Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Best Birthday In Years

I had a wonderful Birthday this year.
I painted, and played my guitar till the wee hours of the morning.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My 55th Birthday

In 2010 I bought a Kodak M340 digital camera at Odd Lots.  On Saturday it fell out of my purse, and I no longer can see what I am shooting at!  I now feel totally visually impaired for the first time in my life.  That may seem funny to those of you who know I have been blind in my left eye since age 19 months...I haven't ever known any other way of seeing.  It really hasn't been that much of a handicap for the most part, unless you consider the folks who think I can see them, and continue running me over because they assume I will get out of their way.  Most of the accidents I have ever survived have been on the left side of my body.
I was told in college that I use the camera as my missing eye.  I now can see what my college professor meant when she said that.  I can not afford to replace this camera right now, and my grant writing will depend on getting good images.  I have to get my truck tags this month, so I won't be able to think about replacing the camera for a couple months at least.  The camera still works, but I won't be able to see what I am shooting at.  It will be a sort of blind shot....pretty ironic.  Perhaps my higher power is trying to teach me something....if nothing more than taking the time to zip up my purse!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Morning With NPR

The newest painting is coming along.  I am hoping to have it finished and maybe even framed in time for my reception August 6th 6 pm room b Licking County Library.  I now can get NPR on my radio.  This is a first since I have moved here.  I have been news starved.  My living room does not have any windows.  So....I can't get TV reception....I could only get T100 on the radio....which made me want to go out and shoot a truck or something.  They play the same top ten country songs all day long....and are very short on news....particularly news outside of Nerk.  So....I have been pretty much in a state of autism as far as knowing what is going on in the world.  I can't afford cable, or Internet, or even the local newspaper....which would also make me want to go out and shoot up a truck (I don't know where I get that imagery).  I will be surprised if my "reception" at the library (even though I got an award) gets any press, as they only seem to want to print stories about me that are revisionist fabricated lies.  They did not retract their erroneous story about the labyrinth that we made in 1995...not 4 years ago....and the guy he quoted was not even on the project.  You would think they would want to at least strive for integrity, and retract their errors....maybe even check out the dudes credentials....he just might not be who he says he is (stranger things have happened).  But....I am not going to do their job for them.... if they want to print errors and not correct them, quote imposter' is not on is on them.  The library is giving me some press.  Sparta will post my flier...if the newspaper only want to print wonder they call it the Newark Aggravate.  We'll see.  I am beginning to try to find my next place to live...someplace that has a real paper, and radio, art, and music.  I am lonely here....not much happening...certainly not enough happening for my starving artist soul!  I am putting the feelers out.  My needs are simple....I need workspace, and I need to bring Syd my cat with me.  I would consider Milo, but I can't afford the rent, And the storage rental I would need as I am much bigger than just a room, with a microwave and fridge.....I could do it for while though...particularly if I could plug into the gallery hops, drum gigs, and grant opportunities (most of Ohio grants are for Franklin County residents).  Still....I paint....and I dream of the day I can paint my way into my next home.  Monday, I will be 55 years old.  When I grow up....I want to get away from my abusers (ritualistic abusers).  I don't think that is too much to you?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Art Walk

Yesterday, I went on an art walk downtown Newark.  Maybe if I am still living here next year, I can be part of this.  I am working on a painting of the Sparta as I believe it is a really cool building.  Chris Ramsey has turned it into a wonderful meca for artists.  I stopped in last night to show him my latest painting...and he asked me to paint a picture of the sparta.  I thought that was pretty funny as I started that painting in June...and because I didn't have any Mars Black till yesterday afternoon, I couldn't proceed with it.  I have plenty of Mars Black now thanks to an absolute stranger who was walking her dog Lulu by my house and overheard me telling my neighbor about my lack of black paint.  The universe is a strange vast place.  She brought me the paint yesterday....Chris requested the painting yesterday....and so by this afternoon, I might be able to get back to it.  Don't forget about my upcoming reception at the Licking County Library August 6th 6pm room b.  I have asked musicians to bring there instruments....who knows who might show up.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Please Come To My Reception

