Saturday, June 15, 2013

Picket Pin Blues

I have the best girlfriends in the world!  They know though, that I have made the mistake of trusting the wrong people from time to time.  They know that trusting my own family has not been possible.  If you can't trust your own family....well....thankfully, I won't ever have to. My girlfriends put gas in my car today, so that I can go to court on Monday...against my enemy, who pretended to be my friend.
I trusted Nesley Thomas once.  It was not deserved, and apparently not appreciated.  I was loyal to her, in spite of my disapproval of her affair with a married man, her sex toy business, and her involving teenagers in her drug business.  I remained loyal to her until I found out that I couldn't trust her, and needed to protect myself and my property from her.  The worst thing that occurs to me now....after finding out that I couldn't and shouldn't have trusted that she had keys to my home, my possessions, my "sacred" studio.
The day she destroyed my kiln, was the day I drove my version of a picket pin in the ground.  Two years ago, I drove that pin in.....and by God, and by the help of my friends who have stood by me throughout this battle I am finally going to trial and take that bitch to task for what all she did to me.  Say a prayer, light a candle for me.....if I can get out of Columbus Monday without will be a good thing.  I wish I were going to Columbus for art sake, or to drum.  This trial is important.  If Nesley Thomas spite of my means then that no one is safe from landlords such as she.  It means that a lease isn't worth the paper it is printed on.....if you are a tenant.  It means I won't ever be able to live in Columbus again without an attorney checking my lease.  If you are renting from Nesley advice is to get away from her.  She is evil....and she is proud of her evilness.  Evil people don't care about the law....or doing what is right.  They just care only about their own gratification. It is most important to vanquish evil when we encounter I will be doing Monday courtroom 12a b, or c.  I hope to see some of you there.  I promise I won't disappoint you. 

If you don't know what a picket pin is, then you wouldn't understand.  Attached to the pin is a rope, that is attached to the warriors ankle.  The warrior stands and fights till death, or until another warrior replaces him/her first.

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