Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yesterday's Display

I snapped a picture of my booth yesterday at The Pearl Ally Market.  The Ohio Art Council has generously purchased booth space each Friday (except the first week of July) to place an artist and art work.  They tell me I was the "guinea pig".  the day went smoothly and the preparations were seamless.  If I were to improve the booth, I can see by this picture that a table covering that would hide the possessions under the table might look nicer.  Wind was ever present, and I wish I had brought a heavier jacket.  The day was profitable for me in that I got a future commission, one city worker said he wanted one of my feathers and would contact me when he wasn't on the clock.  I think he may have assumed I would be there next Friday.   Perhaps some future artist will not be able to make their allotted time, and I will be considered again as a substitute.  Of course, I won't be able to even consider such a thing till after my upcoming trial with my former landlord.  That dear readership, is 9 days from now, and beginning Sunday, I will put aside my artistic projects and begin reviewing and rehearsing my case.  Hopefully, this will be the last of it, and I can get on with much more interesting things than the damage that has already been done to myself and my studio (my kiln).
I am sorry I missed you yesterday if you were trying to find me. 

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