You are cordially invited to attend the reception for The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim and other art from the VSA 2013 Exhibition and Ohio Tour, at The Licking County Library room B on August 6th at 6pm.  The show will be on the 2nd floor lounge area, and can be viewed the whole month of August.  I will be bringing in some of my currant work to the reception on the 6th, and there is a strong possibility that there will be live bring your favorite musical instrument or drum...we'll have a hootenanny!  This event is still in the planning stage, so anything is possible.  I am so hoping that my Grandmother can come.  Please bring a friend.  I hope to see you there

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photo Tour Of East Newark

Yesterday, I cashed in a few months worth of aluminum cans at Sherman's Recycling.  On my way home I stopped and snapped a few pictures of the old Children's Home, and several other old landmarks on the way home.  This place has always been creepy...and even though it was broad daylight, I had hair standing on end just walking around the building taking pictures.  I am guessing there was much ritual abuse here...maybe even resulting in some deaths.  My brain kept wanting to know where the crematorium was!  This place is scheduled for demolition.  I say good riddance.  My parents liked to pull in the driveway, and tell us to get out.  It was their twisted sense of humor.  They usually followed this prank by taking us to the dairy queen that is a few blocks away.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Echo Terrorism

This friend of mine told me that Three Sisters In The Pale Moonlight is an example of eco-terrorism.  That started me thinking about my paintings in a whole new way.  Could paintings threaten big ag?  It is the idea of planting seeds in a non-traditional way that is the threat.  The painting just portrays it.  Anyway....the whole idea of it made me so mad that I went in and changed my sweet corn sign in the second painting to add the NO GMO symbol...which really, if you think about it should be what we would expect when we buy vegies at a road side farm market.  And yes, that is Lori Rayburn at the counter purchasing sweet corn.  It was the last day we were I am grateful that I snapped the photo.  I think she would approve of this painting.  Hey Lori, I added the cat in the window just for you!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Edmistons Art And Frame Shop

Here is Edmistons Art and Frame shop.  This is where, I used to get my art work framed when I was still in college.  Now, I frame my work from materials I find in dumpsters LOL!  I have been trying to get the nerve to go over there and park, and see if I can find out any information about the place.  It seems that there are still lots of frames in the shop, but it appears to be abandoned.  It would be a great place to have art classes, and use the storefront to sell art and art supplies.  It would probably even make a few dollars a month in profit....rather than sit there and deteriorate....losing money...The capitalistic carrot.....sometimes sits and rots in between chasers.
I imagine that the unimaginers have decided to tear this building down, so they can put a gravel parking lot expand the parking for the pizza place next door.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter To The FBI About The Granville Cult

I found the letter that I received from the FBI in the late 90's about my information about the Granville First Baptist Cult and how it connected to Moundbuilders Guidance center (4 psychologists from that cult) at the time.  Back then, Hate Crimes were fairly new.  This was all before 911, so it is not any wonder that these heinous individuals were not caught....I guess they weren't "muslim enough".
It isn't any wonder there were sleeper cells in this country planning the attack on the WTC.  The FBI turned a blind eye to the local terrorists who harmed me, and my family, and the children in First Baptist day care center.  They (the system) didn't protect me when I was an abused kid, and they didn't protect me as a handicapped adult...maybe they really can't protect anybody.

So the local yokle domestic terrorists who have their little modern version of smear the queer going on in good ole wholesome Granville OK.....but foreign terrorism is supposed to cause me to fear....cause me to go out and spend money....cause me to trust my government to save me...FINALLY????
I totally get it, when some one goes postal.  I really do.

I heard a woman was raped at Denison a few days ago, and of course there is a cover up.   Of course the woman had to go elsewhere for treatment and support.  Nothing has changed in this place since I left here 18 years ago.  It is the same corrupt little cesspool of a town, with its corrupt little newspaper, and it's Nazi hospital. 

