Friday, June 14, 2013

Gavel Of Justice

I am posting this blog a day in advance as I am preparing for my upcoming trial where I filed a counterclaim in October 2011.  The plaintiff can not just drop the case and take her losses.  When I filed the counterclaim, I made it impossible for her to have an automatic win.  She is suing me for $2400 in back rent.  I wasn't going to pay her a cent of rent after she intentionally destroyed my kiln.  I also was not going to take her to court.  I dug in, and I made her take me to court.
She teamed up with my X, tried to have me arrested, this was after she destroyed my kiln.  Law is so compartmentalized, that it would be difficult, or next to impossible to link the two cases...I won the first case in spite of two lame attempts to get me arrested.
Keep your fingers crossed dearest readers.  I look forward to putting all this behind me and working on my next art project.  It has been very difficult to keep my spirits up, and my gas tank full enough for all the delays and attempts to get me to just up and quit.  I am still here, still strong, and still creating, in spite of the unimaginative negative energy that the plaintiff has thrown my way.  I wouldn't be surprised if some of the plaintiffs frienemies would weigh in on this.  Strike while the iron is hot....take advantage of Nesley's greed.  By the way.....if Nesley were able to win this case in spite of my evidence.....she would have to try to garnish me through Licking County Court System.  You can't garnish an SSI check.  Even if she wins, she loses.


p.a.turner said...

Good luck Conch. I wish you all the best.


skymetalsmith said...

Nice to hear from you Pat! Maybe when all this is over we can do some tradin. I love your art, your spoons. Maybe you would consider trading me for a couple of my feathers. Keep on keepin on sister artist