Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unconventional Art Supplies

What do deer antler, bullets, motherboard, meteorite, and coffin nails have in common?  They are all art supplies, and on my workbench today, getting ready to be recycled into art.  I never know what exactly will pop up on my workbench for the next project.  This morning it is the motherboard from my friends computer.  I have been wanting to make a set of cuff links out of that stuff for quite sometime.  I found an old meteorite blade that has been missing for over 10 years that is also in the picture.  I lived with a hoarder for 8 years, and it got buried.  Then I moved into a flooded studio, and I spent more time bailing water, and drying out than any thing else.  It is a wonder I ever got anything done at either of these places.
I am determined to use everything I have to put into my recycled art projects...I even have some old bullets that are perfect for my American Dream project that I started before my court ordeal this spring.  It feels so good to be able to work without all that hanging over my head.  I have one repair project that will be finished today, and picked up on Monday, then it should be smooth sailing for awhile.

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