I know this, I am going to spread the word...I will publish through this blog, and I will tell my stories to anyone who will listen.  I will attempt to rewrite the FBI and add to their fountain of evidence that they continue to ignore.  I will write songs, and poems, and I will get the word out.  And if by chance, someone decides to take out some of the "offenders" or their offending offspring "by any means necessary", I will applaud them. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Old Weaving Pieces And What Not

The library is closed on Sunday, so I am posting this on Saturday.  This is another one of my weaving projects from 30 years ago....the last time I had my hands on a loom.  Art education was a perfect major for me, as it gave me access to equipment, and instruction in all the arts.  Had I majored in art, I would have had to specialize. 
Right now my kitchen table is taken up with paintings I need to finish up.  I missed the deadline for the July Sparta art show.  I couldn't concentrate on painting while I had my mind on legal matters.  It has taken a few days to get my momentum going again.  I am out of some major materials I need for metalsmithing, so I am jumping over to other mediums till I can get to Columbus to buy what I need.  Stay tuned....there is so much more to come, and time is a wasting!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Syd Cools Down

Syd loves the water!  Here he is coolin down on Friday.  He sits underneath the water run off from my outside plants.  This cat sure loves his outside.  On other notes...I have been sifting and sorting through all my old art and pictures in between art projects.  It is time to get everything recorded onto flashdrives. 

Not too many people know that I am also a weaver.  Here is some of my work from 30 years ago....the last time I had my hands on a loom.  There is no tellin what all I might have done if I would have access to one since that time.  I believe this pattern is called herringbone.  I can use my weaving as a backdrop to some of my other art projects, like this clay bowl I made when I had access to a potters wheel.

Friday, July 19, 2013

My First Official Home

Several months ago I promised to publish the places I have lived in my 54 years on this earth....I will be 55 the 29th of this month.  I ran away from home when I was 16 years old and became a ward of the court.  The court placed me in room 2 at the YWCA (after 8 days in jail with adults who had committed crimes).  I stayed at the YWCA for a few years while I finished school and started college.  I made many friends in that residence, and taught classes to support myself.  Prior to the court placement at the Y, I lived in the "underground".  Back in those days the underground consisted of volunteers at the grass roots level (peoples homes)...mostly what later became official battered women shelters.  My cult ritualistic abuse background began with my early incest experiences.  Back in those days it was quite common for run aways to be placed back in their homes.  I was no exception....I must have run away 3 or 4 times before they finally let me emancipate myself.  It is still quite common for the system to punnish the victims of abuse and place them right back into the hands of their abusers.  This is why Gayle Woodsum says in her book THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE that law enforcement are decades away from punnishing offenders rather than the targets for their abuse.  This building is now a church, or so I am told...with an after school program.....hummm.....sounds familiar. 

I started following a ritualistic abuse survivor blog.  Survivorship is important to me.  My life has been very hard as a result of the abuse I endured growing up.  Since then an evil cult has been using my abuse history to further torture me.  I know this now.  I know who they are, and where they are.  I will do everything in my power to stay out of their web, and to dismantle them before they can harm any more of my friends or family.  If you are an cult ritualistic abuse survivor you might find the survivor blog I have found it to be helpful.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Repairs Are Calling Me

I accidently published yesterday's blog a day early.  I am taking classes in computer this week, so I can be as smart as everyone else around me:)  Sometimes, I have to repair things, as I can not afford to replace them.  Here is a pair of pants I paint in that has a hole in it....needs a patch.....I don't have a patch.  I am going to use a piece of gray duct tape to hold it till I can get a patch. mouth bow.  This is a willow mouth bow made for me by Jerry Beale (back in the day).  I don't play it much.  I was inspired by Buffy Sainte Marie (back in the same day)...I had to have one.  Jerry designed this, and added a hole at the top where the string gets tightened to put a piece of raw hide, bead, and feathers.  Somewhere along the way, I lost the feathers.  No matter though....I got feathers!  Supposedly, we have a duct tape festival here in Ohio.  Maybe one of these days I will get to go to that.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More To Learn

