Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Home Is Where The Art Is

I sold my green recycle sign at the end of my art show on Saturday.  Sunday afternoon I began assembling two more of these for future sales.  They will be available soon in 3 colors.  My friend Hapi gifted me with a lovely pickle lid (At the art show) that you can see in the top right corner of the photo.  It will make a lovely letter on one of these signs.  My landlord gave me these darling little wooden hand made letters that I can work into some of these signs. She recycles as do most of my friends.  It is so great to have such a wonderful place to live and work.  I confess it feels more like play than work.  After two years of hellishness, it is nice to be able to play around with ideas that I would have done years ago, had I had a good environment to work in.  I had the ideas, and I had the inclination, but it was impossible to work on the projects while bailing water from the studio, or trying to work in a space dominated by a hoarder!  It was exhausting to live in those two situations.  I have turned out more work in the year I have lived here, than the 10 years before.  It turns out that most artists struggle with this very thing.  So my advice to you artist readership:  If you are living in a toxic environment, get out.  Don't delay, like I did.  Get out before you drown, or get squeezed or crushed to death!  It is a near death experience for an artist to be prevented from doing art.  HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS!  I think I am seeing a future sign to go with my recycle signs:)   

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