Friday, March 30, 2018

Local Pedopilia Ring Being Exposed Soon
I have no image source for this detestable thing.  Our local town loves to take cute kids away from their parents and then give them to pedophiles.   I can tell you some police and judges are involved.  We will not allow you to ravage our children. Your days our numbered.  You should resign and retire...we are coming for you!

I have only been waiting about 20 years for these monsters to be brought to justice.  I want to see military tribunals...courts and people hanged for treason and pedophilia.    I want a just court to do that, otherwise it is just another witch hunt!  Who is Q?  Can someone explain to me who Q is?  I can't wait to see the shit heads that fucked up my childhood, and are procuring other kids....I can't wait to see you Godless motherfuckers!  We are comin for you.  You dumb asses thought you could create an internet, and gather our information....but opps....your dumb asses put your stuff out on the internet as well as mine.   This thing you thought you controlled from the start will be your demise. If I see a pedophile, I want to kill them.  I don't think you have a drug for that you Godless Mother Fuckers and your system.  You have to protect them (pedofiles) because of people like me, and people like my friends.  You have to find out who my friends are in order to protect these pedophiles and cannibals....which I assure you, we will deal with them in short order.  You have no idea the warriors that are in my family.  They don't like pedophiles, or cannibals, and once they know you, they will kill you before a court can even put your case on the books.  Study this photo.  Your days our numbered.  Lock your doors, we are coming for you. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What's Your Name, Who's Your Daddy?

It is hard to configure that we were being mind controlled back then, But we were being steered. And we are being steered now.  Thing is, back then, we would have been pissed, and now, we don't care!!!
 We just thought it was good music  It was great music!.  Anyone tryin to prevent us from getting that music from us was the enemy! "Whats your name, who is your daddy"  I get it now.  Do you get it now?  It is Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  They are not as good as I was back then, but, they have the platform now  They were always CIA, tryin to track us.  Thing is...don't ever underestimate old country boys.  Just sayin.

Selling My Wares

You can't get one of these necklaces right now, as arrow head season hasn't started yet.  I will post the next one for sale, when I find one...which will be when I am out lookin for mushrooms in May.  Still though...I am proud to announce that The Ohio Arts Council funded my grant this year.  Thanks to all you who wrote letters in support of my project.  I am offering prints of my art work at this point, but trust me...I have an even bigger project in mind.  Facebook is going down, so...I am jumping over to other platforms.  In the meantime, I wish Facebook the very best.  Perhaps, they will reconfigure, and stop spying on us!  I am over on GAB where they do not censor or sell our data.  Censorship, is the worst enemy to art.  I already knew that the deep state constructed Facebag, Tweeter, and Googles, in order to sell our data.
  What I failed to see was that it could be used against us.  My class reunion wouldn't have happened had it not been for Facebook...I had the greatest time at my class reunion.  How would it be, if they were not selling our data?  How would it be, if we could just share what we are doing, and not have to worry that a camera and a microphone was not installed in our house through our phone and computer?
  As an artist, I assure you I am affected by censorship, and I want it stopped.  What ever happened to the saying "I may not agree with what you are saying, but I want you to be able to say it".  That is our first amendment.  As an artist, I support the first amendment over politically correct language that is being censored by google, facebook, and twitter.  These monopoly's are dangerous.  Much more dangerous than allowing the people to decide for themselves who the dumb asses are.  Let the dumb asses speak!  I am smart enough to figure out what I believe!  Don't censor me.  It stifles my art...which by its nature is subjective.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

MTA, And comin up short on the budget!

I figure my parents played this album perhaps when I was conceived. Good music back then, and politics mixed in.  It reminds me of the new spending bill from congress and Trump. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The King Of Names

 Perhaps, they were talking about Facebag.  I just know, I heard them, (Peter Paul, and Mary) then, and I hear them now.  What would it be like if something like the the CIA came up with facebook in the first place?  We signed up for it, and we signed up to have our data sold?, And we also at the same time signed up for cell phones, to have our data sold through apps?  Now later, we are outraged that they sold our data.  Just sayin..  Sign in on the law suit while you can.  Let them go down.  We are taking names and kickin ass.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Red Pill

I am surrounded by people that just don't get it.  When did I get it.  I know it had something to do with Katie Belle.  It was complicated.  I have to live every day with the fact that I am handicapped.  So I stumbled upon this movie. Niagara, Niagara.  Katie Belle has other tunes.  She reached me, and I reached her.  We are not alone.
I took the red pill.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Other Fancy Stuff, And Ticky Tacky.

Could they be referring to the same thing...ticky tacky and fancy stuff.  I think yes.

Perhaps ticky tacky and fancy stuff were a sort of glue or solder, that I haven't thought of yet.  I like to think that is true.  Maybe I missed something when I was tryin to learn drums and guiitar!