There is always more to learn.  This is an award I got for some ceramics show I was in at Vets Memorial a long time ago.  Sometimes I don't bother with a sketch if I have an object such as this little clay pot on my award, to use as a model in a painting.  It occured to me that one of the things missing in my painting Three Sisters In The Pale water.  I thought about painting in a river, then remembered my rain barrels.  Why not put in a native American type rainbarrel? So I painted one in.  Now, if I could only find a good image of a Buckeye tree....I'll be set. 

post script:  I recently edited my blog list to reflect my recent experiences and interests.  No hard is just time to plant some different generate a different crop.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesdays Blog Was Written Yesterday

I started painting Three Sisters In The Pale Moonlight.  It is a painting about a Native American agricultural method.  It is 3 crops, corn, bean, and squash (the three sisters) growing out of the same mound of dirt.  Certainly a method that is tried and true...although not suited for the capitialistic approach to agriculture.

Monday, July 15, 2013

One Cat Lookin Out...And One Cat Lookin In

I started painting some of the cats that will be included on the recycled cat house project:)  Syd of course must be involved in every project I do.  Here he is trying to look in a window, while The Cat In The Hat is lookin out!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cat In A Sunday Hat

I am having so much fun painting different cat characters in the windows of my cat house.  The library is closed on I have to post Sunday blogs ahead of time.  I will snap a picture of my progress this weekend and post it sometime Monday.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Poem May Be Published

My poem Nerk Jerks may be published in a magazine in September.  I will keep you posted.  This is a picture of me standing by the town totem pole.  It has a good story behind it having to do with the great flood in the 50's here in town.  I have seen pictures of that flood!  I will see if I can dig that up, or get an old timer to tell me the tale again.  Stay tuned dear readers...the best is yet to come.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Stone Walked In To My Workshop Today

It almost sounds like a joke.  A friend stopped by for coffee this morning and wants something made out of this piece of tiger eye.  It is an exquisite stone, and deserves the perfect piece of jewelry to go with it.  Another friend stopped by and left me some blue I have lots to do when I get back today.  I may go to the woods for a little while first.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Publication Attempt

I submitted my short story The Case Of The Vanishing Books a few days ago to a magazine.  I did put that story on this blog a while back...I believe.  There have been some small changes...and this morning, I started forming the sequel.  The sequel to The Case Of The Vanishing Books picks up where the other story left off.  This is something that happens particularly when you are telling a true story...which is always stranger than fiction.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cat House Developing

I got a coat of paint on the recycled cat house, and just in time for rain.  My cat Syd is out today, and it looks like a storm is brewing.  This blog will be brief.  Since I had my paint clothes on, I set up two canvas's and started a new painting called The Three Sisters Under The Pale Moon Light.  I can't wait to show you that as it develops dearest readership.  I have been thinking about that painting for sometime now.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Historic Anvil

