with no need for prescription sun glasses:)  It is a miracle, and I can't say much more about it as I don't want my friends generosity to be hi jacked by some two eyed Jack or Jill that would try to take advantage.  Yes readership, my enemies are vast....thieves pedophiles, cheaters don't like me much.  Reason being, I warn others about them.  I don't keep their secrets.  In the case of pedophiles....we'll you just don't even want to know my solution to all that.  It would put me on one of those lists that the government keeps that wouldnt help me get my insurance upgraded, or be able.  I need to be able....period.  My disability is my poverty in my way of thinking.  When I can get hold of the tools and equipment or supplies I need, I do much more than the non disabled people do.  Thank you to everyone everywhere that has put the tools, equipment, or supplies in my hands.  And....I will be seeing you:)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Honest Lullabye

Honest Lullabye by Joan Baez.  My parents never lied to me about my sight.  Not so from other folks.  Thank you Joan Baez!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Appointment In Columbus

I am coming to Columbus today to get my vision checked and get new glasses.  It looks to be pretty day, and I am hoping to hook up with a friend for coffee afterwards as my pupil (I only have one eye) will be dilated and I won't be able to drive home for awhile.  Every time I go to Columbus I feel compelled to look for an apartment.  As I get older, my medical needs become paramount to my well being.  There is no competition to the medical system in Licking County, so I need to seek treatment where there is competitive medicine.  I feel like I get top notch treatment in Columbus.  As you might remember if you have been reading this blog for a while, I am not living in Newark by choice.  I am always looking for a way back to the City that I love....until then by gum, I will use Columbus medical facilities in preparation for the day I can return to cow town:)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Metal Art

While I was in the Bureau of Motor Vehicles the other day, celebrating my birthday....LOL I happened to notice some fine metal art on the wall. Don't you think the happy birthday song should be playing in MUSAC in the lobby when we have to go in there on our birthday?

In my case, I have to go in there on August 1st every year.  I am surrounded by Leos....I would guess.  I am happy to report that some art is to be found in these places....on our birthday where we have to pay for the privileged of driving a car.  It is delivered to us as a rite of passage.  Many of us consider it synonymous with freedom.  But that is just not true.  Hat tip to the artist who put this metal license plate work together.  Oh...and go bucks!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Over The Rainbow

I wished this...and it turns out it was already in existence.

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Wish Is My Command

Two days ago, I only had two Indian Head/Buffalo nickles to rub together.  Last night a friend dropped by with his coin collection and I was able to trade with him to get 4 more.  That is pretty amazing in terms of the timing.  These are decirculated and damaged so they are perfect to make silver buttons.  I have been trying to obtain some of these for a couple years and haven't been able to make it just imagine I am thrilled.  Today I will finish these up, and hopefully offer some to my patrons.