Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Gentle Reminder About Deception

My Goddess is so good to me!  What lessons do I need to relearn?  On Friday night I attended a concert in Columbus that was awesome!  I am not going to print the names of the two women who performed as I have been aware that The First Baptist Church (changed their name) is operating modus operandi.  Someone from the "church" has contacted my landlord and has tried to make trouble for me.  It didn't work of course as she is far too smart to be manipulated by them.  The lesson Friday night came to me from being tricked into thinking I was holding real daffodils for the snack table.  They were a very good imitation, and I was delighted in the analogy.  I was lured into that church and spent two years there before I saw that it was a imitation of a welcoming and affirming church.  Instead it was a hate group that targeted feminists, gays, mystics.  It is hard to tell the real thing from the unreal thing sometimes.  You have to really look closely.

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