This historic meteorite anvil has quite a story behind it.  My own meteorite experience has been bizarre (to say the least) as well.  But who knows how much is just cult related systematic torture and abuse, and how much is just the sinister crooks that are always trying to hunt down meteorite for their own glory.  This anvil in the drawing was named after a crook that tried to take credit for it.  It took years of painstaking work to get it properly named, but the anvil has now been renamed The Tuscon anvil, and is safe at the Smithsonian.
  I have been working on a project from a well known meteorite guy for 18 years.  He warned me that there was a large criminal element in his business, and that I needed to keep it under wraps.  Who knows, had I not been protecting Buddy's meteorite, I might have made some errors, that would have resulted in me losing his meteorite, as well as everything I have.  Had I not been on the run from this damned cult, I probably would have finished his project long before now.  They have held me up for sure, and they are trying desperately to trigger me into a pliable victim, even this week.  I am doing everything I can to break their programming, and to relocate.  In the meantime.....Buddy, I haven't forgotten you.  I have been doing my best to get your blades finished.  I have moved 11 times since I started your project.  11 times in 18 years.  It has been most difficult to get a studio set up, only to have to tear it down....sometimes losing valuable equipment along the way.
  The textbooks say, the cult will not ever give up trying to maintain lifetime control over me.  The textbooks say that law enforcement is decades away from ever catching these criminals.  All these textbooks were written before 911.  Law enforcement has turned a blind eye to cults like Granville First Baptist Church (domestic terrorists).  Everybody is more concerned with the mythical alkeida.  What a great trick....get every one's attention on 3rd world people in our country, and let the right wing fundamentalist's continue operating their sleeper cells unhampered.  Bravo, we have to leave a donut trail to the offenders, or can you maybe look into this before someone else besides me gets tortured.  Perhaps the FBI and CIA should give Granville another look, and see if they might be able to uncover the exact same tactics foreign terrorists use.  In fact Granville Ohio would be the safest place for Julian Assange, as they seem to have a free ticket to practice whatever evil they wish including Eugenics!  I think it just might be time for our local cult to let me go.  I know I wouldn't want to be in a cage with me right now! If I don't get my grant to go to The Smithsonian, I see no other recourse than to finish my book about the Granville First Baptist Cult.  I hate that book, but if that is all they want me to think about (by continuing to terrorise me), then that is all that I will be able to do....I will just have to write about them, offer prizes for information leading to their convictions.  I can publish all I have in regards to them....and then they are going to have to lock their doors in Granville.  They should anyway.  I have been quitely telling people for years.  They have no idea who may have penetrated their little dark world.  I have had 18 years to disperse my information to the right people.  Stay tuned dear readers....more will be revealed. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Artist Bio For Concha Castaneda

The Library is closed on Sunday's.  So in preparation for my next upcoming blogs, short stories, and art projects, it seems like a good time to insert an artist bio.
Concha Castaneda was born Concha Hendershot in Bowling Green Ohio (1958).  The family moved back to Licking County 1963 and Concha attended schools in the Licking Valley School district.  After graduating high school Concha attended Ohio State University taking additional courses at Columbus College Of Art and Design graduating in 1984.  Her degree was in Art Education with an emphasis in Art Therapy.

Concha continued her art education through the community scholar program at Denison University Granville Ohio.  To earn additional income while studying at Denison, Concha modeled for an art class proving that she was not afraid of either side of the sketch book!  In 1996 while studying ceramics at Denison, Concha helped design and construct a 40 foot labyrinth for the community.  She took several classes through Licking County Joint Vocational Continuing Education program as well, gaining experience in Lost Wax Casting.

Concha changed her last name from Hendershot to Castaneda when she moved to Columbus Ohio in 1998 in order to be more involved in the opportunities of the larger community.  The pseudonym seemed more fitting for her personality as a semiprofessional entertainer (Columbus Womens Drum Chorus & Columbus Community Drummers)  Ms Castaneda volunteered at The Arsenal (Cultural Arts Center) downtown Columbus as an assistant metal instructor for over 5 years simultaneously taking both jewelry and ceramics classes and obtaining her teaching certificate.

