Thursday, June 6, 2013

Syd The Cat Inspects The Display Case

Syd has figured out that I am taking a trip.  I wish I could take him with me!  There is not much that escapes that cats attention.  There really was no place to pack the display case that he wouldn't be right on top of LOL.

  There are folks that I need to thank for making my vending gig possible tomorrow.  Thank you Judith for providing me with acetylene, beads, and inspiration.  Thank you Louise for sending me cash in the mail, and the future hope of another commission.  Thank you Vicky for the use of your bigger display case.  Thank you Hapi for providing the batting, the leather, stick pins,  and for sneaking in a twenty dollar bill that will pay for my gas and parking tomorrow.  Lastly, thank you Ohio Arts Council for giving me a grant this year, and for this opportunity in Pearl Ally Market.  Every step of the way, I have been provided for, and been sustained.  I hope to see some of my readership at Pearl Market tomorrow between 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM.  Come on down to Pearl Market and visit with me and see all the new adornment I have worked so hard on this spring.

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