Lovely Old Woman

I just hate censorship because I am an artist, musician, and writer...somethimes thinker.  I understand what Malvina was singing about.  Still though I don't know what ticky tacky is.? Is is it glue...or something more sinister.  Wish I would have thought of this tune, and I hope to learn it someday.  She is my mother and daughter probably my clone.  I promise you I will learn this tune...maybe modernize it to R ague...  what the hell is ticky tackey, and where where I can buy a case of it:) Malvina Reynolds.  Please tell us how to make ticky tacky.  I promise I will learn this song and sing it, after I learn what ticky tacky is.  Hope it is not poison.  I could never promote poisons ideas.  I think she was on to something.  I didn't hear her back then.  I hear her now.  I will learn her song, and other songs I missed  I love it when she says "I am your mother", some woman says"my mother was never like you".  Malvina doesn't miss a beat and says..."she's gettin there give her time".I just love that, and I am sorry I missed her.  I think her message is worthy to learn her tune...and find out what the hell ticky tacky is?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Backwards and Forwards in Time...

This is how come I had to become a drummer.  I couldn't stand the canned drum's (electronic drums).  There was no heart in the drum beat behind me,  So....I had to become a drummer, I always loved my grand dad, father, well as my sisters and mother,  I had some problems as a youngster and I had to do my share of fighting predators off.  I did OK, There was always a balance between what I wanted and some dominating force.   That never worked with me.  I don;t respond well to force.  I could tell you tales,,,but then I would have to...never mind. Let us thank God for this day, and the next, should God decide we should get one in the first place. Good thing I had good people lookin out for me along the way.      

Monday, March 5, 2018

Let Us Ban Jethro Tull and Locomtive Breath

Go ahead Google, Facebook, and Twitter....ban Jethro Tull and Locomotive Breath.  Just do it.  I dare you!  Ban all flute players also!  He is obviously a terrorist (a bully), as all flute players are. Flute players like him should be banned....and killed,  I am deeply offended by him, so he should be silenced! We should all be censored....those of us who think we should be able to have second and first amendment rights should be silenced and killed also.  Put us in Fema camps, take our guns away, and just silence us all!  We have no right to live.  Just kill and silence us all!  All of our music backwards and forwards in time should also be wiped out!  You dumb asses that watch CNN and MSBC, have you heard about Q? They don't want you to know about Q.  Still though, you could find out about Q.  And you should.  I have never steered you wrong.  Don't use google to find out about Q.

Let us look to Q for our edification.  If you don't know who Q is, then you are watching too much TV, and are under mind control shit.  Shut off your TV, and find out about Q?  Who is Q anon?  He is the most important presence since JFK!  I have my personal opinion about who I think Q is.  But what I find most fascinating is that no one that has a TV seems to know about who he is???  What the hell does mind control feel like, look like, and sound like?  It looks like zombies with drool dripping out of the side of their mouth and mindlessly watching a TV.  I have seen this for 30 years!  This guy that killed himself yesterday at the White House first shot his cell phone.  Q has told us that we should pay attention to that stuff.  But right now the internet bill of rights.  Go to WhiteHousedotGov and sign the petition, if you give a damn about freedom and the first amendment. Freedom of speech is not about protecting nice talk.  It is about a healthy debate.  Shutting down websites because you don't like what they are saying is fascism.  Don't you think they should just cart this flute player away way to slow down....cause Charlie stole the handle.  He is obviously a terrorist, and we should not even be allowed to listen to this song:)  My bad  

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lock And Load In The Name Of Jesus

Why would Christians try to arm themselves?  Why would they conceal and carry? I took this photo in March 2016.  I got outrage directed at me for even presenting this photo on Facebag.  Look at all that has happened since then, and what is happening now.

Sell your cloak and buy a sword is the message from scripture.  Many of you came after me for posting this photo last year. Luke 22:36. I know my Bible.  Jesus was/is a revolutionary, and you must be willing to understand all of what He was coming up against instead of thinking it was all Kumbaya.  I know that song too.  This is not a time to sing that song!

There is all sorts of words of Jesus that suggest he was not a man of peace.
Matthew 21:12 a description of Jesus beating the bankers out of the temple of the time.  They were also abusing animals (Doves), for all you "Folks" that are animal rights "Folks" (Obama was talking to us "Folks" as he was murdering "Folks" in other country's . Selling doves for sacrifice for money!"  I love it when a political leader can refer to us as folks, and the folks he kills as folks as if we don't matter!  We should all bow down to global warming taxes that go to Al Gore, but allow killing all these "Folks" that he murdered with droans.  We should be outraged, as we were sold a bill of goods through the TV and media.  
My favorite bumper sticker from the 70's was Jesus is coming, and He is pissed! As I am.  I am outraged! My family has failed me, my government has failed me, and all the churches I have ever joined have also failed me.  Jesus has never failed me My true friends have never forsaken me...but they might not see what I see.  I appeal to Him.  He told his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a weapon on the eve of his impending death.  What should I do?
  It takes about 15 minutes for the police to come to an altercation in my town.  By the time they get here, people are already hurt, dead, and crime scene compromised.  I take my comfort and advise from Jesus.  Notice He didn't say pray in his "buy a sword speech"....he said arm yourselves in relation to the sword.  He was the highest authority according to him, then, and now.  Sell your cloak and buy and Glock LOL is what I say (I am not Jesus) interpreted from Jesus:)   But please don't make fun of me for my photo from a year ago where a church had discernment enough to arm and train themselves. AND PROTECT THEIR KIDS.  We all have the right to defend ourselves....period!   Don't even ask me about Q!