Friday, June 21, 2013

Comfest 2013

Thanks to someone who had been manipulated by Nesley's lies, I am going to Comfest.  I would love to tell you this persons name...but I am not going to as I know Nesley has a tenuous hold on her tenants, workers, and fellow employees.  Perhaps if she is so busy trying to discover who this person is, she won't have time to try to track me down at Comfest. 
I am going to wear my Hopewell Symbol to Comfest.  This is my own creation based on the Hopewell Symbol and my embellishment.  It is too bad that a negative entity like Nesley Thomas will prevent me from pursuing grant money to examine actual artifacts.  But that is what she does....she is evil.  As long as I don't apply for the grant, she won't be able to pursue it.  Meanwhile....with or without grants I will continue making art.  Nesley's little kingdom is fragile.  She will want to find out who sent me cash in the mail.  I have to be discrete....who knows what she would do to that person if she found out!  I can tell you this....her tenants and worker were not happy about being there.  They resented her.  They would have refused, had she not had a hold on them....their employer, their landlord.  She may be about to get a dose of her own medicine.  I got one, and if any of the others decide to secretly operate against her.....she has much to lose.....mostly exposure. 

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