Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pending Appeal

I will be appealing my case.  I don't want to, but I am going to do it even though I know I probably won't win.  It is not because I am stupid.  It is because I am not going to underestimate my opponent.  She will attempt to garnish me, and that will mean I will be drug through my local court system.  Now if you are so knowledgeable about the law that you would advise me to drop it, then you would be giving me very bad advice as, if I did drop it, only to find her on my doorstep (my court house) here months from now.....I would no longer have that option (appeal) to play.  At the very least an appeal will stop her from her pursuit for a few months.  I have to do spite of any body's disbelief.
Two things in this photo that you may not know, before you advise me to drop it! 
The Licking County Law Library is inaccessible to the public as is stated on the top paper.  Most people don't believe that when I tell them that I don't have access to currant Ohio Law Licking County...I don't!  Read it for yourself.  Who knows, maybe you....can get me permission to have access to this library.  I certainly can't get it myself.
Bottom book The Ultimate Challenge by Gayle Woodsum.  I purchased this book from Gail in 1999 when I was drug through the local law system here and trying to get anyone to help me expose the bad guys.  It is hard to expose the evil ones when you are a just looks like you are the bad guy trying to win against the good guys.  But Gail Woodsum sent me a letter with the book.

It is dated August 3, 1999

Dear Concha,

Thank you for your letter and your order fo another book to go to your friend.  It will be mailed out this week.

It certainly sounds as though you have been through an extraordinarily difficult time lately and that your struggle is complicated and frightening.  I truly believe that all victims can break free from even the most sophisticated of abuses and your determination will serve you well.  It is nice to hear that my book has some helpful information in it for you.

I also know it is hard to read an entire book like mine all at once, or to take it in fully at first.  The process of learning new information itself can be very triggering.  However, I hope you can hear that my experience has shown me that the pull to try and stop offenders is almost always connectted to programming of some sort that keeps victims connected to those people.  It is so difficult and most often takes so long to truly break free of all the abuse and all the programming messages attached to it.  That focausing on stopping offenders before freedom has been completel won is an approach that usually prevents victims and survivors from completely breaking free.  I hope you can find a way to know that this is your time, your opportunity to become safe and to build an independent life of your own.  Every time victims can manage to do that, they are unraveling offenders' ability to continue their abuses.  Breaking free is the best way to shut them down.

Sending my very best to you in your efforts, Gayle M. Woodsum

Read Gayles book, and see if Nesley Thomas doesn't just look like the very "offenders" that Gayle defines in her book.  Everyone that testified in behalf of Nesley are all victims.....she has a hold on them that would compel them to lie for her.  It is a blackmail situation.....she owns the properties they live on, she is their employer as well as their drug dealer.  They had to be there, and they had to lie.....I knew that before ever hitting the courtroom the other day.  Those of you who were there saw me poke holes in all their testimony.  Had the judge distanced himself from the decision, he would have seen the very things they were trying to hide.  I didn't have the money to subpeona, and I didn't have the money to even make second copies of my evidence.  It would have been very different had I had those things.
The best I can do to break free of Nesley's dark cult, is to literally stop her from her next attack.  I too would love to believe this is over.  But I don't.....and I have almost a 20 year history with her, Gayles book, and several moves to no avail behind me.  To someone new to the scene, it is "perplexing" and Nesley deceives....she does it well.  One of these days....she is probably going to deceive the wrong person.....or some of the ones she controls may just decide they are tired of her shit.....then they can break free.  I am going to of Nesley's manipulated people found her out and sent me to money to go.....So I am going and I am going to bask in the sun for a day or two before I have to play my last card.  Stay tuned dear readership.  You can still get copies of Gayles book through Amazon.  It is a worthy attempt.  She says Law enforcement are several decades away from catching these people.  She wrote that in 1998 prior to 911, and prior to internet stuff.  She was right.  I got to witness how they manipulate the court system....and at least 3 of you saw her do it.  Hang with me.  This is not over, much as I would wish it to be.

And yes, apparently, Nesley can get any grant money I get which is too bad as I was headed for a nice grant through the Smithsonian where I would get to handle Native American artifacts....$125 a day, plus travel, and expenses up to 45 days.  I won't even write it, and I will continue making art without that piece.  She can't garnish what I won't apply for.  Sorry dear readers, I had so wanted to dazzle you with this!

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