While taking classes and assisting in teaching Concha participated in both student and teacher exhibits and shows displaying her jewelry and ceramics.  In 2004, Concha was part of a show at The Works Gallery in Newark Ohio.  Ms Castaneda has showcased her designer knives, ornaments, jewelry, paintings, as well as her ceramics at Norka Futon on High Street in Columbus for several Gallery Hops from 2006-2009.
Ms. Castaneda recieved a grant from The Ohio Arts Council in 2012, and made it possible to enter The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim in VSA A Day of Arts for All which took 3rd place and is touring Ohio this summer.
Ms Castaneda is now living in Licking County.  She continues to work on silversmithing, painting, ceramics, wood carving, and stone cutting always seeking new projects and collaborations

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

I am a couple years behind on reading other folks blogs and videos.  Recently, a staff person from The Story Of Stuff congratulated me on my metal quilt and award.  They like the concept of recycling art at The Story Of Stuff.  Here is The Story Of Bottled Water 2020.  It is done equally as well as The Story Of Stuff, and I am happy to post it here on my blog, even if I am three years late in doing so.  I look forward to seeing more from The Story Of Stuff people as I make my way through 2 years of unread blogs, videos, and STUFF!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Antler And Bone

My nieces husband gave me some deer antler a couple Christmas's ago.  I'm not sure if it was poached or not, so I am hesitant to use it.  I am sending it to someone who will use it, and won't get into any hot water over it.  Recently, a local cop (Sheriff) got busted for confiscating a rack of deer antler...among other things he confiscated.  I have heard stories such as this all my life.  It would be very hard to know which police officers to trust around here anyway. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy IndepenDANCE Day

Happy Independence Day!  Be back here on the 5th.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Barbed Wire Patriot

I am working on my American Dream Catcher...that started out being a lie catcher.  Who knows where this is gonna go?  I may be weaving bullets into the web, as soon as I can neutralize them, and possibly dog tags.  Happy 4th of July everybody.  This half bread is gonna be celebrating her own independence for the next few days.  I don't much like firecrackers as it scares the hell out of my cat, and traumatizes the whole neighborhood pet family.  I stopped trying to second guess why folks would insist on such a disruption.  Much sacrifice and suffering happened for our so called freedoms.  Each of those 50 stars was once a territory that was already occupied by Native People.  So...I just don't get what there is to celebrate...unless it is tricking people out of their home..."the tricked and evicted know what I mean" Buffy Sainte Marie.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt

The Comfest Logo this year, is almost exactly like the one I created in February.  I must have been tapping into the Akashic Record or something.  I was too busy with legal matters, and grant writing to follow through on the Comfest Logo contest this year.  I didn't lose sight of it...I just couldn't focus on it, and my upcoming court trial.  I worked with the Hopewell Symbol all winter, and recently completed my Hopewell Shield in spite of all the turmoil and torment.
Oh Well....there is always next year.  It would certainly be a feather in my cap to see my T-Shirt design on a Comfest T-Shirt in the next few years.  Thank you everyone who made it possible for me to attend Comfest...backwards and forwards in time:)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Check Day

Today is check day.  The day I pay rent, and pay my utilities.  For the first time in months, I was able to tell my landlord how she was a good landlord in comparison to my last landlord (She got wind of my trial and people alerted her unnecessarily).  It came down to receipts of course.  My landlord wouldn't think of taking cash without a receipt.  Her eye brows raised, when I told her that in addition to the destruction of my kiln, that my x landlord had not paid a water bill for a year before I moved it.  I didn't get around to telling her how this same landlord didn't have clear title to the property, had not paid the taxes, and had not registered the property as a rental!  She now knows most of the story.  Before the snow flies, she will know all the story I would guess.  Our neighborhood watch is clamping down on the drug of the bad guys is living in a tent on the property as we speak.  He just got out of jail.....we are mystified as to how!  It won't be long now, before the final scene is played out, and he is hopefully gone for good.  I feel blessed to have a landlord that gives receipts, that takes care of her property, and who genuinely cares about the neighborhood, as well as her tenants.  Who ever it was that dropped a note in her door in April, it only served to make her suspicious of you, and your intentions.....not me.

post script:  I guess there is a list of bad landlords that I can get Nesley put on, in addition to alerting all the agencies that she owes money to.  If landlords had to be currant with their taxes and their property titles....and if they had to pay all that before being eligible to take a tenant to court:  The city would make a lot of money!  The court would not be near as overbooked as it is.  Just sayin!