Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cats Meow

I am not real big on nic nacks as I use almost every available inch of space in my home.  But our library has these library replicas that are Oh so cute!  Now I am told that the company that makes these is called Cats Meow.  Apparently each and every one of the little historic replicas includes a little black kitty.  I have admired the arch of learning that is made out of metal right in the front entrance of this library.  What makes these appealing to me though is the little black cats that on this one is on the left side of the arch.
These sell for $15 and $18.  I love them both as I love my library.  Hopefully when I get all caught up with my bills, and have collected what other people owe me, I may get one of these.  I will be researching this company in the future and will report back here what I find out.  I can pretty much tell before looking into it though, that I wish I would have been the person who came up with this idea and product.

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