Monday, June 10, 2013

Putting My Toys Away

Next Monday, I will be in court.  It has been over 2 years since Nesley and her boys destroyed my kiln.  I have a strong case in a system that favors property owners (landlords) 60/40%...or so the law books claim.  I may have a little better average as the plaintiff made the mistake of using a formerly disbarred attorney...even though Columbus Ohio is a big place, the good ole boy network runs pretty much the same as small town masonry.  It occurs to me that the plaintiffs father was a mason.  I suppose that would lead someone who is already grandiose, to assume that they can purchase law.  I am looking forward to exposing Nesley as the slumlord she is, and perhaps some of her tenants will follow suit and we can be rid of this low life warlock.  I use the term warlock in it's pure form, as by definition it means truce breaker.  That is what Nesley does best.....she drives wedges.  I have until two o'clock today to play with my creations, and then I will put my toys away and start polishing, and sharpening my weapons....which in my instance will be Ohio Landlord Tenant Law, writing a new summery, and rehearsing.  If she had not busted my kiln, I would have just found a new place that was dry, and secure, and moved on. 
This incident happened two days after she didn't get rent.  She used other tenants children as her muscle.  Like any tyrannical personality, she is trying to teach them a lesson.  Maybe by next Monday, she herself will have been taught a lesson or two:)  If you are one of Nesley's tenants, please consider writing to the better business bureau and ad your complaint to mine.  I understand she has had two tenants at Paul Drive since my tenancy.  Maybe I am not the only one who thinks it is a bit strange for a house on a steep hill to flood!  I am glad that I escaped that house, her, and her tenant slaves.  It was creepy renting from her, and I really didn't get very much done there except bail water.

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