Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Ultimate Challenge

 I wrote to Gayle back in 1999 after leaving the Granville cult and moving to Columbus.  I still treasure her letter of response and I am comforted that there is another human being out there that knows what happened to me in Granville at The First Baptist Church.  Of course her book has vanished from this library along with any other book about ritual abuse that could help victims and put a spotlight on the offenders...go figure!  Here is a link to the description of her book.  There is not one thing that I described to Gayle that is not covered in her book.  This all took place before the popularity of the internet, so I would hope that her revised edition would include how social network sites can be used to further abuse and victimize as well as keep track of their victims.  Gayle is one of several people that I wrote about the Granville trap.  Hopefully enough people know, and enough people are about to know that we can expose them, or make them run back under the rock they crawled out from under.  I hope if you are a survivor of this, or know someone who is that you would somehow get this book.  It clears up all confusion and can turn a victim into a survivor.
I would need to write to Gayle again and give her an update on my adventure in 2002 where I got in trouble for standing up to my stalker (in Columbus).  My oppressors love that story and they have made sure that my victimization appears as if I was the criminal.  It is a common tactic that has worked up to this point.  The best revisionist trick ever.  Make the victim into a criminal so no one will ever believe them.  Ms Woodsum says that it may take decades to actually get law enforcement to come after the offenders instead of the abusers.  So we must do what we must.  Those who know me know I was the one being stalked, and not the other way around.  But those who hate me will use this forever against me so that they can continue molesting children, drug dealing, theft, and all their other petty little interests.  Hey dumbasses, I am not frightened in the least at your revisionism of me.  I am not ashamed of standing up to my stalker, and I won't be effected by your ploys.  You may be able to manipulate others with this, but as long as I know what really happened then I care not what you have planted out there that is false.  I have never done violence to anyone, but much violence has been done to me...and it is the offenders that have painted the false picture.  That is all they can do....the only trick in their bag.  Tricks are for kids...silly rabbit!

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