Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ballad of Sally Jones © by Concha Castaneda

I made this with my Kodak camera video recorder...I have recorded this song much better, much nicer on my FOSTEX.  I wanted to have a video of Sally Jones (the only picture of her I could ever find was on YouTube), and part of my song about her.  It is an example of trying to make something positive out of such a negative experience (Granville First Baptist Church Cult).  Sally Jones was a woman from Granville (not quite an outcast), that I grew up hearing stories about.  After my experience with the wasp nest at the First Baptist Church 1990-98 (and more recently Nesley Thomas), I can safely say Sally's legend is much nicer than my experience and I am fonder of her than any of the backstabbing bitches I met at that church.  RIP Sally.  I for one, am proud of you in spite of what your town did to you, or still says about you.  Wish I could have known her, instead of them!  Maybe someday, when I can get settled, I can re record this song so that it does this woman justice.

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